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4 Nov 02 - 6 Dec 04
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To: info@campaignadvantage.com, info@greenpartyus.org
Subject: Corporate-free active citizen credit service (I don't support any existing credit card company.)

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2002 10:34 PM

I began looking for an online and conventional credit card service that was free from harmful corporate priorities and more in line with DIY and other respectable and highly legitimate organizations such as Z Magazine and Independent Media Center, to name only two, and a number of peace and justice organizations.

It was probably via Alliance for Democracy that I accepted that a vast array of organizations working on various projects and goals will more likely lead to a far more just and peaceful society for all. The ever-growing number of such web sites (and connecting independemt resources with anyone who will not sign-in at public libraries, etc, for Internet access) is welcome, although after hearing a recent National Radio Project Making Contact show #18-02, May 1, 2002, The Right-Wing Stuff: Movement Conservatives in the US about hate radio it is hardly inevitable. (WBUR’s World of Ideas had a recent lecture series on idendity and historical inevitability that may be of interest).

There's a great need to connect with anyone who is critically receptive. Anyone who continues to watch corporate network or local news yet who question its content, using E. Barbara Phillips' "What is News? Novelty Without Change" from Charlotte Ryan's "Prime Time Activism" .

I can only hope practicality will win out in favor of citizens who need to be informed and reflect on what they see and read to generate forces for major change to corporate media's ubiquity. I think it is quite possible to have independent forums accepted by the masses and then corporate media may have to adapt. (Reminds me of BU’s student’s against sweat shops attempt to influence change in their bookshop - get more students and others to get their books elsewhere and you'll see change.)

I began recently finding it more and more obvious that there's people who choose not to use credit cards but maybe some would use the service if not for the attachment to corporations who seldom operate in community’s or anyone other than their own best interest.

There's also issues related to online monetary services (see www.paypalwarning.com). I know about Working Assets though their name is rather, oh well, the content of their site does appear to strive towards addressing legitimate concerns but I would still rather not see an advertisement for ice cream or an afternoon TV host (even if she is quite a respectable) but maybe their other content can reach out to more people.

As for the distinction between overall content and what is probably major sponsors I would hope Independent Media Center's and other organizations could find a connection to link to a potential mass of people. A recent Boston rally, same day as the recent Washington, DC gathering, the banner for United for Justice with Peace lacked any pointer that may have lead some in the crowd (granted the crowd was, as is typical the case, already relatively informed I suspect and clearly active) to inquire and maybe use more independet media sources.

While I would really wish to be in a position to denote at this time I hope to soon, and to Democracy Now, etc. It may require an additional job but I enjoy early childhood education and other such roles that provide a wealth of value in many ways. Finally to your donation page. I would rather another choice, or in place of the cards you currently accept, a credible legitimate one that does not solely encourage consumption but puts the "reduce" back in the three R's, and fosters active citizenry.

A response today to form at www.sfbg.com: Are there any attempts to create a Citizen's credit card where it's implied that this includes active, informed, proactive, life-long committed people who along the lines of Robert W. Jensen's Citizen's Oath of Office R. Jensen's pledge to resist corporate control?

One of Boston's sponsor-free (actually there can be positively valued sponsors such as link to organizations one values, etc.) college radio stations has a show whereby they're proud of this yet includes a vast amount of corporate children's songs in their mix. It reminds me of the many independent organizations who utilize corporate charge cards, or government sanctioned domain services, closed software rather than GNU/Linux and often criticize current media heard by the masses but I see a goal of IndyGlobal (Independent Media Center) and others for the masses! (also some college radio dj's seem to think that everyone is in their car as evident by the frequent references and I could also do with out al the ISP references).

Finally while beginning to look into this I noticed www.paypalwarning.com regarding PayPal, Inc. or better yet the Piker...I tried to see if this was common knowledge Common Dreams -whenever you can, granted, in this case this makes little sense but consider including links in meaningful ways to strengthen relations.

The Infoshop page is one of my favorites whereby rather than listing a number of links over a multi-page homepage have links on the page using a one to many rather than making a front home page go on and on - granted this page has a lot still even with this.

Steve Cohen formerly with FAIR says, and I took it to be four-order pointing, when he speaks even if in 15 second chucks or so one can make a clear and concise point which includes a pointer to a web page with further information, and it in turns contains links to still other pages, gateways, etc. One 15 second concise statement may not only provide new information to someone but a place to find out more that they may not be aware of, a link to another side and on and on.

Thanks, James Zappia
(Former registered Green, back as an independent and then some, so I try to prevent category mistakes or general misuderstandings!)

p.s. I enjoy hearing Jack Beatty on WBUR's www.onpointradio.org show and I recently cringed when a comment was recently brought up by an author connected with the man who thinks he invented the Internet (Al Gore) along lines that those who voted for Ralph Nader are now feeling silly. I was also surprised after the Nader rally at the 'ole Boston Garden site a women who attended stated0 she was concerned about helping so-and-so win by voting for Nader. If even people who were there...

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