It is certainly ridiculous of me to contact you again with this but since I at last removed those formatting 
errors that were there when I sent you, and it is now web-accessible, and I even included the original message 
I sent you in the middle...but here goes.

Is it "yesterday yet" is what I think of when I see that this was first written in 1997!

I am sorry that what I sent you a while back" was ill-formatted when I took it from the "Search Index of Record" -- 
now that company controls the old 'USE 'groups...

        For those of you who follow this new group often I am sorry to
        again [make an] attempt to complement the IMTL in which I may add
        my first posting yielded few answers to my never ending list
        of questions!!!

        One answer.. The Danny Goldberg who was associated with Gold
        Mountain Management, an artist management who handled Nirvana
        and who I now hear is working at Mercury and has signed Hanson
        not surprisingly is the same person who handeled Swan Songs press
        and once wrote for Rock Scene and Circus.
        - J[ames]

        quit now if you've been here before, only a few partial
        additions at the end!
        I always knew someone would compile something such as the
        excellent Infrequently Murmured Trivia list by Steven Wheeler
        before I ever sorted things out but maybe someday I'll atttempt
        to modestly complement it.  Some of which involves me converting
        a TA81 (or whatever it is) tape from a Digital system for use on
        a DOS based system.   I've lost touch with being conversant in
        transfer software such as Exchange, Kermit, etc. among other things.

        o Zeppelin's use of blues sources;  while I do wish that more
          artists or their familys had benefited, I feel the band and
          others such as Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones did help
          to spawn an interest in these performers rightfully deserving.

          I may have heard Son House and others in my own course of
          listening but I favor thinking that my interest to pursue
          their sources was a credit to the band in the absence of an
          official credit other than the obligatory settlement credits.
           I am really not one to critize them too much in this area one
          reason being the frequent words of  reference and
          acknowledgement given in live shows as well as obvious
          admiration.  [And recalling Zo's zine Plantation he has referred to the band "

     begged, borrowed and.... 

          In regards to bands today I enjoy bands such as
          the Cranberries for their recognition, i.e., of John Lennon,
          and new bands who don't deny musical existense that preceded
          them, and who are vibrant and fresh, and most of all not a
          clone.   We have enough from the multitude of Aerosmith,
          Nirvana, and Zeppelin clones who in a stretch of the words
          of John Paul Jones never quite got it right due to atttempting
          to mimic the final product rather than blending a variety of
          musical styles and influences and expereinces to create a new.
          And in the case of the often "I'm so sick of hearing this song
          over and over " for even songs you once quite favored there's
          probably someone hearing it for the first time, and when others
          are getting turned on to things across the generations in all
          art forms it is the beauty of it all.  I promise not to be as
          verbose with the rest...If you're still here....and no excuse
          for poor spelling, where's my spell checker!

        o I guess Im m thinking of the Nico 7",  "I'm Not Saying"
          this will be of interest to everyone or to anyone for that
          matter! Especially the people who enjoy discussing everything
          but the topic of the usenet group!

        o Page's daughter Scarlet was credited with photo on the single
          Gallow's Pole (Page & Plant).

        o Wasn't Page's finger stuck in a door at Victoria Station in
          London?  I forget what the Infreq. list said!

        o Page once had or still has a home in Kensignton, not to be
          confused with Kennington (The Oval), any connection with the
          Immediate band Marquess of Kensington?

        o Francois Thelma "said Do as though wilt...." which I ran across
          during a recent European History Renaissanse which being in the
          1500's certainly predates Crowley.

        o I never did get to writing to Dave Lewis regarding his Mojo Dec.
          '94 article, although I shouldn't be surprised since all his
          efforts are excellent reading but much like reading the IMTL
          (Infrequently Murmered Trivia List)it was very good, hard to
          imagine reading something and still finding a never ending list
          of things of interest.  What more can be said a about his
          continuing Tight But Loose, A Celebration book, articles in
          Record Collector and oh yes a belated Happy Birthday!  
          Colin Harper's article on sources was excellent too.

        o Kudo's to Steve Jones and his execellent Zeppelin and the Press.

        o I'm sure others miss Mark Archer's Wearing and Tearing.

        (I'm not using full names for those who I have not asked
         permmision to do so.)

        o For those who don't know Samuel K. has an excellent assortment
          of collectibles, many artists.

        o Dave C.'s Roy Harper fanzine is excellent, the fine quality
          brings to mind that of Electric Magic and Proximity, thanks
          to Hugh Jones.  Both execellent professionaly produced works.

        o David T.'s info regading John Paul Jones and the never ending
          list of work by JPJ from his early days to recent diverse
          group of bands and styles, genres, etc.  When, believe it or
          not is his first solo album coming out?

        o Of course Rick "Merit Adventures' Barrett as he says the
          catalogs alone are great!

        o The sadly missed Zoso, I hope all is well.

        o Early Days and Latter Days also missed.

        o Pure Blues too!

        o Mangled Mind,  a one off Jimmy Page session and quest
          appearances guide.   I hear he is working on a Nirvana booklet,
          I wish he would continue the Page direction.  I was going to
          list some of the bands in addition to others mentioned all
          around regarding sessions but rather I will give his address
          if you want it so you can order one, it's cheap, 4 or 5 quid.
          (Okay sidetrack; reminds of a time at one of those UK festivals
          and someone yells, "hey how much to get in?"  20 quid  "What?
          A twenty pound squid?)  The music and mud are okay but I'm here
          for the veggie burgers.   If there is further interest in
          sessions other than all those already listed elsewhere let me
          know and I'll write up some more possible ones.

          (Some of the above and a lot below is from various sources, I
          will list them and attempt to cite specifically when ever
          possible, i.e. some references are lost as to where I orignaly
          got 'em.)

        o Chris Farlow's 14 Things to Think About...Although I thought
          about purchasing it nearly that many times from Vinyl
          Experince on Hanway Street in central London I never did.  I
          recently saw an ad for it on CD in Record Collector but I will
          continue looking for vinyl at a hopefull lower price than 50
          quid (sorry I forget the key strokes for the quid key!)

        o Francoise Hardy, I regret never buying fone of her records from
          Jude's fine record store at 36 Hanway in London, Vibe.   I gave
          him and other notable mention in the vinyl collecting or
          should it be acquiring group but like a fool I relied when I
          should have posted and being away from this all since '92 or
          so I'm dumbfounded.  I had hoped a temp file would remain but
          since I never heard back from the addressee who I think...
          never mind this crap.

        o Tony Topham's Ascension Heights produced by Mike Vernon also
          his band the Grebbells may not have any connection other than
          the short-lived first Yardbirds guitraist and the producers
          but I wish I bought the single Jude played me, The End was it?

        o Julie Felix aside from the White Summer video/show possibly a
          recording from a London bookstore with poet Lawrence

        o In Wearing and Tearing it was stated that Page performed with
          the 60's poet Royston Ellis.  Any pointers?
                **add reference from Lennon book.

        o Terry Reid's '68 Most production...

        o One of Nrvana's (the big one!) bootlegs had a bit of Dazed in it.        

        o Rosie and the Originals reference to a band with a song Angel Baby.  

        o Short-lived the Law, sounded like Page on one track?

        o Tubby Hayes Fontana recordings?  I've seen a few ads in R.C.
          but... Possibly on the Cozy Powel Drums Are Back or was it
          reissue of Georgie fame's Two sides of..?  A recent RC
          (Record  Collector) article.

        o Gene Pitney's "Girl Belongs to Yesterday" sounds like Big or
          Little Jim (Since many of these recording are so difficult to
          say absolutley who played or who didn't my test is usually do
          I ike it or not? )
        o Aside from a reference in a Rolling Stones book and
          confirmation in the IMTL I have never seen anything on the
          film A Degree of Murder.  Anyone?

        o Likewise for the song Scarlet in '75 with Keith Richards and Grech.

        o Beck's Bolero built upon classical composer and his Ravels Bolero.  

        o Bongwater's Dazed and Chinese 'cover' the way covers should be!

        o Redd Kross cover of Stairway.

        o Mary Lou Lord Cambride USA street performer who also has lived
          in London and now with the fine Kill Rock Stars label covered

        o Jimmy Page Loves Lori Maddox , also on Kill Rock Stars label
          Wordcore Vol 8

        o Jane's Addiction cover on boot WLL

        o Pulse on the U2 label WLL cover.

        o Mrs. Hole (just kidding!) drummer I should recall her name fine
          drummer appears to like JB's drumming.

        o The Bristol, England Moonflowers I really enjoyed their
          original guitarist...but aside from that their cover on
          Smash Hits same place as Houses of the Holy with the
          band members in similarly posed as the 3 children who did all
          those poses.

        o Linda McCartney's Sixty's photo of Page in Yardbirds days
          nervoulsy tuning.

        o Nice photo of Page with Joe Perry and S. Tyler at the Marquee
          gig in the Rise and Fall of...

        o Becks box set has a photo with Page at a table enjoying some

        o The photo of Page and his smile and obvious admiration for
          BB King is a favorite.
         (Add various label connections for reissues the fabulous See
         for Miles, great, Sequel, RPM, etc.)

         Get Paul's record lists see .zoo.co.uk/~recordinfo for Fontana,
         Immediate, Pye, Liberty,  Decca,         Deram, etc.

        o While on subject Tsunami, the fantastic Simple Machines band
          had a cool cover if I recall with an old phonograph and a
          Decca record!

        o Producers Mickey Most (RAK), Simon Napier-Bell,  Joe Meek,
          Shel Talmy good article in RC on bands he produced, Glyn Johns,
          Mike Leander, Bern Elliot Page tribute on one boot.

        o James Page Music publishing company, The Quik, Majority, Talmy
          produced I believe.

        o Johnny B. Great single and Talmy?

        o False Prophets produced by the Giorgio Gomelsky.

        o I have a Tony Calder production that credits Page as music
          director and co-writer  recall possibly same one mentioned in
          Tight But Loose #9 Try to Forget me Sawn Song bands Bad         
          Company definately  Page on Burning Sky, Detective, although
          I'm getting even more info that's more frequently murmered
          than not, Madeline Bell.

         o Howard Mylett's excellent Tangents Within A Framework..
          ..Clapton once said to Page that he played like Matt Murphy,
          Roy Buchanan, Richie Haven, Manuta DePlant's, Djanjo
          Reinhardt, Seqovia...  I'm glad I got to see Davey Graham in
          the intimate I forget's its name near Andy's music shop twice
          in central London.

        o Lothar and the Handpeople used a theremin.

        o Kenny and Denny Little Surfur was it really Kenny Ball
          and Jazzman?  I forget what made me think this is.

        o Danny Goldberg of Golden Moutain Management, artist management
        once with Nirvana who was associated with Nirvana.
         After leaving Gold Mountain Management he went to Mercury
        after some side tracks and lately signed Hanson.
        He once wrote for Rock Scene and Circus in addition to handling
        Swan Songs's press in the '70's.      
        o There's a Thin Lizzy record with a 'ta to Page, likewise
          Family ta.. thank you...

        o Richie Yorke's ref to Page's liking of Niccolo Machiavelli's
          The Prince  I
          recently had to read as part of a European History class,
          Renaissanse 1500's or so he was often critized for ammoral
          and satanic connections but if anything I feel his rules and
          philosophy on how a prince should obtain and hold power
          probably helped to limit pain and suffereing of an excess
          amount of people during a period when heads were choppped
          often for relgious and other less argumentaive issues..
        o Vibe in London once had some letters from Page re: Crowley's
          books and ...

        o VOX magaizine issued a tape of Plant at Glastonbury '93 WLL.  
          I was living in London at this time great show so rest is
          probably available from Radio 1.  It doesn't seem as
          interesting now but this was during the constant unitation of
          Page and Plant.

        o I can't say much here, radio shows The Final Chapter 5CD etc.
           See Goldmine ads especially Happy Hippy,  Record Collector,
           etc. often pricey...

         o Interestin that in late 70'S that Page and Plant attended a
           Dammned gig while at the same time being loathed by this
           genre...  Overly known Wearing and Tearing odd attempt to
           the punk infusion,  I can't really say I see the connection
           in the song.   Who was it that said he just had to look at a
           zep cover and got sick.

        o One of Sonny Boy Williamson's last records per  Goldmine great
          article on blues artists stated Trying to Make London My Home
          featured Page.

        o Champion Jack Dupree, I'm glad I saw him prior to his
         passing at Johnny D's in Somerville.

        o Otis Spann at least one track with Eric Clapton....        
        o Page's former girlfriend Jackie DeShannon co-writting, etc.
        !!Sorry for the slap-happy quick approach to this!

        o Freddie King "Larger  than Life" Thanks to Jimmy "Showco" Page
         credit... also produced Mike Vernon so...

        Lastly irellevance is bliss; OutRAGEous' NewYear highlight show
        forget his name from Killing Joke but he expressed excitement
        at Page coming out to check them out.  I just thought of this
        after reading a usenet posting about Page and Plant resting
        on their laurals and being dormant since John Bonham's passing.
        He must have forget the recent world wide tour various solo
        work, etc. and continue influence in various genres.
        - Jim

Add...Interest in Nietzsche, German Philospher

Muddy Waters tracks My Home is in the delta and The Things that I used to do  
ref the mag list...intro to you shook me  
guitar palyer aug 93 jesse gress zeppelineage the roots of jp

What is Pas d un? 1973 movie DOn't think related/

John Fahey reissue on Timm Kerr records - he also toured w/ Thurston Moore.

In the rolling Stone Undercover session, quest list it says that
Brian Jones played guitar on Nico single Immeduate 65 I'm not Sayin'
ut if memory recalls that single is one of the few that credits page.

add with all the he did he didn't regarding page sessions how
bout some records that actualy list him (of JPS credie...
here a few for now...
add mail list here....

 Hey, when you write  "Not the best, just the oldest" you appear to not
have known about (and you're not alone!)...

 ...."even if only about ten people or fewer knew of its existence and
contributed to it, maybe, just maybe, it might be that the "Led_Zeppelin
VAX Notes conference while I was employed by Digital Equipment was one of
the first....unlike the 'ole Record Collector article about the first

 That is I had seemed to recall RC having an article about this but now I
think (after just seeing your phase above) that maybe I had recalled it
from your website!

 Of course I am joking about my incarnation though I still recall and I
had it in paper form in 1992 as well as on magnetic tape one note written
my Allan Starr who also worked at Digital as it being one of the better
descriptions of all the various styles Led Zeppelin not only tocuhed upon
but captured and made their sound: if I come across it I will send it to
you.  As for the magnetic tape with it passing day it is probably
"loosing" its.....

 Keep up the good efforts,

 Beware for what follows, I intend to keep it in its orginal form from the
old, before it was controlled by the "Search Index of Record,"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet_newsgroup, [1] as well as updating it
someday at www.goodexample.info though the website is hardly music related
and lacking updates on may part.


         As silly as it may be maybe someone has an interst in

         For serious works see Steve Jones (UK) book (mentioned
         Mark Archer from Wearing and Tearing, and...

         Jim Zappia's U.S. Magazine List.

         Another slapp-happy approach but it is some what readable!

         Specialty issues and regional papers are included.

Friday, July 11, 1997

         The key below is hopefully useful, in some cases I am not
100% sure
         if a photo was a promo shot or...



          (JP)  == Jimmy Page Cover, Action,  Promotional , or
                    chance of a possibly live proto
          [JP]  == Jimmy Page Cover, Apparently Live shot!
           {RP}  == Robert Plant non-band or non-promo photo,
i.e. simply
                    a photo of the man!
             -  == LZ article in my wording.
          c-JP  == Small Cover Photo  

             +  == Actual  wording as it appears on the

               w/  ==   Ponter to something in issue that
is not noted on cover.

         1973 #35 +LZ Won't Stop
         1974 May +JP, Inside the Musician and the Man
         1976 May 13 [RP] +Presence on Record but Not on Stage -
                 Recoverey from RP 's Accident
         1977 June 9 [JP] +LZ Special Mid-Tour Report; JP On Zep's
                 Resurgence - It Woruld be a Criminal Act
toBreak Up This
         1979 September 18 {RP} +LZ After personal Tradegy &
                 Two Years of Silence are Plant, Page,
Bonham, and Jones
                  Still Rocks's Prime
         1985 June 30 +The Firm Paul Rodgers and JP Burn
                 Their Bridges in a New Super-Band
         1985 July 31 +The Firm
         1985 October 31 -Rp Zeppelin's Immigrant Songster
                  Hits the Road & Belts the Blues Again
         1987 March 31 +LZ and more....
         1987 July 31 w/ JP Lucifer Rising review from Boleskine
         1988 Decmber 31 w/ JP Guitar Give-away Contest Outrider
         1993 October 31 24th Anniversary Issue c-JP


         1976 July -LZ
         1978 February [JP] / Interview, -LZ        
         1979 November (JP) / Interview, -LZ
         1977 January -LZ
         1979 December c-JP, -LZ
         1976 October -JP
         1975 May -LZ
         1976 May [JP RP], Rp Interview
         1977 April (JP), +pre-tour tour talk w/JP         
         1988 October (JP)
         Creem's Masters of Metal 1988 March +LZ Good Times,
                  Bad Times mostly chronological...
         Creem Guitar Heroes 1986 Page Beck Clapton Hendrix

         1990 November (JP) +Living in LZ, Box set give-aways
         1992 July (JP & RP) +LZ Uncensored
         1990 June (RP0 +The Thief of Kashmir
         1987 February Special 100th Issue +A Decade of Interviews
         1989 January c-RP
         1985 May (J. Beck) +JP Talks Shop
         1994 December (JP & RP) +Un-Zeppelin,  P&P Justify Their
         1988 March (RP) +Zen and the Art of LZ, +A historic,
                 no-holds-barred interview w/ RP
         1988 December -Glyn Johns, producer...
         1988 July (JP) +Has JP Still Got It?
         1991 April +The Super Managers Talk : (Peter Grant...)
         1986 September w/Ron Wood articles, not directly related
to JP
                 but mentions Steve Marriot, Ronnie Lane
         1986 November  w/ Clapton article unrelated in a
         1992 May w/ Page and Plant mentioned on article related
                 to tribute/cover bands...also contains
                 artists talking about drugs, booze, etc.

 Hit Parader
         1988 September -JP & RP
         1978 September +JP, Zep Up Again
         1991 May - LZ
         1980 January [RP]
         1983 October {RP} +RP On the Road Again
         1986 August [RP] +LZ Born Again?

 Rolling Stone
         1985 December 19 Double Issue
                  w/ JP phote/Live Aid, Hammer ad.
         1990 December 13-27 Double Issue c-[JP & RP]
         1991 November 14 +The 100 Greatest Album Covers
         1990 June 14 w/ Jason's wedding jam photo
         1985 August 15 c-{RP}
         1990 April 19 +A Celebration of Four Decades of Rock
                 w/(RP) and Manic Nirvana articles...
         1988 March 24   (RP) +RP The RS Interview +LZ
                 Tribute to a
Rock                 Legend
         1990 September 20 [JP & RP] +JP & RP On LZ
         1992 November 12 w/ photo of JP possibly at one of
                 his homes...
         1995 February 23 (JP & RP) +Hall of Fame Special
         1994 December 1 +JP & RP Unledded
         1990 October 4 w/ photo JP during jam w/ Aerosmith at the
         1992 October 15 Reprint of Interviews
         1979 October 4 +LZ Live at Knebworth
         1975 May 22 + Running w/ Zeppelin
         1976 August 12 +JP Beats the Devil

 Guitar World
         1991 January [JP] + The Ultimate LZ Interview,
         1991 November c-[JP] reprint of 1977 interview, excerpt
                 Charles R. Cross "Heaven and Hell"
         1993 April w/ article on upcoming Coverdale/Page album
         1990 July c-(JP), reprint of 1986 August interview
         1988 October (JP) + The Resurrection of JP, Transcriptions
         1992 May +Clapton, Beck & Page, The Yardbird Legacy Lives
         1991 March w/ comment by Nuno Bettencourt on JP
         1995 February +Page & Plant Super Lesson, JP Tunnings,
         1993 May (JP & Coverdale) Coverdale/Page +The Inside
         GQ Presents Guitar Legends Fall 1993 [JP], also Individual
                 shots of Clapton and Beck +The Classic
Interviews, Page's
                 Legendary Axes, Yardbirds remembered

 Guitar for the Practicing Musician
         1995 January Jimmy Page w/on his Death Wish and
                 Lucifer Rising no mention of...
         1988 December +LZ Poster Feature
         1991 June [JP] + JP Transcription to Bron Yr Aur
         1994 March {JP and Eddie Van Halen} w/photo of "Rock Walk"
                 plus various musicians comment on
recording of specific songs...
         1985 March [JP] w/excerpt from "In Their Own Words"
         1992 June Clapton, Beck and Page on Cover +The Yardbirds
Shapes of Things
         1988 August +JP Transcription to Over the Hills and Far
                 w/ Zep Influences, Now and Zen review
         1992 Jimi and Stevia Ray special....Eddie Kramer
some         comments about JP/LZ        
         1987 December (JP) WLL Transciption article/interview?on
         1988 Summer Collector Yearbook Black Mountain Side
                  JP The early history it says but is
         1988 February Richie Sambora mentions Page

 Guitar Player
         1992 June +B.B. King Talking about Lucille ----no related
         1992 August +Muddy Watters and Son House  with artcile
                 Deep Blues with excert from book
                 Early Blues: The Music Before Robert
                 also unrelated article on Curve,
                  Toni Halliday, former backup singer w/
         1993 August c-JP +A Lick-Copping Lesson also article on
                 advert for Coverdale/Page w/promo photo of
                 article covers roots... influences also
pages Eastern Front article
         1989 January Les Paul a celebration of Genius
                 best  of  1993  All Clapton mentioon of
Page production
                 of John Mayall's  Blues Breakers
singles...The collection
                  Clapton  also article on Blues
Anthology Blues Anytime
         1992 January 25th Anniversary  Page talks about guitar
                 being a means to an end for him, end
                 being composing,....I have never heard him
say this before..
         Legends of Guitar I Winter 1984 [JP] and [ Keith

 Inside Out 0-16 December Robert Plant  Detroit freebe...

 Pulse 1994 November advert for a Tribute to Arthur Alexander Plant on

         1990 August 24 [lZ]
         1993 16 April  +Sony Boy Williamson Howlin' Wolf, etc.
Chess        Blues
         1992 20 March +A tribute to Willie Dixon
         1990 Febryary 23 {Willie Dixon} +         Willie
and Mayall
         1993 April 6 [RP} +Tall Cool
         Issue 303-18 The Strangelove Cara Lin Bert Berns
         345-42 Ginger Baker historical relevance..
         344-14 Gene Pitney Bert Berns The Girl Belongs to
                 Page or big Jim?
         310-15  cool rarely seen photo of Page, Chuck Boyd photo
         342-28 Mayall historical signifance
                 Mike Vernon Decca Alexis Korner
         384-56 Brian Auger  Georgie Fame etc Sony Boy Williamson
         312-6 finally some words in print about Tony Topham
         333-18 Moby Grape
         311-9 Aerosmith article/cover but ref to LZ
         330-9 JP/Coverdale  upcoming album noted
         330-10        Kinks You Really Got Me etc
historical ...
         337-14 The Everly Bothers Two Yanks in England no specific
                  mention of Page
                 but as you may know he does appear on last
track of album
         308-8 Rod Stewart mention JPJ Yardbirds Decca
         321-10 Donovan article mentions JPJ
         296 -8 Bill Graham
         296-56 "Led Clones" Ozzy  Thin Lizzy article
         297 hail hail chuck no specifc mention but...hey..

 People 1987 June 22Summer of Love iSsue W/ Pamela Des Barres book I'm
with the Band:

         1991 April +Zep Lives w/ Page i
                 nterviewsome early history tak about 54
remastered track
         1993 June (JP and Coverdale) +Born of Zep and Snake  
                 /Win a JP singed Guitar Contest

 Bass Player 1994 November  {JPJ} talk of his collabortion
with         Diamanda Galas

 Life 1985 September  +Live Aid Mick and Tina on w/ photo of Page,
          Plant Jones, and company
         different shot than appears in the Live Aid book

 Spin 1995 January +Robert Plant and JP article on No Quarter

 Bam 1985 Juky-August [JP] +JP Ramblin' On
         1985 Otober Live Aid

 Billboard 1979 September 1 c-Knebworth shot releasse
         of In Through the Out...
         1993 October c-JPin 69  +Boxed Sets
         add New Page to Zeppelin         Saga

 Centrum Guide 1985 MayThe Firm Cover shot

 Option  1986 MArch/April +Shel Talmy + Nico
         1993 nov/dec album cover art...

 CMJ 1994 November Jones and DG Concert listing advert

 Trouser Press
         1977 September[JP] part 1 of +JP tell his story
                 3-part session story 60-67
         1979 +Dave Edmunds nothing specif to LZ,..
         1978 June +Rollings Stones and other recalled by Andrew
                  Oldham  talk about Metamorphosis, etc
         1982 April +LZ the "Greatest Hits" LP that never wa
         1978 mAY                Ritchie Yorke

 Relix (all 4 members)  /retrospective phto of JB by Dennis
                 not widely seen, I think!
         1991 vol 18 no. 1 w/ ten Years Gone artcile

 International Musician 1985 April [JP] Guitar Greats feature breif
                  snippets 1982 Vol 10 no.2  

 In Music 1991 January-December 15 1990 +LZ Box Set Review

 Metal Muscle 1988 July various small live shots special edition

 Superstar FActs and Pic no. 25 1991 various photos on cover The
         Complete history of LZ  +JP back in Studio

 Teen Stars Photo Album  1993 August  +PAge &  Coverdale +Compelte LZ

  Msters of Rock Spring
         1991  Good Ties, Bad Times [jp & RP]         
                 various        interview  includes
                   +heatbreaker by PAmela DesBarres
          Fall 1992  +Richard Cole on LZ Hendrix special
          Spring 1992 +Yardbirds intervi w/ Mayall clapton special

 Song Hits 1989 April-JPThe Super 60's c-LZ

 Discoveries 1996 June [JP RP]
         1990 July familar phto getting oon plane, Plant and his
         1990 August c-Knebworh phto

 The Music Paper {JP} +JP by Liz Derringer

 Boston Rock  #144  +Diamanda Gala
         #108 +Robert  Plant Band

 Earth Star 1995 June/July {JP / RP} sporting Greenpeace shirts

 Sound Attitude 1993 April w/ Coverdale/Page on Road

 Zep Convention 20th anniversary 68-88

 Basements and Backstage 1988 issue 1 the defunct Kaskmir
         band also article on 20th anniversary convention.

 Hard Rock Boston Guide

 Geffen Outider Presskit

 ICE 1993 March  +Yardbirds Upgraded in U.K.
          1993 May +Robert Plant Due

 EQ The Recording & Sound Magazine 1992 November Eddie Kramer
         and Hendrix, mention of LZ

 Hard Rock   1985  December w/, John Myaall, Bob Gruen, Live Aid

 Modern Drummer 1990 May +Jason Bonham

 Tough Tracks issue 3 w/ Cinderalla mentions JPJ

 Rock Magazine 1985 October  +A Last Look at Live Aid

 Record 1985 June -The Firm

 The Best of Metal Edge   1991 April a negative comment
         about LZ live jams...JP of Aerosmith

 Rock Scene  1986 October  The Firm Mean Business review

 Tower Record Top  1993 December  w/ Lawence Ferlinghetti also
         mentions JulieFelix...

 Accustic Guitar 1992March/April Martin Carthy cover
         +Djanjo Reinhardt, relevance is bliss
 Not listed specifically here is various British, French,
         Japananese, Austrailian, etc. magazines such as:

         Record Collector
         RCD available w/ accomaning CD, one
                 is One Long Kiss JP and Albert Lee
         Record Mirror
         Top Pops
         Rock & Folk
         Gold Wax
         Big O
         Music Collector
         Time Out
         Rock World
         Metal Attack
         Ptolemaic Terrascope
         Brain Damage

         Add  Books, Programs, calenders, album and box set
inserts,         etc.

         Blow by Blow - Jeff Beck 'Zine

         Why a Pig?  "Underground" recordings....

         Electric Magic Vol I numbers 1-12  6, 8, 9 are photo
                           Vol II #1-12
                           Vol III #1-9

         Geffen promo photos,  Outrider, also Swan Song, etc.

          LZ press kit, reproduction.
         The Only One Vol. I Issue 2

         LZ Collector's Guide Trampled Underground

         Wearing and Tearing Issue 1-13

         The Illustrated Guide to LZ in Print,
                 A Wearing and Tearing Production

         A Guide to LZ and the Press 1968 - 1980, Steve J.

         Rock 'n' Roll comic book

         Whole Lotta Zep on Tour in Australia 1972

         The Jeff Beck Bulletin, Issue #1

         Proximity, 10-25 and
                 North American Return of Page& Plant,
                 also 1-9 originals

         Pure Blues, vol 1/3 - 1/6,  2/7, 2/8

         Tight But Loose, #4,  5, 6, and 8, 9  Also
                 Sequel to a Celebration.

         Early Days & Latter Days, Issues 1-5

         LZ Worldwide Collector's Guide of Singles & Extended
                 Plays, Samuel. K.

         Nirvana  1/9 - 1/12,   1/15,  2/1, 2/2

         The Ocean  #1-11

         Oh Jimmy  #14 Italy and   #16-20

         Hors D'Oeuvres  - Roy Harper 'Zine  #12,  14,  16, 
19, 21,  25

         Zoso  #2/10-13,  3/9,  3/11,  4/1, 4/2, 4/4 , 4/7, 
                  5/2-                12,

         Mangled Mind - JP Sessions

         JPJ sessions, guests appearances, etc. info.  
                 compiled by
David                  Terralavoro.

         The Crunge Oct-Nov-Dec Issue I

         The tribute band Physical Graffiti -
                  photos and pozter
from                 their Israel tour.

         What is...#9

         The Rover,  Vol I no.  I

         Feathers in the Wind,  Vol I no. I

         Runes Oct-Nov-Dec 91 Vol I no. II

         Music Creations,  Issue I

   7/11/97      Whole Lotta Love Down Under,  Vol I no.  2  and
Vol I no.  3

         LZ the Australian Connection, Issue I

         Rock & Roll Disc, Guns & Roses cover, inside back issue
                 w/ Robert Johnson cover Dec 91

         The Boston Phoenix
         1983 December 20   w/Memory Lane article
                 about ARMS, a photo of  
                 Clapton,  Beck and Page
         1985 July 23 Mick & Tina Liva Aid report.
         1994  November 25-December 1 (JP & RP)
         1995 April 14-20 c-[RP]
         END ROAD
CONSTRUCTION!========================================[in our time]

I will update this soon, well so I say!

James Zappia