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September 15, 2002

The intent is for existing or newly forming organizations or individual efforts who are already known by name and who mostly or soley communicate via phone numbers to have a means of a basic web page focusing on historical and current content with logical and creative connections which will hopefully be rather broad and conducive to foster various relations of interest to the primary focus at hand. In this haste of this one I have fell short of my organized intent but will strive on during the next few da ys.

I can not metaphorically "create a web page with hands tied behind my back" but I still can literally provide a virtual foundation connecting active citizens of various degrees and organizations to one an other and not further any sort of divide by exclud ing mail addresses and phone numbers.

The first such attempt will be the "Logan #" where # denotes all immigrants and all peoples who have yet realized even in practical terms ideals reflected from statements such as: "believe that nations and people must abandon the use of force, 'coe risive and physical', or by external powers thrust upon them. A call from the April 2002 parallel Boston/Copley rally still rings in me; "Not in My Name" by...(I have her name elsewhere in my scribbles.

A future what Public Renoucement Radio Missed over the last year or so; I was shocked ot hear mention of Scott Ritter recently at top of hour news while I caught a bit of him being noted; Martin Voelker and others aired him and at such greater debth long before this snippet. Reminds of one time Chomsky, Zinn and maybe even FAIR being mentioned at one brief moment on PRP and at 5-6 p.m.)


From page 514, "American History" review text by Irving L. Gordon

"Declaration of Human Rights. In 1948 the General Assemby overwhelmingly approved the Declaration of Human Rights, drawn up by the Commission on Human Rights of ECOSOC. The Declaration states that all human beings are born free and equal a nd, without discrimination of any kind, are entitled to (a) civil rights: life; liberty; freedom of religion, speech, and assembly; and a voice in the goverment; (b) legal rights: freedom from arbitray arrest and the right to a fair tri al; (c) economic rights: employment, participation in labor unions, an adequate living standard, 'private propery', and leisure time; and (d) social rights: education and a cultural life. Although these ideals will not soon be idealized throughout the world, they provide a "standard for all peoples of all nations"."



The Logan # (all people arrested at other airports and under similar circumstances)

"Alice, one of these days..."

I usualy have a mental note or write things down from various corporate-free-view-point media but I missed the name of the person who I think was from the National Laywers Guild (Mass.) on the WMBR Local Edition of t he News (Thursday, 6-6:30 p.m. EST, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday it's Free Speed Radio News Free Speeech Radio News )

Like prison idustrial complex

Nader Page / In the Public Interest

"Beyond the annual news stories that follow the required corporate filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), executive compensation gets little attention in the media. But, the AFL-CIO has made a dramatic move through its up-dated web sit e to change that and wake up not only its members, but the public to what is going on with these runaway compensation schemes and how they affect people who are saving for college, retirement and other needs."


Casualties of ‘Security’ One Year of War on Immigrant Workers by David Bacon


"In the name of aviation security, meanwhile, the INS has organized Operation Tarmac, its largest series of raids since Vanguard. The agency has ordered employers in airports around the country to handover an I-9 form for each employee. Using this informa tion, agents then organize raids to pick up workers, and demand that employers terminate those the INS says lack legal status. The INS said the initiative would concentrate on workers with access to airplanes, but the raids quickly expanded to food prepar ation and airport concession employees. To date, about 1,000 workers have lost their jobs and hundreds have been held for deportation. "

Haitian Immigrants in Detention follows: Haitian-American Public Health Initiatives, Inc. (HAPHI) National Coalition for Dignity and Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants

The rest for now is loosely connected related to extending awareness so that more people are aware of Jaoudat Abouazza and the many others and many concerns.

Add Sen on Idenity, reference from Quality of Life with Martha Nussbaum


It seems to me an update to "human service" may benefit from a similar change to the 'ole somewhat by gone days of referring to patients with an implication and reality of mostly one way communication with now more widely acdepted form resulting from an i nterdisciplinary approach and client centered. The client is an active participant.

"Public sevrice" may for some be a political reflection of their personal self interest where the results of which will most likely not be for benefit to community and citizens, and some so called Public Service Renoucement forms of radio I would add too.

The Other Side of the Card Not business as usual..."Have a card?" "yea, here's my citizen card." One side may be your organization or you as an individual speaking your mind and/or your valued position in society and on the back rather than blank a nd awaiting for something to be scribbled, a pointer to one of the peace and justice gateways, or a short list of ones that in turn point to several links, and of course phone numbers too. Some I would begin with that get some of the multiple degree of p ointing as former FAIR's Cohen notes. I will add later mention how in even sound bites a clear statement can answer question/respond and point to a web page with more info that in turn points to links to gateways, etc. One-to-many.

"Linking people via phone numbers, web links, in person communication, networking of people and orgnaizations sharing while keeping their automnomy."

Does the U.N. need change? I think if it still has permanent members based on size where that reflects miltary propensities for force as means then...

Also recalling a Speech by Noam Chomsky, I forget the title, I heard it on In Public (M. Larson) back when it was on WMFO (I even recall it being cut-off within last couple of minutes of completion by the next less than seemless dj). I was lead to believ e that US vote was parmount by decree whereas I am sure there is an influence (too much so) but I now read it to be a way for the permanent members to have veto power. Yes, I think change is needed.

Did King W mention existing UN resolutions or is it another case when corporate profit interests matter? I think a young child, has an awareness of perspective, was it the moutain experiment when they tell what another child sees.

United Nations Security Council Resolutions indexed by year and related to the on going occupation forces resolution 106 begins in 1955.

1955 - 1992 list of sanctions and for details, many in PDF format see above link to yearly index.

If anyone thinks the ideals expressed by any organization such as noted below risk being irrelvant then....

While assisting my mom yesterday who was clearly feeling the effects of unintended consequences / side-effects from a sulfa-medication antibiotic for an UTI (Unrinary Tract Infection) I heard one of the major corporate "news" radio stations mention someth ing that caught my ear regarding GNU/Linux and a call for shops to carry the open operating systems. Richard Stallman's page, Free Software Foundation" .

Shortly after I heard a report regarding the Boston Common annual hemp festival / concert and I was curious if this station aired the Stand up for yor Rights ACLU Rally? I suspect not. I also wonder if many at the gathering are aware of all the existing independent media that exists or the need for even more organizations, etc.

Is there any way connections could be formed not just to this group but more efforts of connecting, a sort of peace & concert report, as one example, that is when radio shows air bands in the clubs name other events, maybe mention of possible concerns, mi ght provide a foundation for such fun to continue to exist in future for even more folks (reminds me of the action items for GNU/Linux advocating). Tehn there's all the folks out there with piles of 'ole NME and Melody Makers? Could they have been conne cted with independent media? This might be another parallel route to broadening efforts.

There are similarities between GNU/Linux reaching more people and in general more people hearing, reflecting, and acting upon say Free Speech Radio News, Democracy NOW! and a host of others but I still can't help thinking that how dealing with such a corp orate radio station fits in with the evolution and philosophy as a means of achieving more wide spread use of the open operating system.

How about not just music rags in clubs, TT's Middle East, etc., in Cambridge but something a long the line of the 'Z Mag on the MB{T}A' or some form of such a resource.

A Force More Powerful":

I am at a loss for the connection I initialy got from the Gandhi or Nashville 1960 (lunch counters segragation) segment. Quite possibly could have been the Pinochet segment (I'm glad Free Speech Radio News recalled the link with this recent reverse democa rtic coup.) Anyhow the line I can't recall made me think how much it reflected how I felt at the MIT commencement when I got separated from the free and asembled citizens on the other side of the wall of police who were ready for what? I wil dig it up.

Grads with a View MIT's Commencement - World Bank president James Wolfensohn.

The modest language maven in me recalling Steven Pinker, when it comes to terms like "living wage" there's a miss of an opportunity to highlight relations between workers and employers especially in some positions. A person can have inherent value above a monetary one for what they do, school teachers and I will include the often missing pre-kindergarten teachers who relatively rarely enter into the discussions, nurse assistants, roofers, and many other positions.

This from Modern History by the late Carl L. Becker and Kenneth S. Cooper:

"...they receive in fact only a very small part of it - just enough for themselves and families to live on, a mere "living wage".

It seeems to be if you accept this then a higher goal must be set. It's hard to imagine someone not being struk by the person Justice for Janitors / SEIU talking about the most likely impossibity of his fa mily reaching thier goals. I was glad Mark Weaver and Julia Steinberger, who had this first aired on WMBR's Local Edition News (6:00 - 6:30p.m. on Thursday) were noted on FSRN the following day.

Boston Janitors on FSRN

Although I couldn't find the word in my faorite ARTFL on-line dictionary. When I first read it quickly I thought it was referring to someone as an infected form of being.

Silly me not noting it was noting "inflection".

Glad to see reference to Kurt Lewin at MIT Upward Bound site, research on ego strength and econmomic (as I almost wrote), I mean academic performance. Reminds of my mom looking through a listing of TUFTS courses she received after taking a computer class as a Medr ord/ Somerville resident (computer class, my assitance did not help, I guess.) I read it has Persistance of Poverty" and she quicky said it's poetry you read what you wanted to see. But I think there's something to it. Not that I wanted to see it but it is persistent and maybe small strides like one community having every child with food, shelter and comfort needs being meet. It recalls a walk fom Ashmont T station to Dudlely and seeing a community developmental social facility with their sign on the gr ound, "lifelong learning" and it reminds of the Fenway communuty center that has to my knowledge been closed for years now.

The current overarching system receives a considerable input in monies and materials by indivdiuals and others. What would the state of affairs for so many be be with out it?


In process of progress hopefuly in trying to come up with not just another acronym or name but one in the form that spells "INDEPENDENT" like this:

Please bare with me, this is just "brain"storming at this point.

{IN}spiring {DE}mocractic {P}eople {EN}tails {D}issent by varying degrees of active citizens reaching people {EN}grosed in Corporate View Point Ad Agency /News at this {T}ime.


Another work in progress: King W's dichotomous senses.

ACLU and then some...

You can bookmark this, include it as a link on your web page, etc. and check updates periodically or inform readers about events:

ACT-MA: Peace, Justice and Progressive events in Massachusetts (act-ma)

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