WJUL (Now the "call letters" are WUML), 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA


July 14, 2003

WJUL, 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA --Supporting a "[Corporate] Free Press", Radio, Internet, Bands, Book Shops...



On this day, G/E - not the one bringing great profts to shareholders - should have visted RRRecords and George's (Aeleon Kid) food shop in Lowell since not there in a few years. Thoughts of then both while thinking of another threat to a relatively independent radio station - one with programs critical of the status quo - one with fifty years of student management and community connections.

Had it not been for John Grebe from Sounds of Dissent and Radio with a View and others as noted on AirwaveWEB and ones (active) radio listening and accessing of particular websites and talking to people - still a form of communicating - one may not have known about troubles regarding WJUL, 91.5 FM in Lowell in Massachusetts.

AirwaveWEB flyer, noted above, now has references to suppoprting WJUL in addition to this (thechaosbakery reference appear to be no longer), and hopefully will also include anyone else who wants to place an Link of Integration at a website as G/E continues to mind the gaps of independent media (and much else) awareness and tries to "persuade others to persuade themselves" that there is variouus forms of support - monetary and much else, as well as of course action.

The governor of Massachusetts was noted in above reference; maybe some sort of connection with Common Cause, who are connected with facilitating awareness and actions regarding the FCC proposed changes which clearly shows the extent of independent media and various organizing judging by the numbers of people who clearly did not get informed via corporate news media or one form of "public" radio - certainly sounds redundant since most radio signals (now that there is subscription radio) are "public."

Now for each supportive listener to be creative in ways to do "outreach" of their own that complements that which say, FSRN, DN!, Z Magazine, Flashpoints, Between the Lines, Trans Africa Forum, Iraq Body Count, Free Press, and as G/E often says: it's promising that the list could go on and on.

Seeking various displays of a "threat of a good example." One being, for many people who now appear to support 'CommuniationCASTE, 'WhoWHO, 'Ola, 'CrimeMerger, as evident by their mail address, to MoveOn. Why effectively promote them, further name recognition, etc. when you could be displaying someone else who you value instead.

How can there be an (Boston IMC Newsire article) "alternative" to "lies" that are routinely propagated, and facts that are "left out" via corporate forms of media, as well as forms of 'public (huh) radio' that say such things as: please tell our corporate underwriters how much you appreciate them, and who appear to promote or accept one being passively accepted of most of what they have to say, AKA, weapons of mass consent.

WUML (formerly WJUL):_
WUML Call Letter Change October 20, 2003

The familiar WJUL call letters have officially been changed to "WUML" as of October 15, [2003].

Rest assured, this does NOT indicate (nor do we stand for) a change in format, programming, or station philosophy. We are working our hardest to make sure this rebranding does not result in any sort of "image makeover." The change of call letters is simply an updating of our station name to reflect the school we are a part of, as is customary in college radio (for example, WUMB Boston).

We began as a carrier-current station, WLTI, when we were part of Lowell Technical Institute, and became WJUL when North and South Campuses merged to become the University of Lowell. We have been UMass Lowell for quite awhile, so it's even a little surprising that it's taken this long for the change to be suggested....