A Review of Fine Plumbing Work, and Quite Pleasant Experience

Some times comments read: "...can not say enough about..." but here one can say enough about Jim's Plumbing & Heating -- https://jimsplumbingheating.com/ (617) 484-8234

Jack Beatty, senior editor at The Atlantic, during his contributions on Special Coverage..(September 2001)...later host and/or recurring guest of On Point Radio, once remarked about someone assisting in the cleanup of the Trade Center Towers.

Paraphrasing: s/he is someone a city or town could or ought be built around.

In remarking about Jim -- his work and manner of it -- quite simply, instills the same description -- after all without maintenance, updates, repairs, and new plumbing, etc. what really would then become of towns and cities.


In the case of one's residence, home, etc. rest assured if entrusted to Jim's attending to it.

An initial attempt to contact some companies with a work request all too often is not acknowledged or after it is and work begins then a machine-recorded call is made stating someone is scheduled to arrive, or worse a "third party" calls with nothing more than a display of "Call Support" -- now one would have to be quite perceptive to connect that with a plumbing company you were expecting a person to get back to...at times these machine-delivered "calls" can occur four times in ten minutes (thanks to Silent mode or call blocking) -- whereby first impression might be thinking why did someone call so many times while we were out etc...

Surely most people know today who calls (especially land lines) after viewing call received list or handset record display, but how might a machine know!

It came to us later that it was a machine...also if one reluctantly uses a web site form beware of some scripts (here https://www.noscript.net...) whereby one enters name and number and personal details and hope for best that it is not getting "passed" to others...

None of this applies to principal Jim, again of Jim's Plumbing & Heating (and Gas Work) and quite an impressive array on specifics detailed for each of these three services can be viewed at his web site. Web sites can, and Jim's does, give one a positive perception. It is clear and straight forward, and that and much else, describes Jim.

His expertise of plumbing, heating, and gas is complemented by his holistic, practical experience and understanding of the entire house, types of insulation, structural matters, and much else one will gleam when talking with him, and add this while he is working!

Initially he was asked to remove a no longer length of bathroom vent pipe and remove gas line for dryer...he came to Medford from Belmont immediately after being contacted, did the work and before you know it we asked him to do more work based on the initial positive experience. We are glad we did.

The project consisted of a complete Replacement of copper for kitchen sink supply lines, (H) and )(C) new laundry supply lines, and much else...he then noted kitchen vent pipe not per code..so we asked him to correct this...one does not want sewer gas in their home.

He was also receptive to us adding in: "Also can you replace "PVC" for washer drain and connection to vent pipe with whatever is used, galvanized pipe?"

And as well add in drain for the dryer flow tube so we no longer resort to what you observed! (Pulling out the washer drain.) (dryer does not require vent but has drain or internal overflow.)

Another project will soon be to Replace inside lateral sewer lines -- a request was made another impersonal company, one who uses "automation" to confirm a request and one who is inflexible to acknowledge via other means of customer, not willing to acknowledge much else, again none of this applies to Jim's company and that is where the focus of these words ought rest.

It may not be often enough that one is in the company of a highly skilled person who conveys complete mastery of their field, lacks the slightest hint of arrogance, explains the process of steps of planned and current work, states when something observed is not per code, and helps one decide upon various ways to rightly address, all while being interesting and pleasant to talk with, what some describe as a person who does to tout how much they enjoy -- that speaks in their detailed actions and quality outcomes.

Sure I wish, I was much better able to articulate in writing; I struggle at times to come close to conveying what someone means to me, and how much they are appreciated, and in this case look forward to another project with them.

Yet the words above hopefully approach what Jim's work and manner of it, and outcomes means for us, and maybe you will agree when you meet Jim's Plumbing & Heating.

James Zappia -- June 2020, Medford, MA