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Community Windows

G/E just found out on 21 April 2005 that TecsChange no longer offers the repair course. Allboats will continue in another form to promote the efforts of TecsChange, Kite. etc.

Maybe if enough people let them know that they think the course not only benefits anyone motivated to learn but certainly helps foster the connection within the community in which TecsChange continues to be a part.

If you know of someone who wants to learn about PC repair, or who wants to donate a used or a "PC with a problem", then please:

"take one"! 1

TecsChange - Technology for Social Change

Two evenings per week, Monday & Wednesday; located "behind" Roxbury Community College, (T)hanks for enduring the (T), Orange Line, Roxbury Crossing.

tecschange@tecschange.org 617-442-4456 83 Highland Street FAX: 617-442-3742

An expanded form of this "flyer" - allboats.html - is available "on" the InterWEB at: http://www.goodexample.info (All radio is, or ought to be "public", and when claiming to be non-commercial public radio, etc. one ought not to then hear this followed by a sneaker, or medication company and such, which is not to say all ads ought to default to "corporate" ones; more on this: Community Ads, Ads in Public space "non-profit" or positively worded such as say "Public Spirited" endeavor or what have you... )

"Posted" via AirwaveWEB @ "the threat of a [www.goodexample.info]" - when back with Gandi - a domain register that does not have 'hidden fees' unlike some that make such a claim. ( www.goodexample.info)

(1.) copy, share, link, connect with lead & water issues, generally with "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things" sentiments...

PC Donation Drop-off available in Medford, MA - a confirmed receipt via Charlie Welch from TecsChange will note that all items from drop-off have been received.

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