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Challenge the 'handing out candy' image of the U.S., and in regards to the prevention of "the threat of a good example", see Noam Chomsky's Deterring Democracy.

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The works, Challenge Things, Community Windows, Collective Library Syndrome, "G8[Billion" Integration" (autonomous yet integrated via many locales), massindymedia (as well as "mass" indy media, mass indy media, mass-indy-media) - just exaggerating the rightly justified use by Affero in registering three TLDs (top-level domains), so that,, and would be associated with them. There still is the potential for to in effect direct "vistors" to the .com who would probably not otherwise be on such a fishing expedition - someone is clearly using the name commondreams.someotherTLD to peddle something, and there are many other cases of this.), "malcontent providers", ultimate binary choice (that being "hegemony or survival" of all human and nonhuman animals) and Private Bus are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

In regards to the excerpts, and in some cases whole books, and much else, essays, etc. that are provided my "malcontent providers" (Some noted below, Third World Traveler, Z Magazine's, ZNet, ParEcon ("Participatory Economics (Parecon for short) is a type of economy proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalism" - sledom hear much about all the 'corrective' factors - stay tuned - for such a fine running system), and others to be more fully noted, if only Affero or someone would connect with people who are grateful for this being available and who would 'donate' in whatever way they could. I did not have to see book prices and ever twindling "used" bookshops (still miss Roseway Books in Jamaica Plain, MA) to be aware of the cost of some new boxes. If only books were as ubiquitously accessible (aside from libraries..) and touted (by NEtWorked adS) as "private busses"- you know those Fossil Fuel Transporters (silly uBig vechiles would be just plain too silly) youmigth see up in the mountains, slopes, on the lakes but seldom nearly running over people walking, riding bikes, etc. Anyone with a different view might "sound like crazed Marxist lunatics. That just shows how much our intellectual life has deteriorated." Thought of that line when heard one host of DN! during a (gladly without hearing the * reports, where *is yet another uncritical reference to a source from a corporte view of reality) report on NYPD Attempts To Criminalize [a threat of a good example, and quite visible, as] Bike Riders Taking Part in Critical Mass say bike 'taking over" streets. It hardly needs be said that fossil burners are in the way of people walking, riding, pushing baby carriages, etc.

It is possible to value something very much, and be critical of it. Will say more about uncritical references later.

The cost of books struck me again the other day while in LPC's (below) - granted this is a range of prices but..."new book" arrivals, Community Windows, and Collective Library Syndrome later.

Like the ultimate binary choice, "Hegemony or Survival" - just the other day while "just browsing" at Lucy Parsons Center I was glad to see an updated edition on AKPress of Language and Politics, a fine reference -"his consistency of tone and ability to discuss anyone from St. Augustine and Galileo to Hume and Bakunin mark him as an intellect whose worst-case perspective of the Western world deserves a measure of respect. Winnipeg Free Press"

Third World Traveler (www. "excerpts from the book The Culture of Terrorism by Noam Chomsky ( (format of five principles changed slightly)

"In conformity with these overriding principles, as we have seen, many crucial issues are simply off the agenda:

  1. the historical and documentary record that reveals the general and largely invariant guidelines for U.S. policies;
  2. the institutional setting within which policy develops;
  3. the recent (1980's) application of these policies in Guatemala and El Salvador;
  4. the normal conditions of life within the Caribbean and Central American domains of long-term U.S. influence and control, [and] what these teach us about the goals and character of U.S. government policy over many years; and
  5. similar matters elsewhere that might yield a degree of understanding of the origins and nature of the problems that must now be addressed. Such matters are not fit topics for reporting, commentary and debate. Rather, the agenda must conform to elite requirements, generally set by state propaganda, though debate is permissible insofar as dominant elites disagree on tactical and procedural matters. Within these limits, basic doctrines are beyond question and controversy. [For example], the firm commitment of U.S. policymakers to "democracy," economic development and human rights. Contemporary events must be reported and discussed in these terms, and historical memory must be shaped so that these doctrines are not called into question, or even considered controversial."

The United States and the "Challenge of Relativity" By Noam Chomsky.

Banned in Boston, Then, Corporate Media, Now.

References related to Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"Cut and paste" (select with mouse, move to address bar, etc. or in other cases move to a search engine) can be used for some incomplete link references.

Some resources for further information on Panama, etc. are below.

A History of Hope When Americans Have Dared to Dream of a Better Future by "James W. Fraser, Professor of History and Education and Director of the Center for Innovation in Urban Education at Northeastern Univer sity, Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of Between Church and State."

Professor Fraser was on Radio with a View ( AirWaveWEB) on January 14, 2003 and quite possibly left many listeners hopeful that the interaction of efforts by individually connected active citizens and peace and justice o rganizations can and will have an impact regarding Iraq. And these processes along with existing ones will address and resolve issues worldwide.


"Greetings from Missile Street", film.

Robin C Miller, "middle east"

Edward Said, comment re: Gould - tension virtuoisty, confusion of everyday life... add

Early childhood theories, related to practice. Looking at Children's Play: A Bridge Between Theory and Practice

Kurt Lewin's and MIT's Upward Bound

I Call Myself Persian, add letter.

'What will make them...nonviolently... not become the hatred we abhor?' Ghandi most likely.

Electronic Intifada

Brandeis University, Justice On....

Participatory Economics (parecon for short) is a type of economy proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalism."

Now Available The Trajectory of Change Activist Strategies for Social Transformation by Michael Albert available by South End Press.

Global Exchange

Global list of links, poverty info

Lecture series of 25th South End Press Anniversay...

Monday, March 18, 7 pm Cambridge, MA

Howard Zinn at the Unitarian Church
Aired March 22, 2002, Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio


Socialist Scholar conference aried by Martin Voelker. Socialist Scholars Conference
March 14 - 16, 2003, Cooper Union, New York.

1213 York St., San Francisco, CA 94110 International Action Center
Information, Activism, and Resistance to U.S. Militarism, War, and Corporate Greed..."

add reference "Human Scale" book or discussion.

SF Bay revolution

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Internet Activ... Visual Resources...


Between the Lines....add

Daily Revolution -- News for the global commnity since 1995

Common Dreams (.ORG)

Published on Sunday, September 15, 2002 in the (what about labor, wage slaves...?) Boston's Corpoarte Globe

It's Time for the US to Join the United Nations by Ellen Goodman

From Human Rights Watch (HRW):

World Summit on Kids: Do We Care? As leaders gather at the UN, the U.S. has yet to ratify the world treaty on children's rights
May 5, 2002 Commentary

HRW - United States Ratification of CEDAW

The United States is the only industrialized country that has not ratified CEDAW. By not ratifying, the U.S. is in the company of countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Somalia.


IGC - Connecting people who are changing the world

Historical inevitabilty to peace and justice for all? It will take a lot of effort by a lot of peole or as Michael Moore says many people (the "do not disturb" ones) doing a little or something in the process - that's an understatement.

Community Church of Boston
" The Community Church of Boston's mission is advancing Social Justice."

"RadioActive is a grassroots environmental and social justice news journal hosted by Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco and heard Thursdays from 4:00 - 4:30 pm on WERU FM , 89.9 Blue Hill and 102.9 Bangor, Ma ine.'

Water Privatization Letter to the American National Standards Institute from Public Citizen and Friends...I'll add links to the lengthy resources noted.

Water Wars by Vandana Shiva South End Press, 2002 (excerpt)

...corporate control over water by Vandana Shiva

The Citizens' Network On Essential Services (CNES) works to democratize national and global governance by supporting citizens' groups in developing and transition countries that are engaged in influencing policy decisions about basic services: water, power, education, and health care.

It seems fitting to relate:

Economic Justice News is the quarterly newsletter produced by the 50 Years Is Enough Network" with the (ATD in France) Fourth World Movement, various projects, Youth Summit, Street Library, The Tapori Network, c hildren's stories and reflections about poverty, poems from children regarding peace, safety, and security, and a reference to October 17th, World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty.

The World Bank's Expanded Privatization Agenda Comes to Life Key Test is Provision of Water in Impoverished Countries by Nancy Alexander


Digital Libraries for All Street Library reference, etc. (I usually refrain from such references but until I find an updated article possibly from Bruno Tardieu, who alo ng with Genevieve, and their children recently left Brighton and retuned to France following their (along with Jeff and Marie France committed period in the Boston area in their many efforts related to the Fourth World Movement.


The Tapori Network

Access to basic human rights.

Does the U.S. Support Global Human Rights? Two Views: Warren Christopher and Noam Chomsky.

Deterring Democracy , Chapter 10: The Decline of the Democratic Ideal, Segment 5/13. Copyright ? 1991, 1992 by Noam Chomsky. Published by South End Press.


Program on Corporations, Law and Democacry
P.O. Box 246
S. Yarmouth, MA 02664-0246
Phone: (508) 398-1145


Alternatives [to FTAA] for the Americas Global Exchange, "...that offers a picture of what socially responsible and environmentally sustainable trade would look like.

Boston Mobilization and SPARK

Coalition of Immokalee Workers - Boycott the Bell! Heard an John Grebe, Sounds of Dissent, interview on Oct 12, 2002.
Contact: Coalition of Immokalee Workers: Lucas Benitez 941-503-0133, Max Perez 239-292-3431; Student Farmworker Alliance: Julia Perkins 239-292- 3064, Office: 941-657-8311

Julia noted the marketing designation, if I have correct, HFFU's, refering to Heavy Fast Food Users, and Max noted Tricon, Taco Bell's parent company, clearly is attemting to market concepts, namely high calorie, low nutrition, and via its "sweatshops in the fields". I also liked what Julia said about "thinking outside the bun" and glad to see Adbusters. What an example of an organized effort.


Billionaires for More Media Mergers

Index on Censorship 30 years of free expression

Mainstream Awareness