Reference links to "not for profit" donation services and ideas along the lines of Michael Albert,"), regarding Looking Forward: Participatory Economics in the 21st Century.




An international view, one that connects local with regional and global concerns, a form of (most radio is 'public) radio that is underwriting peace and justice unlike some forms of radio that tell you how wonderful they are while trying to distance themselves from traditional commerical radio, they offer a softer form of fossil fuel transporter ad spots or chances to "win that beautiful car." Then there's radio "game shows" programs such as Wait Wait Don't 'Mention FCC media ownership in a critical and thorough manner or Depleted Uranium or February 15, 2003... but there is also the National Radio Project, Between the Lines, rightfully and thankfully adding, and others that could use monetary and other forms of support.

G/E, "the threat of a []", began to question PayPal after a cursory viewing [ | |] - hardly creative and descriptively lacking - not to mention no acknowledgement or response to a question by G/E asking why there appears such little other related criticism.

Aside from concerns or not with the donation service there is the ever more ubiquitous use of "internal" search in websites rather than other choices (ht://Dig), that is the uncritical and unqualified use of and proclamations to "'Toggle this or that" or "just type into 'Toggle" (heard on "campus-community" radio along with the all too often, especially on WZBC one can (AirwaveWEB ) hear: "to contact us just 'Ola In'cessant Messaging at DJ screen 'game."

"Filtering" of "the words 'democracy', 'Tibet' and 'Taiwan' are among those most frequently blocked by the Chinese government" - who exactly and what software be it specific "filtering" or search index related?

Berkman Center for Internet & Society Harvard Law School

Along with the use of the "search index of record" within web pages, to search in domain, and apparent lack of concern of such an index of record - ever notice no mention of May Day and other socially relevant (to some) days, but no shortage of "commerical holidays", there's even use of "Ads by..." from the "search index of record."

What about overwhelming use or at least visibilty suggesting possibly propagating further support of nonfree, proprietary audio formats for "streaming" and archiving of various forms and degrees of independent radio programs. Democracy Now! and its uncritical references such as "today as reported by the 'newspaper of record'", Flashpoints, and Free Speech Radio News. Just noting some, others make mostly sole use of proprietary audio. There are others, some of which at least make a distinction, stands out. Not to forget Independent Media Center, these froms of media ("the media" is not homogenous serving ad agency and preferred realities) have the potential to become "mass [independent] media", but is takes support in various ways and continued hard work by many people in various ways in differing degrees.

Such media, note not "the media" unless it is clear one is talking about the "corporate free press", but independent media can also, depending on context, be described as "the media." For example, talking to someone and saying FSRN today reported, along with its somewhat integrated reporters from the numereous local areas where reports orginate something that was not "missed" but not reported by the current form of mass media - a form that is not the result of a natural law that will continue unabetted in its current state. Along with this is evolving "mass [independent] media" if you think about, and support it.

Along with FSRN (as an example) and its reporter network being even more integrated independent forms (save the need for disclaimers and such) in the Boston area (obviously applies elsewhere) individuals and groups for Action Across Communities could be facilitated and such media and could be more supportive of it if first greater awareness of it then more support of such independent media would maybe be as diffuse as say a awareness and support of "sporting event." If perception of the amount of "sport teamware" on the streets won't get me another offer for help in counting to three.

"When discussing "the media", or better yet "a media source" that is independent or corporate control and responds to feedback from its active "listener" supporters, these one can generally perceive as more critical and reflective of reality as well as historical context than mass NEtWorked adS. is clearly a "threat of a good example" by not appearing to propagate nonfree, proprietary audio but also by having free software and more prominent than is sometimes - all too ofte the case.

If you can help, support radio4all "support" includes "persuading others to persuade themselves" to provide monetary support. You could help propagate awareness of You can help support not "them versus us" but like some people who inclusively use "we" to be representative of many people working in various ways says for concrete efforts to relieve oppression and bring about conditions of justice - not "spreading democracy", when what is really meant is it being in this form:

"Democracy is permissible as long as the control of business is off-limits to popular deliberation or change; i.e., so long as it isn't democracy." - Noam Chomsky and the Struggle Against Neoliberalism, Robert W. McChesney, Monthly Review, April 1, 1999

Another way to decribe "we" is who ever values forms of independent media including analysis that includes a recognition that historical context matters, because something happended before you were born matters - it is not an excuse for not knowing about it to the best of your desire and ability, real debate beyond permissible limitations, exceeding limits of "concision", anyone who wants to see such existing forms of media evolve and become ever more ubiquitous. Help how ever you can: www.radio4all.netnot just proprietary formats for some who choose knowingly, indifferently, or unaware of choices.

Traprock Peace Center , Between the lines

Detainee Dealt Set-back

An example of using Affero.

Descriptions enclosed in quotes are direct from the organization. -- "living wage" or ending wage slavery, and moving beyond phrases such as "affordable housing", "low-income", etc. and highlighting the fact that many jobs, stipends, etc, do not allow one the ability to secure housing and basic human needs. -- has changed its name, but [their] mission and commitment to nonprofit success remain the same! EmailNow and DonateNow and more -- "growing Nonprofits with Internet Tools and Training -- expanding the role of the Internet in bringing social change to nonprofits"

Affero-- [latin] to cause, bring about, contribute. (, too.) They use all three top-level domain names not simply as placeholders but serving their connected organizational domains. One example, directing donations to the Free Software Foundation and facilitaing support to the vast and diverse needs of non-profits.

Bay Area Regional Exchange and Development (BREAD)-- "Bay Area Regional Exchange And Development encourages proactive solutions to community needs left unmet by the global economy. BREAD provides education and tools to promote ecologically sustainable, community-based economics. As a grassroots organization, BREAD promotes self-reliance and builds connections for a healthy community. Our primary programs are a local currency system, BREAD Hours, and community education. Local currency allows us to de-link from the global economy, focus resources into community building, and support basic needs while promoting fair, ethical trade. The education program aims to increase awareness and understanding of global and local economics, and provide tools for social change.

Areas of Work - economic security, livelihood issues and labor community organizing and movement building education and culture"

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