Prekindergarten-aged children, classroom activity: Draw the News!


Many a time G/E walked by and was ready to walk into The Carter School to try to make some clear statement about the appearance - to me like a prison, not a school but aside from the entrance (from outdoors) it was a pleasant surprise: Sensory Garden Outdoor Classroom

April 21, 2003

A Call for Children to "Draw the News": Libraries as Hub of Information Regarding the USA Patriot Act

Includes reference to Bill of Rights Defense Committee,American Friends Service Committee, ACLU.

If someone is critical of the current state of so-called public radio in the United States, or in particular, affiliate stations such as those in Boston that refuse to air Making Contact and Alternative Radio that to the credit of other stations who air these programs, these concerns ought to have an organized effort directed to public radio. It could include anyone who currently does support them but noting some critical feedback or considering calling attention to particular programs you support, say Jazz Decades, etc., but detail general issues you may have, or for those who listen but do not support to offer suggestions for why as Howard Zinn's says because of his profession he has to endure listening to George Bush read a prepared speech, or to struggle to get articulate sentences out (more or this below).

Though not sufficient condition it is certainly necessary for individuals to continue to voice concerns they may have but also for existing groups such as ACLU, AARP, Vets for Peace, United for Peace, United for a Fair Economy, just to name a few organizations.


Some notes of interest: a resolution regarding USA Patriot Act by Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner; the librarian who after being asked if a reference about AirWaveWEB could be posted stated having no knowledge of the act after a remark over concern on the impact to libraries.

A formal request to various child care and education organizations, in particular those whose curriculum is developmentally appropriate and who have an understanding of emerging literacy, math, science, and utilize various materials to facilitate the artistic and creative process, not an emphasis on product outcomes, foster social development, extensive outdoor play and connections to home, and attention to various other aspects of a child's development, has yet to be made. The preliminary letter on the subject was disheartening as a result of not receiving a single response.

Though even public radio has began to discuss the Patriot Act fortunately community radio has focused on it with speakers such as Nancy Murray, Massachusetts ACLU, and a sponsored event last summer Stand-up for your Rights probably facilitated more people knowing about the act.

This yet rather informal request asks for a response from children, three, four, and five year olds to Draw the News!.

Drawings are welcome from older children. If you're interested in their response and in sharing in a possible use on a web site please include a letter stating it's okay to use said child's first name only and area location, and whatever else you like to include.

You can consider simply making the above statement, draw the news or provide some preliminary content beforehand.

Some of the noted community radio programs who have been providing information are WMBR's Thursday evening Local News Edition (who air Free Speech Radio Newsother weeknights at 6:00 p.m. EST)

One of WBUR programs finally had a program on the Patriot Act whereby in the past even a show on civil liberties and security failed to even mention it. Gail Russell Chaddock, Christian Science Monitor, to her credit referred to BORDC but I also would have liked to see some people, Amer Jubran and others mentioned, or the efforts of Scott Cooper and others who provide information and resources to those who are required to register with the newly named INS.

Scott Cooper who was on WMBR's Local Edition noted connecting existing organizations with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC). There ought to be so many more visible efforts to strengthen connections between such groups and individuals, and with existing and evolving independent media, not to mention vast areas of concerns.

"Residents of Somerville, MA, working to have Somerville declare itself a Civil Liberties Safe Zone, where constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, privacy, and due process are honored and enforced."

AFSC's Pass the Homeland Security, Please did not have reference to Death and Taxes... from what I could quickly see. They appear all too often limited in connecting with independent media, and contacting them or anyone about such maters by email I am finally realizing has been fruitless as far as I can tell.

"Activism: 9.11: Feel, Think and Respond"

"A Guide to the Provisions of the USA Patriot Act..."(PDF format)

Page 6, "Government Actions that Threaten Ou Civil Liberties (PDF format)

Preface to above was contained in ACLU information mailing ( ""The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was formed over 80 years ago during another ?time of crisis? known as the first Red Scare. Immigrants and political dissenters were being rounded up, imprisoned and deported without charges or any kind of due process,

The ACLU?s mission was to make the Bill of Rights a living, breathing reality for all people who live in our country, both citizens and non-citizens. Today we have our work cut out for us!"


ACLU (Mass) Petition drive: "the petition is a prime outreach tool enabling the Task Force to educate the public about the threats to civil liberties. This group will oversee the gathering of signatures so we can reach our goal of 100,000. It will make sure the petition is available at suitable events, make contacts with organizations which might be willing to circulate the petition among their members, and organize signature gathering in public places."

ACLU (MA) petition to the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation.

Another INS Detainment, Abdelkader Amir Ayed

"USA Patriot Act Boosts Government Powers While Cutting Back on Traditional Checks and Balances An ACLU Legislative Analysis"

Social Justice Cooperative (See MIT student newspaper, The Thistle

The Green Scare by Julia Steinberger in The Thistle. Along the lines of those who refer to this period as the "Age of Terror" there are some who want to label Amer Jubran and anyone expressing something they don't agree with as a threat, maybe to truth.

No current listings yet but yet relevant archived justice events

Boston IMC article, update coming: Boston-Area Palestinian Activist Detained

Maybe FSRN and others will note Amer Jubran and actions will result in his release before INS gets his molars too. FSRN did a segment on Jauodat Abouazza but aside from the people who already knew did it also reach other individuals and organizations who are already committed to peace and justice and did it extend to anyone who passively consumes corporate "news" to see if it's raining?

Free Speech Radio News had a segment concerning Jaoudat Abouazza, Tuesday, July 3, 2002. I recall a Boston IMC Newswire comment saying "he deserves what he gets." Nothing backed up this desire nor was there any follow up to him being back in Canada without his four molars that were pulled while in INS custody. I'll use a caption from Freemanz : 'I'm home but my molars are still in Amerika!".

INS Tortures Palestinian Student Activist:
"Despite widespread public and legal pressure, the US Immigration and Naturalization Service continues to imprison hundreds, if not thousands of immigrants on technical visa violations or similar minor charges. In recent months, the Department of Justice has stepped up the repression in a wave of detentions apparently directed at secular, politically-active immigrants.  After a hearing last Thursday, Boston-area resident Jaoudat Abouazza remains in prison where he has been subjected to what some are calling torture. Wajid Jenkins files this report."


Reverence for one's own sacred things -- parents, religion, flag, laws, and respect for one's own beliefs -- these are feelings which we cannot even help. They come natural to us; they are involuntary, like breathing. There is no personal merit in breathing. Barry Crimmins' excerpt.

This was directed to "everyone associated with Democracy NOW!:

Don't forget to thank the corporate underwrites of public radio