Introducing G/E in a context of Zone of Proximal Development applied to critical analysis of media and society


Introducing G/E in a context of Zone of Proximal Development applied to critical analysis of media and society

Connecting an Active Citizenry with Independent Media Sources and Non-profit Organizations

The flow and organization is not intended to be directed to a specific area of concern but to be rather broad and hopefully conducive to foster various relations of interest.


This is directed to independent media sources, activist organizations and citizens in the Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, and other areas that I know about. See Acts of Civil, soon to be indexed by area and by category to forster shared resoures and efforts across areas. Some of the organizations below that direct funding may be of interest to you.

How about to fullfil nonprofit volunteer needs too? Or Far too often when you check what you can offer an organization, is often monetary needs but in knowing how GNU/Linux developed there's so much else in terms of support and assistance that can be done by people interconnected throughout the world. (Add site reference to what one can do in addition to monetary.) Skyhen, one of the best examples of asking for site feedback.

This began with an attempt to inform anyone who uses 'PayPiker to receive donations but hopefully it has not expanded to the point of ad nauseum. It offers some other choices for such services, many in the exception to the rulersphilosophy. In the words of Amy Goodman from Democracy NOW! .

I began to question PayPal after a cursory viewing of ,, and

In addition to this concern, how about a corporate-free active Citizen Card as an alternative to "debt cards"? What about strengthening connections with sponsors who value human rights, who do not perpetuate wage slave practices, and overall are the antithesis to the irresponsibilie cooperations, virtually all of them? Also, strengthen link connections between organizations and link up with progressive gateways, and better connect or share link resources in a non-digital or traditional paper form, soy-based ink even! Also, rather than support in any way a domain service who does not value customers to say the least support other choices such as Gandi.

Nirvana for the masses in terms of independent and legitimate news sources. An active citizenry becoming the norm is an evolving process to connect active citizens who utilize the Internet and other means and 'non-web'active citizens to independent sources. While it is beneficial to see announcements about talks, conferences, happenings and such posted on flyers on college campus grounds there needs to be a further outreach beyond the campus area. A National Radio Project / Making Contact, introduction for show entitled "Where the Buck Stops: Alternative Economics" stated this quite clearly but I would prefer their closing sign-off, ...not often heard in mass media" was modified to highlight the need for a sort of independent mainstream philosophy rather than setting up a dichtomy with corporate-sponsored media. Or simply continue to grow in organic ways and not even refer to the later. The differences a quite evident and anyone listening knows.

Maybe a form of local currency such as Bay Area Regional Exchange and Development (BREAD) organization which from what I understand is trully independent. There's no need to compare themselves with other forms of exchange, just describe themselves by highlighting their positive ways.

I first thought about contacting existing organizations that have a history of consumer protections but since I did not locate one specifically related to a new credit rated service I began with the Green or is it now purple-rainbows? (I should have known better!) - needless to say no reply yet and I don't expect one.

A long term goal for the target audience would have to be all ctizens, where it's implied that they are as active as they can be and connected with what had been referred to as "alternative" media, then known as independent forms that reach the masses.

In much the same way that there's something contradictory about a truly independent band having a goal of getting on a corporate video network I view those who are string for peace and justice, social and political outcomes while ignoring independnet media as they strive to connect with corporate media being at odds with faciliating radical change to bring about more awareness to independemnt media and much less control and influence by corporate media. "Affero is evolving to enable all authors of digital works--whether it be email support via discussion lists, software, music, etc...offered to the commons--to receive monetary gifts from the recipients of these works. These gifts can be directed to nonprofits, other individuals, worthy causes, or even the authors themselves."

Letter to a nonprofit organization, Sue Heilman, Executive Director for The Horizons Initiative , regarding Affero. -- has changed its name, but [their] mission and commitment to nonprofit success remain the same! EmailNow and DonateNow and more -- "growing Nonprofits with Internet Tools and Training -- expanding the role of the Internet in bringing social change to nonprofits"eGrants, in short, offer a way to direct monetary donations to organizations, where "organizations" refers to those not associated with any hate-oriented, wage-slave practices, and such. Some groups of people and activist organizations so denoted are heading in directions quite contradictory to ones that lead to the betterment of all people's lives and quality of life concerns.

[ Front Page: Indy Awareness | Online Transaction Warning | Corporate-free Citizen Card | Underwriting Peace | Independent Mainstream Thoughts By the use of explict references of not only to independent radio websites and (that which is not nonfree, proprietary) audio archives, but also to include phone numbers, radio station frequencies, etc.

One who is exemplar at this Between the Lines. BTL is has an integrated connection between its radio prgram and its transcripts, organizations and individuals mentioned and others sources; references to websites along with traditional means of contacting.

"Independent radio" is of course relative including various degrees in terms of: campus-community interaction; autonomy especially if part of a college or university institution; "listener" supported nominally or partly and as well in conjuction with corporate underwiters (how one could still proscribe themselves as "independent" and ask "listeners" to "let underwriter know how much you appreciate them" is another matter).

In the Boston area (and where theory can meet practical their and other radio who "streams" is no longer limited by "signal strength", the listening range is the world!

A quick list is Allston Brighton Free Radio and also those stations noted by AirwaveWEB that though some are quite autonomous in relation to the univeristies some have specificly produced "peace and socio-economic-poltical justice" programs but within a primarily tradionally-based musical "format". Some "air" nationally-internationally programs (for the same reasons noted above and just because the concerns are many locales-global) such as DN!, FSRN, sometimes BTL, Making Contact, NRP (National Radio Project), etc.

Some either have or are evolving into entire radio forms that are not a collection of disjoint radio programs but in a sense have an underlying concern for keeping and extending such radio, not contributing to its demise by propagating myths of the form of "Profit Over People" being some sort of natural law. Also, not propagating 'Ola and other corporate filtering entities and NEtWorked AdS.

As noted University affiliated radio stations exist usually autonomously within a university but some constraints in operation exist, notably a disclaimer that goes: "the views and opinions expressed..."

One time even a thoughtful, caring "moment of silence" by someone on WZBC had to state this disclaimer to make it appear that nobody else at the station might share her empathetic concern for others in their moment of distress, devastation, or the effects of nobel causes gone awry. ]

Revision History

1 May 2003, 	made FSRN, DN! text/audio references more prominent. -JZ