From Community Windows to "Complementary Tips"

Community Windows is loosely affiliated to connect support of independent shops generally such as food, cafe, personal care, and particular emphasis to book shops, publishers, independent media, its current and emerging forms: campus-community radio, websites and webcasting... by way of "complementing tips" for those known by a show of appreciation for their provisions, and for others a nascent opportunity to be recognized by anyone, patron or not, who sees and appreciates a Community Windows "flyer" display in a shop front window.

One sort of example but with broader connective, integrating with those who happen to unexpectedly see a protest (one not of a reactionary nature; thinking of a qualifying term because someone could be protesting for a return to the "Dark Ages", or more limits to civil rights, more "preventive" invasions, etc. and who want more information ought to be able to get in by viewing the committed gathering of people. For instance, many times have passed a place next to a barker shop with some picture clearly elated to children with the URL: In a flash walking by one can ave a reference for later furthering investigating, connecting, etc.

In my quick pass by of the procession I had to (finish later...) add bit about why not a sort of extended play of the Billionaires for 'the next leader of "preventive" invasions "abroad" without concern for the cities, towns, health-related concerns (the generation of just mean passing on inheritances), and generally to the ultimate binary choice, 'Hegemony or Survival"...whereby those involved "dress up" like more who ought to at least know about *add) so that they may complement various actions. Dress in hardhats, "business outfits" you know. Even dress as tourists, you do with the maps spread on the sidewalk but yet invloved with the action.

Justice for the Women of Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico!

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