other side of "business", a community card integrator for anyone not part of a "herd of independent minds"


What do to with the back of those cards? Well they have been known to be used to scribble down something quick but how about a proactive approach?

In the spirit of improvements to the paper clip!

What's on the back of your citizen card? Not business as usual, linking organizations, gateways, and individuals content on the profits of peace and justice.

IGC gateway

Z Magazine, a link to you on one side and on the back, before something is scribbled on, a variety of pointers of the sort one-to-many connections.

Many other links add some such as Flashpoints.org that have the one-to-many mapping of resources as well as content at site. Free Speech Radio News and other media related. FAIR, National Radio Project, etc. AirWaveWEB flyer pointer of sorts.

Also another choice to Debt Cards