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TecsChange has "moved."


33 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111 (near the corner of Beach Street in Chinatown) 617-963-0262

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Alliance for Democracy

World Development Project




The Myth of the Generous Offer, Distorting the Camp David Negotiations by Seth Ackerman.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights

Volunteer at TecsChange - Technology for Social Change, in Boston, tutor in their next computer repair (and firmware / software) class. Wednesday evenings primarily, one-on-one tudors to assist in getting computer s sent to various peace and justice organizations.

Camfield Estate, Roxbury, Radio with a View spotlight, add.
REEP Roxbury
Clean Bus Coalition
Urban Environment Initiative

Grassroots Media Network

Documenting Casulaties, Professor Marc Harold, March 28, 2002 ( Iraq Body Count Marc Lance DN! Marc Lance, founding member of SUSTAIN, Stop US-Tax Aid to Israel Now!

The starvation army -- add anecdotal, looking for antidotes.

Cool Communuties

Our mission is to help improve Georgia's air and water quality and to promote healthy and livable communities by advocating urban heat island mitigation using sustainable cost-effective strategies for development, construction and existing structure retro -fitting.

...'degree to which you resist is the degree you are free' Ani DeFranco song?

A comment about the US looking to South America for

George Washington University, Abdull Malik "we're not all ignorant' Chaplin Espada..add details of this conference, aired FSRN maybe...or WMBR folks.

United Students Against Sweatshops an organization of students and community members at over 200 campuses. We are part of a movement that supports the struggles of working people and challenges corporate power. We work to build power on campuses, we develop solidarity with workers. T he energy and lessons from those campaigns have deepened our commitment to support the rights of working class people everywhere.

The Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic a collaborative project between the Law School and Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) which is housed at GBLS. Deborah Anker, an HLS Clinical Instructor in Immigration and Refugee Practice is the Coordinator of the Clinic that is staffed by exper ienced attorneys of GBLS' Immigration Unit. GBLS has excellent facilities for clinical students that includes individual workspace, access to computers and case management systems and the full array of GBLS support services.

Boston Association for Black Journalist, C. Ryan

Citizens for Tax Justice

Latino and Latinas for Social Change

Union of Concerned ScientistsAdd Noam Chomsky reference to 'not often issue statement...'
Physicians for Human Rigths - add Helen Caldicott, "Failure to Survive" speech at DC rally etc.
Physicians for Social Resposibilty (Add 1 May 2003, Fresh Air, Doctors without Borders, reference to cluster bombs; glad to hear reference even if Democracy NOW! and others discussed earlier.

Home Planet of site: Global Circle

Add to Watch and Action Groups and point top Z Magazine...

School of Americas Watch Shocked to hear some mention of this in September 2002 during On Point Radio. The best was Howard Zinn getting in so many references, more so than heard usually in quite some time on so-called pr ofit service radio. Recalls a reference to someone speaking a 'month of words in one day', when he was on, he nearly did that!

True Food....

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ !--- Add reference to David Bowie...regarding cluster bombs...

Julie Felix and John Paul Jones(REM, Peter Gabriel, Rolling Stones, numerous early 60's sessions, Butthole Surfurs, LuLu,...) --Another case of U.S. refusal to 'play with others' in refusal to sign the land mines treaty. "Since early 2001, these two diverse musicians have been working with MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to bring awareness to the anti-landmine campaign. Following the success of the MAG concert, Guitars Against Landmines, at Manchester's (UK) Lyri c Theatre (the Lowry) earlier this year, the two decided to team..."

Whole Lotta Love Foundation

"Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is a nonprofit community-based planning and organizing entity based in the Roxbury/North Dorchester area of Boston. DSNI?s mission is "to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners." DSNI's approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive (physical, environmental, economic and human). It was formed in 1984 when residents of the Dudley Street area came together out of fear and anger to revive their neighborhood that was nearly devastated by arson, disinvestment, neglect and redlining practices, and protect it from outside speculators. DSNI is the only community-based nonprofit in the co untry which has been granted eminent domain authority over abandoned land within its boundaries"

Add reference, Jeremy Marin is conservation organizer for the Sierra Club, interviewed by Linda P. on 1 May 2002, Local Edition, add to Boston-world-via-webcasting community radio

Silver [Bus] Line, waiting for 'equal or better service' following removal of elevated Orange Line in Boston, I think nearly 20 years ago. After years of diesel bus not have compres natural gas bud nto light rail connected to subway. Add to Boston-local-global quality of life connections.

President Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO)
355 Lexington Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017-6603, U.S.A.
Tel: 212-973-0325

Howard Zinn's comments on the flag, Special Coverage. Add pointers to callers at least who mention what public sellers radio leaves out...

Three months after S1101, Olson spoke of grief being expressed by 'thousands of people, thousands of ways', and, The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel reference to a "unity of grief".

Bending Elbows, Brooklyn

disaster trauma, children 12 Sep 01

Fenway billboard, guns and children killed by them, etc.

No Censorship Radio, probably, song "Dreaming of a Dying City"

World of Ideas: "The Idea of Identity", by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, "Our Country, Our Culture", Raymond Kurzweil and Dr. Gerald Weissmann, "Theorists vs. Empiricists", "Responsibility and Historical Inevitability", Excellence in Teaching".

21 Jan 01 Special Coverage, Jack Beatty's reading of an MLK speech.

24 Jan 2002 Jack Beatty's reference to U.S. policy: "ideological cartoon".

"New Kind of Peace Movement": Charles Knight, Director of the Project for Defense Alternatives, at the Commonwealth Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Rachel Remen, for Tolstoy the world not objective but consists of stories.

Fred Thys report from Vermont? Black Bloc and Billionaires for Bush (and Gore), Jan 1 2001? Still miss the Billionaires for..button that I had worn proudley since the Dudley to UMASS march but lost.

Chomksy's reference to: "not divide philosophy and science"

Steffen "Shame of the City"

"In Public" May 2001 Boston Baked Beans (music show) on WMFO prior to independent news, Dan? It was on for a few weeks maybe prior to news.

"Gulls Window Circus", Carl, WZBC (if the day time shows in particular spent less time mentioning the 'ola message system....)

Lisa G. former radio show "Sick Packages" and her current Saturday afternoon WMBR show and Sue Safton "Aural Fixation" are two staples, Pipeline too.

What became of the "All Things Virtuous" radio show, Christine Moone, Falun Gong.

FALUN GONG'S CHALLENGE TO CHINA: Spirtitual Practice or "Evil Cult"? A Report and Reader by Danny Schechter

Sound Grammar on 88.1 FM, another missed radio show.

Poetry of Protest, Mart?Espada, Poet Laureate, Northampton, Massachusetts; Professor of English, UMass Amherst; WUMB 91.9; Orange Line T station poem....

Mitche Snider poem


Communities for Better Environments

Reparations Then and Now

international domains, letter to D. Rovics, international search engines, universal language, Wilkins and Bacon 17th century, language and categories

universal language dalarn,, America Counts math program

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Updates are needed and the person is receptive of help if anyone wants to help them out:

International Institute of Social History

Scott Ritter taped by Martin Voelker? (gald to hear his name mentioned on, was it, Alternative Radio, and see his name in Z Magazine but why not a pointer No-U-Turn Radio or other contact information for you? Where' s your on-line video/tape list?


due process "majority / minority"

Haitan center NEU "clean-up" day Boston couple years ago...

10 Sep02 Schools of America noted on OnSalesTarget amazing if true!

Benjamin Barber, Market Place 10Sep02 or 11, usually closing remarks on this show highlight and lament what needs to be changed in global concern but this bit of words were...

Thomas Reid: fix 'reason light and the sensenses both out of the same shop'

creativity rats internalize in from outside....

Z Mag reference July/August 2002 on historical causation by Edward Hallett Carr in his 1961 "What is History?".

"Without and activist base the social problems can not be solved." World Anthem...add ref

Along the lines of FSRN / Mumia, On Point 3 Sep 02, add race synonyn for social-economic, politics 101, 'shape according to who rep get not... and caller "issues not appeal to young" 'so bring them up.. Youth summit at MIT couple years ago.

Add Children's Tapori network, Street Library, Fourth World Movement. structure of choice, Hip Hop Generation

Hank Faunce, WMFO radio, as well as interviewing Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, John Holt - get details.

name drop Vandana Shiva caller, why not include her On Point...


Amigos language immersion

add letter regarding math transfer following guests about biliteracy, June 2002

move to vol.... Committee to End Elder "Homelessness"

Associated Day Care, any connection with TecsChange? The former donates computers and software to pre-kindergarten classrooms in the Boston area.{mmon} sense - one of the best domain utilzations I have seen. "...a public interest journal inspired by the great patriot Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and The Rights of Man. Paine was a man of humble origins and modest education, but he became a writer of extraordinary skill and passion. He used his talent to advance the cause of liberty and democracy against distant and unaccountable rulers."

John Locke's "blank slate" from "History of Civilization":

"...defenders of political and religious absolutisim had contented that the inclination to submit to authority was present in humans from birth.

Locke's Essay... denied the existense of such innate ideas. He called the newborn mind a tabula rosa, a blank slate upon which experience would write. The two fountains of knowledge were environment not heridity (only), and reason not faith (alone or pos itive outlook (things may not be good or bad in themselves but the way you see them. -cognitive apprasial.)"

I used to look upon the concept of 'blank slate' in negative terms but now see it quite differently. Likewise Chomsky's ideas about innate abilities at first I took it too somehow imply more genetic influences in establishing a range of potential for an individual something we had little control of extending beyond motivations, dedications and other qualities. My limited understanding now views it as accounting for the poverty of stimulus and other factors related to acquiring language soley and not cas ting growth in any sort of predetermined or limited way. See Steven Pinker's latest book, Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature.

These and who knows what else, family, etc. left impressions: Kent State, two bombings on people of Japan, civil rights scenes, add.

Some mentionof need for people presciped medication to understand the nature, actions, and possble side-effects, etc. Actually noted on FDA program, On Point Radio.
Medications and side effects: client relation is most needed and knowledge about risks is utmost, recognizing side-effetcs, reporting to doctor. etc. Add to this.

Jerome Bruner on narrative....add in Early Childhood Education and need for people to understand the component of developmentally appropriate development (DAP) and care.....and add connection to Vygotsky and others zone of proximal development (ZPD) to r each more currently passive viewing citizens...and and connection to....

Science and the Flight from Reason ALAN SOKAL MEERA NANDA STEPHEN JAY GOULD

What Might have been Otherwise" poem recited on Infinite Mind.

Nilab Mobarez "In the first of two special reports, Emma-Jane Kirby talks to Nilab about her preparations for leaving her life in Paris.

Nilab will be leaving behind her Chanel suits, salary of ?70,000 and flat overlooking the Eiffel Tower to return to her native Afghanistan and set up a much-needed teaching hospital in war-ravaged Kabul.

Science Friday, May 24 2002, Animal Welfare Act


Sue Katz "Not in My Mame" speaker at Copley A2002?

Jewish Women for Justice in Israel and Palestine I usally refrain from pointing to pop-ad-links..."

the Only Democracy...add

2 May 2002, Chomsky, On Point Radio, add, also Sen mentioned clarification regarding Adam Smith. add show about doctors beginning to study more regarding cultural issues - amazing some points that were made about about knowledge regarding various culture s.

Under Digital's (many people didn't know of them when they existed) VMS operating system in the mid-eighties you could write a high-level program at the command prompt (which could be changed to whatever character you wanted "peace>"). edit a file and read say a text file and search for "http:", insert ..href... and then find the end of the URL, add corresponding delimiters, etc.