Here is some people "missing" from the corporate view of things, not to mention the "archive" of those heard on Alternative Radio, TUC Radio, Between the Lines, and many other by way of other forms of the media. At some point this will point more explicitly to them.

May 2011

Helen Caldicott yet to be on...take your pick of radio or television and as if she has something to say.

Of course, in addition to the voices not heard on consolidated media (in the negative sense, that is, in theory there ought not be anything compromised by integrated and cooperative forms of media), there are topics, concerns, historical preoccupations, and perceptions that one might note as absent.
Bisphenol A (BPA) Add the soup that actually notes this as well as "Natural Flavor" as "non-animal source" derived flavoring.

Add title one hardly have to wonder why or for long why some things won't do to mention on say "All Things [Permissible]" or as one would expect of the ["Secular Priesthood"].

Chemical in Our Water

This from Modern History by the late Carl L. Becker and Kenneth S. Cooper:


"...they receive in fact only a very small part of it - just enough for themselves and families to live on, a< /div> mere "living wage".

South End Press Authors' Speaking Tour:

Noam Chomsky: "US Policy in West-Central Asia, Freedom of Speech, & the Kurds in Turkey" Armenian Cultural & Educational Center, 47 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA info: (617) 926-1918

The Infinite Mind's Marit Haahr interviews writer Carolyn Heilbrun about her collection of essays, The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty. Dr. Heilbrun is professor emerita of English at Columbia University and author of numerous books including Reinventing Womanhood, Toward a Recognition of Androgyny, and the now-classic Writing a Woman's Life, in which she took biographers and autobiographers to task for shoehorning women's lives into conventional molds. She also wrote the Amanda Cross mystery series." Poem "Otherwise" heard on above, I think!

EuroQuest 200214 3 Ecological Footprints 5:19

"In 1996, Canadian researchers William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel introduced the term ecological footprint. They also created a model to calculate the amount of space we use. There are billions of people in the world, who all need space. If we take up too much space, then we're exhausting the earth. To inform young people in Holland about their ecological footprint, the National Youth Council in Utrecht started Foot Fight. This project contains workshops, a quiz and young people can also calculate the size of their footprint. Max Ohlenschlager was also curious about how much land he used, so he met up with Jan Jaap Tijs, the project leader of Foot Fight."

Afghan Women Writers: Fevziya Barlas (October 25, 2001)

Howard Zinn commenting at the ACLU Stand Up for your Rights Rally at Boston Common: "I never thought I would be thanking the Joint Chiefs" following the band by that name!

Quickly written Letter to Senator Byrd and in no way reflective of the impact of the words I heard during the session regarding resolution to allow destructive power in the hands of one person.

Allan Watts" first became known of him thanks to Victor Robert Venckus, Expanding Awareness radio program on WZBC when he aired him on Saturday mornings.

Further information regarding Victor:
"...has also hosted radio programs such as The Expanding Awareness/Lucid Sounds Programme, No Commercial Potential (electronic, space music, spoken word), Sunday Morning Country, Corned Beef & Curses (Celtic), ZBC Rock (all on WZBC); and Lost & Found (WMBR)."