October 2002

Do underwriters have a "sizable" (this was the qualifier used during hourly news that mentioned D.C rally in October, and a peace and justice organization) influence on one form of public radio? Remembering what Milton Berle said...regarding the airwaves.

"Rally/Protest mass detentions by INS at JFK Fed Bldg in Boston 1-09-03 noon", Nancy Murray, (ACLU of Mass.)

Another INS "Detainment", Abdelkader Amir Ayed

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Are you critical of public radio in Boston?

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Would you be surprised to hear mention of any peace and justice organization, in particular, International A.N.S.W.E.R., being noted during hourly news on one of the so-called public radio stations in Boston;

mentioning of a "sizable" number of people who were calling for peace in Washington D.C. in October?

How about if public radio in Boston covered the continued community support for Amer Jubran and other INS detainees or one example, supporters at INS on January 9, 2003.

Quite surprised to hear mention of October D.C. Rally and A.N.S.W.E.R. during hourly headlines. Public radio just providing its usual balance of warfare and peace and justice processes.


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Rafael Renteria says:


Milton Berle 1950's saying "the people own the airwaves."

When I tune in WMFO or WZBC in the Boston area I expect independent news programming by Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio (91.5 FM, Medford, MA), John Grebe, Sounds of Dissent (90.3 FM, Newton), Thinking Out Loud (91.5 FM, Lowell) and not have interference from two pubic radio stations who serve underwriter interests. Not to mention Boston public radio not picking up Making Contact as other public radio stations have done.

A public radio fundraisier on-air comment about reasons for supporting:

We're "Commercial-free", represent "free speech"....

This was stated in between the program 'Subsidized Market/Capital Place' and various mentioning of underwriters. Maybe it's not considered a form of commercial because it not the typical type but it ought to be insulting to anyone listening to hear any mention of them being "commercial-free". What about "name dropping" when it's mentioned that donating can amount to 'only so much per day, the price of coffee at Squirmbuck$'?

'PSR (public service renouncement or as I prefer the letters NRP, National Radio Project) has neglected a balanced discussion between the forces calling for further warfare effects in addition to sanctions in Iraq. It goes without saying that corporate local news stations have not mentioned calls for peace, and when they do all too often call attention to the rare handful of arrests and do not discuss peace efforts. How much discussion about the half-life regarding depleted uranium in Iraq? A half-life of 4.5 billion years, the former believed to be age of the earth (now considered nearly three times this number). FSRN" reported during Headlines (available in Real Audio via WebActive).

IndyGlobal' Newswire noted that 'PSR planned to resolve this difference in coverage but I didn't expect much. It was momentarily reassuring to hear William Galston and Stephen Zunes though soon afterwards.

All too many public radio listeners I feel gauge the range of discussion as somewhere in between corporate network news and 'PSR and 'BigBangCorp, and appear by their comments to be unaware of independent media in its many forms, Internet and print, and the many under heard voices.

Barbara Phillips' "What is [corporate] News? Novelty Without Change; one of many references from Charlotte Ryan's Prime Time Activism book. See Alternative Radio.

Are you critical of public radio but yet allow it to continue "as is"? Making Contact being heard on Boston public radio? Ah Things Corporate tangle maybe.


Prison Radio... "All Things Censored".

An organized effort is needed to raise awareness on such general issues such as documented by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting regarding WBEZ in Chicago not allowing AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) a spot because they advocate peace. Can't have that.

Suspect continued "Sizable" support for INS detainees in Boston on 9 January 2003. Will public radio report?