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AirwaveWEB "on" the "interWEB" at "the threat of a []"

Since this interWEB, connecting from the street to the internet, is intended for print form - link references are "spelled out".

"Free Speech" Zones: (; Between the Lines, Flashpoints (, Alternative Radio (, Making Contact, National Radio Project (NRP - and others - AirwaveWEB. There's also individuals and groups devoted to the common disinterest of the world and space., literally!
Community Windows - All boats "sinking" or "floating", Hegemony or Survival, respectively.

This "parking space" was reserved for Get Lost with Andy: Saturday, [time slot must have changed again] - 91.5 FM Tufts-Community Radio; Music Listening WEB / selected music programs.

"Think about it": Incessant Mentionings on 'OLA "platform"; WMBR (though Chuck Who was able to 'correct' a new program host when he actually got the station call letters confused with 'noncommercial corporate underwritten radio) less so but some on WZBC and WMFO ought think about it unless they're content rather than "malcontent providers". And then, not soley directed at the former, those who appear to assist fostering a 'Search Index of Record'; and contributing to the impression that some people only "listen" in fossil transporters, etc.

G./E. doesn't bring great profits to wage slave holders but it has made numerous references to No-U-Turn Radio, the former host, producer,... on WMFO & WZBC but won't ask any longer when he'll make his extensive list of recorded programs noted on and mention their availability via more online forums so as to more likely reach anyone interested in airing on so-called community TV stations, and/or obtain for copies for themselves? Stan Robinson (and glad to hear Dean Wallace 'reach out' on his first program hosting) does a far better job at selfless 'promotion'. Can't say enough about Hank Faunce's Promethean Commentary Plus Jazz, or as one 'listener' said 'realistic radio' which still hardly says it.

These 'colors' don't distort: maybe a flag or banner outside the WMFO studios could lead to the radio station being as prominently displayed and as known for its Freeform -in theory and at times in practice- as is the 'SweatshirtShop. This of course doesn't just apply to the station affiliated with this university.

(From above FSRN reference connection:)

"International Day of Action against [COrpKillEr - why be a part of Trade Game name recognition, when being critical consider providing connections to active citizen resources, World Social Forum, Columbia Action Network, CorporateWatch, Global Exchange, etc.]"

"The World Social Forum declared [22 July 2004], as an International Day of Action against [COrpKillEr]. Organizers are encouraging schools and organizations to stop stocking coke machines and are asking individuals to refrain from buying [CC] products. In the US the campaign to boycott Killer Coke is spreading across college campuses and communities around the country. The boycott was launched last year by the Colombian food and beverage workers union, SINALTRAINAL, to bring attention to the murders of Coca-Cola trade unionists there that they believe were executed by company-hired death squads in a country often described as the worlds most dangerous place for labor activists. Free Speech Radio News spoke with Jana Silverman --s a consultant for the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center in Bogota and a columnist on labor issues for the online magazine Colombia Week."

[CC] Will Stand Trial For Human Rights Abuses

"A Miami Federal judge has dismissed a human rights violation case against the Atlanta based [COrpKillEr] Company. But the judge is allowing the suit to proceed against [CC] bottlers in Columbia. Shannon Novak is in Miami with more."

See reference within this Pacifica Radio Archives

For some Mass Independent Media samples see: here here



Dissent, Not Conforming, to "free speech zones", and words that ought to live in 'euphoney; "stability" ("no threat to U.S. domination..."), "free market", "[corporate] free press", a "poor neighborhood"? "two major [corporate sponsor hosts]...

.. "alternative media"? there's not much of an alternative if the choice is "Hegemony or Survival".

Even adhering to concision there is a potential to "persuade others to persuade themselves"...along with some threats of a www.goodexample.INFO, other 3-letters combinations, with different goals and concerns.


Global Concerns, Local Focus:

The National Radio Project | | | | | | | ( Coalition for Healthy Communities) | Historians Against the War | | Esperanto ( |, literally |, (Boston) Councilor Chuck Turner ought to complement many of his efforts, youth-adult justice, etc. via Internet forums, complement email lists. Between the Lines syndicated across the U.S.; Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA, Facilitating Justice, Not the U.S. Way | Duck, Duck, bangzoom re: the Logan...">Geese, mountain top removal...


Minding the gap of active citizens who are unaware of Independent Media Center (, and independent media generally.

Mayhem in Miami: Amidst Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets Democracy Now! Reports From the Streets of the FTAA Protests

Boston Mobilization


Spark Magazine

Spark Magazine was published by Boston Mobilization, a greater Boston membership organization that educates and organizes students and communities to take grassroots action for peace, justice, and democracy.

Boston Global Action Network

Boston's Regional AirwaveWEB Radio Program Notes; Free Speech Radio News ( Samples

If the left means anything, it means it's concerned for the needs, welfare, and rights of the general population. So the left ought to be the overwhelming majority of the population, and in some respects I think it is." Noam Chomsky, Propaganda and the Public Mind, South End Press.

Vandana Shiva, subvertise, "Hegemony or Survival", "What Wal'Muck Really Wants" (, "Search Index of Record", Thank our (so-called public radio) underwriters,,, Six Jesuit Priests (, Roy / Zinn Transcript:, Human Ads for Water Privatization, Corporate Campus, The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Saul

"Keeping the Rabble In Line":

When you read John Dewey today, or Thomas Jefferson, their work sounds like that of some crazed Marxist lunatic. But that just shows how much intellectual life has deteriorated.

...who cast over society the shadow called 'politics',..."

A History of Hope....

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