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This is an Active Citizenry, reverse "pop-up," actually genewrally refraining from propagating some terms and specififcally "marketing terms," "bundle," "shopping," "college age," "stay at home m/dad," the name of an operating sytem (OS) and kernel without mentining the OS, for instance "GNU," of sorts, not from some "profit over people" entinity but from a lesser "the threat of a [www.goodexample]", that is, relative to CodePink Women for Peace, some consider "publicity stunts." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_Pink) Calling attention to matters that the public ought to know about or what ought be routinely discuused by the Free Press, etc.

See "For Reasons of State," ON THE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THE PENTAGON PAPERS by Noam Chomsky.

It was hardly surprising that G/E did not get a response, nor even an acknowledgement when first expressed concern that "new" at www.chomsky.info was directing to, well, lets say maybe a less than independent "spot."  Now it's using http://stallman.org/facebook.html, or not to propagate the name, that;s already done enough by some forms of the media and others, face-things, or Faceprop...


"And it's really the worst possible scenario for a free society, when you have an economy dominated by a handful of monopoly giants…working hand in hand with sort of a national security state that's completely off-limits to public review to monitor the population. It's not a tenable situation for a free society."


"On that dimension [of freedom], the U.S. looks like a failed state. [It is] a state that has the formal political institutions, but they’re not functioning, if functioning in a democratic society is supposed to mean that public policy somehow reflects public interests and concerns. The divide is enormous."

Somewhat conceived as a result of seeing the 26 June 2004 "Green Party" convention from something other than IndyMedia or any number of a breath of independent media, some who uncritically mention corporate media and some that in no way do.

"If the left means anything, it means its concerned for the needs, welfare, and rights of the general population. So the left ought to be the overwhelming majority of the population, and in some respects I think it is." --Noam Chomsky

It's also a challenge to Senator Kerry to recognize that it migth be a matter of Hegemony or Survival: (see the book by the same name preferably from an independent book publisher (South End Press, Common Courage Press, etc.) so would he consider having the statement given by CodePink founder at the "Green (not corporate party or third party) representative of what he might have said of the current period in the spirit of what he said in the Winter Soldier days.

It ought not be much of a surprise to get a glimpse of reality from a source other than a corporate media network ad but just the same if you experience something from a 'CommunityCaste "cable" company, and in particular from something created by a group of them with a familar sounding ring (see David Barsamian's book on the Rise and Fall of...)... -public service created by the American cable television industry - then that ought to be taken into consideration. Fine you're seeing a bit of what in fact exists worldwide, and you may know the significance of February 15, 2003 ( I won't insult the 'audience' as David Cobb might have!) in terms of a global scale, unpreceented, like the protests (and other complementary actions from people not 'there') before the invasion of Iraq, unlike Vietnam that took years after bombings and other acts of...what was it that was being brought?

When Michael Parenti was on the same unsaid public interest network. During the interview the host said whenever someone like you is on we hear 'hey what about Howard Zinn...' Much the same could be said of all the groups and individuals that were in plain view during one of the D.C. actions - they would have been staples to anyone who doesn't soley support corproate media butr why doesn't this public interest mention more of them? How long did it take that wonderful radio network (when they reflect about themselves - 'NRP) to mention Military Families Speak Out other than within the ifirst year after invasion maybe only at "the top of the news hour". Likewise for 'Depleted' Uranium and much else of the type, 'wait wait don't tell us' - like their game show.

A sidenote: www.gp.org does haves references to GNN (wonder if forced to change old domain name they had), UJP, Global Exchange, IndyMedia, etc. byt not to FSRN, Flashpoints, and much else too.

Hopefully nobody will be 'forced' to change from "no charge" (it's not free if you have to submit personal information or endure pop-ups and such) to so-called better service inorder to recover from loss of pop/smtp service.

Though www.goodexample.info is currently only a Z Magazine, Znet supporter in terms of the the occasional issue at Lucy Parsons Center in Boston, etc. and in two senses of outreach, what others can do as members of the 'community of people committed to social change' I sometimes use "Send Znet article' to a Friend" to also utilize the form to include mail message when in a library that doesn't offer pop/smtp ability to access your mail. Maybe if monetary support increased Znet could keep links to Z Magazine articles available longer and "open" up all, no member" only areas. It's up to you.

One of the references in Hats off to Martin Voelker suffered from this limitation, the article is no longer available.

Not trying to be a freerider, want to make available to everyone, and will try to reach a threshold of support donations (Affero?) if they are interested.

An excerpt (see Hats off for source) from The New Crisis in Democracy: One of the main reasons I go to give lots of talks is that it brings together people from that town or city or region who are working along pretty similar lines, or at least parallel lines, and dont have much to do with each other. If you just take Boston, there are lots and lots of groups. But they barely know about each other. The total level of participation is probably quite substantial. On the other hand, the degree of integration is slight and the degree of involvement varies. That means theres not much in the way of long-term thinking or planning or strategy.

Seems apt: War Talk by Arundhati Roy.

Maine IMC: "Arrest, felony charges for protester at Boston military recruiter" disappointing that Not in Our Name mentions this but refers to something other than media that's even close to independent of consumption. Be critical of independent media too.

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   15. The Fever - Aug. 17?

David Cobb was (www.votecobb.org talking about corporate media but referring to 'whowho on website. Though glad phone number was also given during "convention" as well as website information.

Iraq Body Count when ever you hear someone say, 'nobody knows....'...

Water Wars, in its current for probably won't hear 'local news' in Boston or elsewhere mention a conference of mayors... Clean Water action, no sport team sales news, movie reviews, hey its' snowing in Boston.

Some culled, just a few, under reported and "missed" by the profit-is-the-goal networks, references for you to share ("persuade them to persuade themselves", not "educate them") with an aunt, uncle, friend, and others.

In Rachel Corrie's memory, imagine if more citizens knew, construction workers generally, those who operate Catt'killer bulldozers...

When David Cobb described why he had to be "Green" and called on others to "join" and he neglected to mention not just the many people who don't vote but imagine if what they do each and every day translated into peaceful action (Peave Action) in a pursuit of common disinterest.

Greenpeace International Joining is fine but there's also concerns by "non-members", the ones who make up the G8 Billion!

The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Saul (details coming)

What form of 'public radio' to you support?? When DN! and FSRN, more evident a change in the former whereas before they were exemplar in citing their own network of reporters and IndyMedia and much more now uncritically refer to corporate media. Do they do so in hopes that they will in turn refer to them? One might doubt so.