ActIndy Related.....actually, not "feeling: or "acting" free and/or independent....


Being critical of the media in some cases can mean being reflective, hopefully, of one's own contribution within it as a reporter, host, (active implied, or ought to be) citizen, of the realm of all that constitutes it, or maybe not, if relegating their role and lessening the potential for mass independent media, by all too often calling attention to what ought to be qualified for what it is: owned, operated, and controlled by corporate interests, and any sensible appraisal of it ought note the narrowness of views and concerns and goals as the utterances of balanced and fair are tossed around. Underwritten so-called public radio even says how wonderful they are, literally.

DIY- or supporter-sponsored ads when they serve as pointers to resources, not fossil fuel transporters, do not default to corporate ones just like 'the media' ought to be qualified as to what one is referring to if not obvious as can be the case when it veers from what has been taken to be the [corporate] Free Press - it's not 'alternative' -should be way past that, it's reporting realties with a focus that in some ways underwrites everything.

Two examples, maybe clarify; if the DNC (when 'Talk of Pathetic radio or others has to 'tell' listeners what FTAA stands for that is telling of their balanced and fair coverage maybe up to the point when it makes it into their coverage - Patriots Acts and such long after discussed in communities and by individuals and organizations one may still waiting for 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Us About 'Depleted' Uranium and much more, or if a particular candidates are not well know it is partly the responsibility of most everyone independent of what is presented, for them to seek out for themselves and independent media to present discussion, not to stand back and say we have to 'educate people' because 'the media' isn't doing it.

This will eventually be at "The Threat of []" and along with AirwaveWEB referenced radio programs and other resources that rather than being archived by date will be organized in a form that maybe resembles the artificial separation of playspaces in pre-kindergarten classrooms, sensory, reading, dramatic, writing, gross motor, etc. whereby social and emotional growth and development and along with much else occurs in all of them but it may serve needs of adults to refer to them as separate areas.


Some Relatively Independent, No 'Debt Card' Sponsors, Act-Events

More people knowing about and doing something about it will probably result when for example something like the DNC-selected 'candidates is sought out in a complementary effort along with independent media coverage, and outreach by IMC-reflectors, and reflective action.

If the it was reported that Saddam Hussein was now adhering to human rights' standards and conventions it is still up to the person reflecting upon this 'news' to come to their own conclusion, maybe leading to Weapons of Mass Dissent when it continues to be reported. What does matter is one's response to situations, not just 'enlightened silence' (Prospects for Peace in the Middle East by Noam Chomsky; Presented at the First Annual Maryse Mikhail Lecture, ?No peace without justice; no justice without truth?, The University of Toledo, March 4, 2001).

Boston City Councilor, Chuck Turner, is much more than 'bald, bold, and bright', he once, possibly as reported and recorded by Freemanz (though a unique enough name, when on NCR why not call more attention than you must surely already do, to those who may not know what you're on about? Or does it require a silly request to say Get Lost with Andy radio program to dedicate a Phil Ochs or Joan Baez song to you?) said something to the effect of someone from one organization with data on air quality bringing it to a meeting regarding 'twenty years waiting for the so-called 'Silver Line'. This will leads into a segment heard on NCR on 31 October 2003.

Critical of that which one values: maybe No Censorship Radio could give more clear references to "sister" radio stations and other resources generally, i.e., rather than a vague reference give the actual day and time of say Martin Voelker's No-U-Turn Radio. This is not only to highlight NCR but other radio programs and others could help mind the gaps and strengthen existing connections by more possibly enlightening references extending beyond those who may know already. AirwaveWEB, though like some who say it's 'only as good as our last pizza' in terms of attempting to reflect the actual realty of times that programs are on but sometimes falling short of this goal.

The New England Committee to Defend Palestine

Saturday, Nov. 1st, 4:00pm-8:00pm & Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 10:30am-3:00pm. A [PDF] flyer is available.

Balfour Delcaration Anniversary Rally and March to Protest Colonialiasm in Palestine Israeli Consulate, Park Plaza, Boston


If you've seen the 'wall' that's certainly no fence...

Sunday, November 9, 2003 is the International Day of Action Against Israel's Separation Wall. Copley Square, Boston, NOON to 2 a.m. details at [.]

Amer Jubran, Thursday, November 6, 2002, at JFK...


Aimee Smith who almost escaped me because I simply responded 'no' to her question 'do you vote in Cambridge?' If not for me instantly then recognizing her voice from NCR. Just because someone is not able to 'vote' for you they can offer support in other ways

The NCR announcements seemed to nearly get compressed but Linda P. managed to quickly get to them and even a few words from Mark Weaver regarding Amiee Smith got in! Bring back Breaking the Chains or another forum that gets to social structural/organizational issues; Sounds of Dissent, recently had Nancy Snow on...


What's Up will begin 'sponsoring' DN! on WZBC, not sure of details but know that this and other organization have student-community relations with BC. (too bad in all the overlap of a BC talk that the students who were calling attention to the ethnic studies programs and other issues did not have more of a connecting community reference other than saying signs will be posted around campus. Though I am sometimes in BC area odds are I won't see it.

Tuesday, December 2: Noam Chomsky, speaker, benefit for the Massachusetts Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse. Rodgers Center (Merrimack College in North Andover)

(Jonathan Leavitt was on NCR...) a Sate of War Dr. BU's School of Medicine.... 4:30 p.m. Monday missed this one...

reference to , i.e. Dudley Square and elsewhere, Action Across Communities...not yet in complete...

Chelsea Green Space... more to be said later about an event last month or so at TUFTS, whereby an event speaker, James Boyce who had been on Sounds of Dissent, noted being on Cambridge radio, who was I later asked if it was Winter Soldier Investigations.

Corproate Prospects for Peace in the Middle East, Noam Chomsky; Presented at the First Annual Maryse Mikhail Lecture, ?No peace without justice; no justice without truth?, The University of Toledo, March 4, 2001.

Thought of this while tuning in WZBC 90.3 among the 'surrounding' stations: Corporate Interference, literally, towards community radio.

Still waiting for a "search/index" tool that 'underwrites' peace and justice at the core of its endeavor as well as free software, and refrain from such explicit references unless in the form of say regarding 'Bow to Shareholders and will mention not being surprised to see banner at NEU regarding 'that 'company' that brings 'great profits to shareholders' affixed to Snell Building at Northeastern in regards to a 'partnership (or facilitating non-critical thinking effort?) but this will have to do till something akin to VMSnotes is known to me.

Since you can't as far as I know do dir/title="string" or dir/auth="string" this works to allow one to follow-up or update a note in IMC or anywhere for that matter using

'site:url string',

in you guessed it, 'toggle.

searching for that note I wanted to follow-up...

It wont' necessarily find every 'string' that you supply most likely related to:

(Place into 'general information' and the sort that may not be generally known but ought to be...)

If your website content is of the timely nature, Act-Events, talks, etc. but your page is not dynamic then most likely an index/search engine will not reflect the changes that you might be scurrying to update.

Newswire directory index listings and follow-up, debate, action..., like FSRN, or anything else it doesn't end when the program is over. Newswire should facilitate and continue discussions... or connect with IndyForum....area specifics but globally connected...

Still thing IndyGlocal having some sort of pool for such universally, one might thing, such as air, water (human billboards in support of water privatization) to DMCA, EFF, etc...and even each IMC site breaking up Newswire into, for instance, Boston Local Newswire and Boston Global Newswire with of course a local-global interdependence continuing but maybe to allow more focus upon each of these often times interrelated realms and concerns and actions.

Demonstrators and Dissent, or as Jonathan Leavitt, facilitating justice, and a sort of reflective-speak rather than doublespeak -get more at the actual essence of "human rights", "intervention", "interests", "superpower", as actually understood by some rather than uncritical acceptance by far too many people. The person, must be several who thought or said it, 'anyone who thinks the U.S. was bringing democracy to Iraq knows noting about history. (they may know something but it still hold but will mention anyone who says something like 'nobody cares where [U.S] troops are stationed as long as they're not killed ought be challenged and brought to wider light for reasons other than being able to find just one person who has other concerns with placements besides their well-being. A form of one-to-many forum for such comments rather than a note that often times just leads, maybe, to no response and limits, like DN! in its 'sign-up for daily digest'; why not complement 'closed' mailing lists with websites, streets, radio waves, etc. Granted mailing lists can be archived but it seems all too limiting and maybe doesn't utilize the Small World Problem (see Science Friday archive - reduced from two to one hour - wish the other 'Talk of pathetic host was cut....

Free riding IMC - the form and content of IMC print is exemplar why not keep 'no charge' but make more clear need for more people to support in anyway they can?

Between the LinesThey are one example of a show with both content and who help form and strengthen connections between organizations and individuals by their use of links related to guests and sources of information and as well phone numbers and addresses.

Scott Harris once referred to my comments to ask to post at BTL website; BTL remains an example at use of Newswire (not like someone who chooses not to 'raise all boats, not raise awareness of IMC - they had their own boat to raise but yet a cursory search show many times this organization was mentioned in IMC...Like DN! continuing to refer to corporate nedia why not do more like FSRN and others to refer to Chicago IMC and many others - they offer of mentioning is hardly two-way I am certain and continues to supply regional, national (U.S.), and international broadening of perspective, rather than a single bird's view, concerns for everyone's backyard.

Like much this is at best a 'rough draft' but...