Peace and justice (and economic) International Declaration of Human Rights




The Priceless Profits of Peace and Justice

Counting Casualties in Afghanistan


Terrorism and War by Howard Zinn
Dissapointing that Counter Punch would have another book seller so prominent rather than Seven Stories Press, South End Press, Common Courage Press, etc.

Michael Parenti, Globalization & Imperialism

The Price of Citizenship: Redefining the American Welfare State

"Historian Michael Katz discusses his most recent book about the state of the U.S. welfare system. The author The Undeserving Poor: From the War on Poverty to the War on Welfare and In the Shadow of the Poorhouse, he addresses the question, What does government owe the individual?. "

The People-Centered Development Forum

Leonard Carmichael Center
"For 43 years, the Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS) has been providing Tufts University with community service opportunities. Our mission is to create a more socially sensitive and responsible world. We accomplish this through experiential learning, advocacy and education. "

Urgent Call (war machine)

"Partners for Peace is a non-profit organization which for over ten years has sought to educate the American public about key issues in the quest for peace and justice in the Middle East."

Extensive link listing.... "Peninsula Peace and Justice Center has been one of the most effective of the activist organizations." Noam Chomsky


The Sunshine Project
"...But van Aken had a head start. In late 1999, he formed the Sunshine Project, e.V., a German non-profit association. The Project's name, a suggestion by van Aken's former co-worker Charles Margulis, is a reference to the fact that many biological weapons are quickly broken down and rendered harmless by exposure to bright sunlight."
Susana Pimiento, Edward Hammond
101 West 6th Street, Suite 607
Austin TX 78701 USA
Phone/Fax: +1 512 494 0545


"A New Kind Of Peace Movement" -- Recall some interesting discussion from this "public radio" show:

Charles Knight, Director of the Project for Defense Alternatives, at the Commonwealth Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Michael Lerner, editor of the Tikkum Magazine, Rabbi at Beyt Tikkum Synagogue in San Francisco

The Fannie Lou Hamer Project

"...founded in 1999, aims to create a national grassroots movement to redefine campaign finance as a civil rights issue. We will connect the history of earlier voting and civil rights struggles to the ongoing struggle for human rights, and we will create an intergenerational movement that promotes the inclusion of young people as leaders in that effort. The Project will serve as a vehicle for traditional civil rights organizations and communities of color to engage in campaign finance reform initiatives. We will raise people's consciousness as to how the current campaign finance system restricts civic and political participation based on socioeconomic status, and therefore results in a disparate impact on communities of color. The Fannie Lou Hamer Project believes that fundamental reform in our campaign finance system is imperative in order to address fundamental issues in the areas of political, economic, and social justice."

Boston SLAP

"Since its inception nearly a year and a half ago, the Student Labor Action Project has played an integral role in student activism and offered solidarity with local labor struggles. From the streets of Quebec and New York to the classrooms and communities of Boston, we challenge the corporate tyrannies that seek to undermine our unions, our democracy, and a decent standard of living. In the tradition of non-violent resistance that Dr. Martin Luther King espoused, we will take to the streets to demand justice for workers, living wages, and the right to organize!"

Peace Incorporated
"An international volunteer organization of youth. PEACE Incorporated is actively working to Increase Peace within schools families communities and nations by working to create inclusive projects of peace that can be implemented by youth in communities everywhere."


DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES WITH WOMEN FOR A NEW ERA ..."is a network of women scholars and activists from the economic South who engage in feminist research and analysis of the global environment and are committed to working for economic justice, gender justice and democracy."

Fourth Asia Europe Summit Meeting Asia -


PHONE 310-672-2542 FAX 310-677-7596


"As people of conscience, working in solidarity with the Palestinian people, we, the Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights (BCPR), are united by the belief that peace will only last when there is justice for the Palestinian people. A true peace will begin only when there is acknowledgement of the losses suffered by the Palestinian people and a recognition of their individual and collective rights. A just solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict necessitates an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, including the evacuation of all Israeli settlements; self-determination for the Palestinian people; and the application of international laws and UN resolutions."

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

"Sound mental health is a product of the subjective feeling of well being and harmony with the environment. An oppressive environment is damaging to the self and to the community. We believe that the mental health worker should help promote basic human rights and join the community in striving for dignity, liberation, and peace.

The Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) is a Palestinian, non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1990 to provide comprehensive community mental health services to the population of the Gaza Strip including therapy, training and research. It is one of the leading mental health organizations in Palestine.

The Programme was established to fill the urgent needs of the population resulting from the Israeli occupation's neglect of providing basic services to the population, including mental health services. Also, GCMHP's establishment came at a time during which mental health concerns were multiplied as a result of recurring exposure to the stress and trauma caused by the policies of the Israeli occupation and the resulting social problems.

Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Public Awareness:

In 1990, GCMHP started out with one clinic in Gaza City. Since then, it has established 3 other clinics in Jabalia, Khan Younis, and Deir El-Balah to serve all areas of population concentration in the Gaza Strip. Medical teams in the clinics provide different types of psychotherapy including play therapy for children..."

Star Alliance

Boston's Chinatown


The Bereaved Families' Forum ("Bereaved Parents Circle") is a group that was formed to bring together bereaved families of those killed in the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians. It includes both Israeli families and Palestinian families -- no longer political rivals, but fellow humans brought together by the most profound type of grief, the loss of a loved one. "
Add poem refernce and mother's words about loss of a child.

Bikes not Bombs

Women in Black, Women for Justice in Palestine and Israel

behnd the Label

Trans-Arab Research Institute "... Middle East is the most strategic area in the world today, and recognizing that it faces a number of destabilizing issues which can only be resolved on the basis of international law and justice, TARI aims to provide focused research and public venues to analyze, discuss and present optional perspectives on their solution. The various solutions proposed or being implemented in the area do not observe the two basic principles of law and justice. As such, the area will continue to be unstable and insecure for all interested local and international actors. TARI's goal is to scrutinize the causes and explore what policies will help promote stability with justice."

Noam Chomsky March 5, 2002 at Brandeis University Talk entitled: "Globalization for Whom?"

Amazingly 'On Profit and Martin Voelker had back to back radio airings with MIT Institute Professor Noam Chomsky.


Suraida Saleh


"The massive assault on the city of Nablus last night is just the latest step in Israel's methodical offensive against the Palestinians. Israeli forces have taken over six major West Bank towns and cities -- Ramallah, Qalqiliya, Jenin, Tulkarem, Bethlehem, Nablus. The towns of Jericho and Hebron remain the last islands in Palestinian control. Thousands of Palestinians have been arrested, and countless others have been killed and injured.

(see front page) Yesterday on Democracy Now! we spoke to the father of the first victim of Israel's latest siege on Ramallah. 21-year-old Suraida Saleh was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in Ramallah last Friday. She was holding her 9-month old baby in her lap. And as the group American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice discovered, Suraida Saleh was also a US citizen, born in George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC."


Presumed Guilty

Educators for Social Responsibilty

The Justice Project

Vernon Richards, Freedom Press, L3.00

(Boston College) The Global Justice Project "working for justice in a global economy
Brandeis Unversity, peace and Justiced, and radio...moved to the, Student Weekly

Activists continue to call for an end to economic sanctions against Iraq -- sanctions that UN studies say kill 4,500 children under five each month. Professor Noam Chomsky, author and critic, joins to talk about U.S. "policy" in the Middle East and the media's role.


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bert Sacks, Iraq medical supplies (add link)

Citizens Concenered for the People of Iraq

Veterans for Peace

"I want to log your land'....

I thought at first it was but I probably heard on No Censorship Radio.

Log your land...

Woodie Guthrie: "This Machine Kills Fascist"

Barry Crimmins , Jimmy Tingle..."

Al "grandpa" Lewis on DN! and elsewhere.

Reverend James Forbes, Jr. at the Riverside Church on Manhattan's Upper West Side, "the Courage to Sing Again", S1102

World Anthem, Rolling Requiem (add).

Myth of monolithic militant Islam (add).

"Chance favors the prepared mind" Pasteur

Dudley Square T - community children's drawings - panels.

Subtley of Emotions: the Study of Words

Freedom Quotes

Tyranny quotes


In Defense of Animals

Balanced Development

Amartya Sen at the 2002 Harvard Colloquium on International Affairs. (east-west reductionism.)

IGC Gateway
"As a project of Tides, IGC shares the vision to actively promote change toward a healthy society, one which is founded on principals of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and sustainable environmental practices. We believe healthy societies rely fundamentally on respect for individual rights, the vitality of communities, and a celebration of diversity.

The Mission of IGC is to advance the work of progressive organizations and individuals for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy and environmental sustainability through strategic use of online..."

Cindy Milstein, Institute of Social Ecology, Lucy Parsons, Emergence as Convergence, aired by Mark Weaver, Breaking the Chains.

Jon Bekken, May Day history, (Martin Voelker aired), Director for the Center for Youth and Society, IWW editor, Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, August 28, 2002

Flag Blackended resource...

FSRN; US and PR testing

Accessing Damage done to Public Schools regarding MCASl add

Free Range Chidlhood, Mathew Appleton, Mark Weaver's Breaking the Chains aired this from Lucy Parson Center. Lawrence School?

Add Charlie {S}Ro{O}se{DA} (couldn't think but I do like COrpKillEr) amazement in expression when Harold Pinter mentioned US not in the business of handing out candy.

"The War with Words" by Shands
"One Earth and Four or Five Worlds"

Stormwindow. NEU professor, violence before it bubbles; why not such concern over "minor" bits of decaying cities, pay attention before...

"Trumatic blindness" from Gray's Psychology, Pinker syllabus, Cambodia I think...see recent Infinite Mind show. It ended with a mention of policy to meet needs of refugees after the fact but my only comment would be I found the only thing lacking from this show was what can be done regarding US policies that are intrically involved in the first place? Irt was excellent to hear the women who is now helping others. Add her name, etc.

Ron Walter? universal patriotism, Zinn's comments re: flag, well ...!

Fenway billboard guns and children, add.

Bending Elbows, Brooklyn

Why Everything You've Heard About Globalization is Wrong by Amartya Sen.

21 January 2001 MLK reading reference add, also Bryon's Community Church?

edit this...

International Solidarity Movement

FSRN and DN! Poetry for the People, late June Jordan.

Columbia watch... why is it when a show such as Grammy's on corporate network then ads seem to be more representative?

Ford Foundation -- Grant Information to Deep Dish TV (DN!), Inc. to follow.

Purpose: For the television news series "Democracy Now!" to continue incorporating the aftermath of the September 11th attacks into future broadcasts
Location: New York, USA
Program: Education, Media, Arts and Culture

Pacifica settles suits with transfer of power ...add

Originally published in Current, Dec. 17, 2001 By Mike Janssen

partial list of search from Z Mag Media...

"TheExperiment Network is ongoing, speculative, and free. Any ideas, comments, links, criticisms, updates, contributions, etc, are thoroughly welcome and can be sent to us here." Wage Peace


'Public Radio Renoucement can not form/shape the news, that is Jill Stein, and many other underheard voices who they're unable to investigate or report any on-going activity because it would interfere with existing corporate underwriters but we can present people such as Noam Chomsky, Scott Ritter, and in way to make their incredible reputations, attention to detail, citing of sources... appear as we frame it. Add Cythia Peters account from June 13, 2002 Tufts...

Harper's Magazine editor, Lewis L., I have yet to look at the sponsers in said magazine but if anything like Mother Jones Magazine or do no harm type...

Orwell's notes on patritism and nationalism

"Ready for What", What did I Draw /Write...Miseducation Elkind....

"Lies My Teacher Told Me"..

"Freire,P., and Macedo, D. (1987). Literacy: Reading the Word and World. New York: Bergain & Garvey. "

..add other references from Chomsky on MisEducation.

Skyhen links...

Move mom and pop and convert to readable form: Choice even when quite thirsty though I usually refrain from bottles, while on Hyde Park, Angies' Attitute or Neigborhood Convenience with its corp'rettes and all too typical store front, hardly like one at Charles Circle near MGH. I chose Angies! Check out Springwell Market near ConsuptionVestedSociety.

Stacey's bookstore...early 1920's?


"Math concept transfer", bilterate, hopefully that's the goal as heard during a Linda P. interview. I tried contacting the guests but maybe I had their names wrong.

The price of my keeping mostly with independent media sources aside from "professional" reasons to informally watch and react to corporate media is the missing of hearing about the demise of Five on Five.

Why is it public radio at top of hour news refer to people as "hecklers" rather than note them being from Global Exchange or simply an expression from concerned citizens unlike too many who appear to accept the killing of women and children or Mad. Allbright's worth of all those lives, I thought the reasoning was that sanctions/starving children was to prevent such a threat as King W says the US now faces.

Center on Consciousness of War?, FSRN and refer to links and information "missed" by Profit service radio, whereby members help corporate advertisers, imagine such a thing?

add reference: It is not science that has caused negative effects but the misuse of knowledge gained by science. I am sure I am scrambling that!

F.A.I.R., Why open with 'not heard on mainstream' and others who continue the lack of highlighting "corporate" media or referring to independent media more so.

Add ant-racist bibiography;

Nathan Hale school -sign post ref, goal will be a society of lifelong...

Add IMC Newswire and DN! photo of the parents (I presume) with child as guns were aimed at them as they crossed a "check point".

Use something like www.emenutrees to organize this.