And now the Search Engine (static index...) of Record -one from of underwriting peace and justice.

Why do so many show their support of corporate search engines and media ad sellers by their use of them for an email address? Not to mention if you're involved with independent media issues or social and economic peace and justice it appear contradictory or not in your best interests to support them, add to name recognition, etc.

(Add Middle East and Chomsky's credentials article and "majority faction")


Selecting from Directory, Index, and Search Engines Results with Values Intact

Without mentioning either of those two directory or search engines, even though I think one of them had roots in a far less commercial and consumer driven environment.

Deja's Usenet Archive whereby you could search posted messages from a number of categorized news groups and not have to be 'registered" is now owned and controlled by 'Toggle.

If you would prefer to go direct to search engine specifics: Jump

What ever happened to Digital Equipment's VMS Notes {add developmental history reference} conferencing network system? I know VMS Open Systems continues to evolve.

In most cases I avoid any of the antithesis of "mom & pop" shops for lack of a more descriptive phrase. I haven't eaten a doughnut in years nor do I drive (ten years now - by choice, used to saying that on job interviews) so I don't automatically turn into or walk into those drive-thru joints!

I must contact Adbusters with my idea. "We care about the environment and it shows." And then show various photos of city streets, parks, lawns, etc. with discarded cups, etc. Now granted some may have blown off the trash bins which are ne arly full to the top (reminds me of the Honeymooner's: "Alice if I told you once I told you..." after she complained about carrying rubbish up-and-down stairs. Ralph suggested she make two trips instead of carrying one heavy load! In the same episode Ed Norton gets concerned when Ralph who takes on the building janitor role decides on not emptying the rubbish unless it's full! Some sort of efficiency measure).

There must be some sort of correlation between people who frequent chain (a fitting name for wage slave propagation) type stores and a lack of any sort of progressive outlook or awareness of the mess left behind. A mall that recently put up a new rot iron fence around the parking lot but now someone might have to routinely clean the cups and wrappers that afix themselves to the fence.

I'm still working on an informal gateway of sorts to independent radio shows, both music and news, and an attempt to reach people who do not access the web (or refuse to sign in at public libraries) AirWaveWEB. Likewise I hope to get pointers to mom-pop shops, IGC-type gateways, and individual links.

I am still searching for a way to do something other than just a lengthy descriptive list. I really like how does consolidate all their links but I am still seeking some sort of index-oriented rather than in-l ine table of contents form. Roger Bishop Jones, Factasia, philosophy,mechanics, and much more.

I would prefer to use a non-commerical or an underwriting-peace type organization as a search engine rather than a consumer focused one such as existing directory or search engines but... I am glad to see Affero,, (I like how they utilized all three rather than just use as place keepers too.)

What they do is along the lines of an idea I wanted to attempt to do so it shows I am not out there. Basically I was thinking of all the people who do benefit or enjoy information and services from the Internet. If along with a note to the web page contact they would have said "I enjoyed your site and I am donating to such and such." Either from a list or their own choosing. Now what would prevent someone from donating anyways? Nothing but just like seeing Human Rights Watch , etc, rather than the latest movie pitch each time someone uses a search/directory engine it is bound to generate awareness of great needs and concerns.

I am trying to get a small office that my mom works at to use GNU/Linux and I think this is one way to advocate at the grassroots level.

When I do a search I do not simply choose the first occurence of what may likely be what I am looking from via the results listing. Through a combination of viewing the URL and ensuring it to be a source I know to be valid and valuing issues I am conce rned about then I access the page. For instance, I would choose a story or reference from Z Magazine, Free Speech Radio News,, Independent Media Center, and not from corporate (negative-valued) sponsor-backed ones.

I was thinking about someone with expertise could make a search engine that works off a data base or user selected preferences of valid URL's or have an exlusion list to maybe do this. Something along the lines of Ad Blocking Host files.

I for one have faith in human nature so do not generally try to ease what people are capable of doing on their so maybe I am way off on this one and most people only select sites not in conflict with their values.

If all those people using search engines rather than seeing the latest movie for sale or other consumer-based links saw, you, gateways, etc. Maybe this can be done at this time via a value-based search engine bringing active citizens together, and with the capability to, rather than as I am sure some people select first site from search list, have a preference filter mechanism to limit commercial sites and other ones you would not want to rely on for objective truth.

Along the lines of indy, DIY, I also find it strange that some would use commercial oriented or goverment sanctioned services for domain names, etc. (See Melbourne IT, etc.)

From: James Zappia -- To: Cc:

Sunday, March 24, 2002 3:20 PM

Subject: Can Directories and Search Engines Find Topica List Text?

Hi, I routinely read the ACT-MA calendar reference via and I was curious if information sent to your lists is accessible from various search engines and directories. For instance, a search for a specific string "assessing the damage to public education from MCAS" and other general search strings did not locate the reference. I suspect it maybe depends on the various search engines and directories or a matter related to mail lists.

I choose not to join the list, just get the info myself, and I would hope that people who do not directly receive list postings or access the list intentionally would still, using the example, I mentioned, locate information about a scheduled event such as when they searched for "MCAS events Cambridge forums, etc. I think if it is possible it would lead more people to much of the information that might not make its way out of lists.

On the topic, I listened to NPR, prefer NRP (National Radio Project) for so called professional reasons something similar (but much less professional) to what Howard Zinn says regarding having to endure listening to certain speeches and I was quite disappointed but not surprised to hear someone from Fairtest on last Friday but yet no mention of an event surely of interest to not only teachers advocates and other such as parents who may be demanding meaningful assessment of schools and children. Lastly, whereas Usenet news group allow anyone to enter (forget details regarding moderators) without having to join a list is there a technical reason for this requirement.

Subject: Never mind that man behind the curtain (re: Can Directories and Search Engines Find Topica List Text?
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2002 4:19 PM

While I usually attempt to be clear before asking any sort of somewhat questions of a technical nature I was in err this time. I now see that mail sent to is not a Usernet newgroup like I suspected, that is, I think, postings are dynamical read when someone accesses a link to the list or goes directly to Act-MA list , and unlike as I thought based on not being able to locate a specific posting that I knew existed via a search (and still don't understand other than a maybe being a timing/archive issue ) I was glad to find that search engines and directories have access to the list information as long as it's not a restricted list rather than having to rely of Dejanews or as it is now calle d 'Whowho and 'Toogle Groups. It does puzzle me why I can favorite-search-means "Fairtest" "seeks organizer" for example to locate a posting but no matter what I supply that I know exists in using my original example from a March 19, 2002 posting, "Asses sing the Damage to Public Education from MCAS Tests" this is not found. Sorry for the interruption! (could be intentional inorder to see their ads.)

Working for Change (and its ActForChange) associated with Working Assets (not particularily caring for name) but offer an on-line donation service. and while it has a the look of a commercial feel and even some spon sors the content overall looks to be of interest. I for one would not even consider asking any burger outfit to offer "veggie" burgers even if they were cooked on a different grill and vegan.

For those who a non-profit organizations: How can I enable donations to my organization? "A registered non-profit organization interested in adding Affero's service to their programs can contact us at"

Imagine if everyone searching via their favoite engine saw a reference to HRW, Amnesty international, et al, Democracy Now, United for Justice with Peace, Electronic Intifada, etc.

[ Receptive Citizen Introduction | Online Donation Warning | Corporate-free Citizen Card | Search Values, Underwriting Peace | Independent Media Thoughts ]

(My test case question to mom and aunt: "Did you hear about Hellen Caldicott?" Knowing full well that they never heard of her let alone that she had "resigned".)

I took the title 'IndyMedia ACTIVIST... [and independent media supporters generally] ( "ind ependent media" (Society's Pliers by Michael Albert) and Mass Media: Theirs and Ours) CALLS ON THE MOVEMENT [anyone desiring or fostering further develop ment of such forms and an interactive (outreach and personal choice to seek out) process to connect] TO BOYCOTT [choose not to use, not all who support (maintenance & development and monetary & equipment), volunteer, and who utilize IndyMedia to be picket ing and speaking with one choice - certainly not (with corporate media consoladation and fact that corp-network mostly have the same U.S. goverment coverage at some point why would you need the same number of reporters and staff - like bank tellers after bank mergers) 'whowho (why further name recognition and attachment to "search" (actually it's an index/directory -no such thing as strictly negative publicity).

To me the IndyMedia Newswire forums are an underutilized resource in terms of all that is raised can be more than a signpost or pointer to further resources. In a way that FAIR ( and other media and corporate watch grou ps) that I think serve valuable purpose but at some point standing in a basement saying look at the water rising you have to do something else at some point besides measure the level of the water or its damaging effects. (many in independent media are do ing this and maybe some in the Boston area can offer what they do to TecsChange -Social Change through Technology (who will now also be shipping donated computers to social justice organizations with GNU/Linux -< a href=""> Kiteinc has been. (some parallels between extending open software and independent media)


I recall 'Wannabagel, a tarde name being equated with "mobile homes" - look there goes a 'wannabagel! when in fact it could have been any of a variety of such homes.

Somewhat akin to "indy" media (radio program, etc.) directing someone to 'just do a 'toggle search and you'll find it'.

As the web evolves or as Semantic Web comes into being, and as corporate power mergers continue especially in media ownership then the consequences continue.

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(repeating from Indy Event listing (Boston) ) Though I'm usually relatively organized virtually speaking I have still yet to locate a reference by either Norman Solomon, David Barsamian, P hillip Babich (all three connected in their pursuits and with Making Contact) whereby mention is given to Boston public radio having 'two of the worst' and another noting the effective blockade on eastern (U.S) seaboard of independent media ( Alternative Radio on public radio stations aired by others).

IndyGlobal's Newswire during October or November (would be easier to locate if the forum even came close to VAX Notes in terms of functionality ( Directory index listings and follow-up, debate, action keywordsand trouble I had referring to the former URL "help", "problem...", and other non-specific sky falling notifications such as being allowed to use keywords to group topics by "events", "actions", "media", dir/title="string".

At least Bill Moyer's NOW refers to "corporate media" in particular the segment about even less restriction on media consolidation.

One of the Boston public radio stations actually interviewd Neta Golan, cofounder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and George Rishmawi, founding member ISM on Thursday, November 5, 2002 at 4:15 p .m. EST.

The questioner (from my perspective, what interpretation do you have?) equates assisting people to safely get to hospital as maybe provoking the Israeli army; 'how does this differ from "sucide bombers"?' And when justification was clearly not stated or implied Neta Golan and George Rishmawi rather than discuss more of what they do had to re-interate what they just clearly said.

I already refrain from using 'whowho but using toggle is no better ( I think they're conected not only in functional terms).

Then there's the 'ole Deja news Usenet which is now owned and controlled, and if I recall you must enter your email address to "register". It seems to been lost without a notice.

Then there's DMCA and CARP... webcasting matters

If anyone actually trudges through this I usally simply provide a pointer but since it takes some effort to locate an article unless you bookmark it, etc. so sorry if you're still here.

(perspective is Boston but applies...)

The first installment of AirwwaveWEB is meant to connect anyone who is receptive to (insert your indy radio here) No Censorship Radio, Radio with A View, Sounds of Dissent, DN!, FSRN, T hursday's Local Edition of News as produced by the WMBR news team, Martin Voelker.

Not necessarily to provide more links for people who access the Internet but to allow for an awareness of events, talks, conferences, rally's and such for people who are interested but do not access Internet, who may already be critical of corporate media but unaware of other choices, or the larger corporate radio signal next to them as the person who said 'when at the restaurant they need to not only have one empty table next to them but two.' There's been times when I have been unable to listen to WMFO from Medford/Somerville and the station is at Tufts! The reason via my limited technical knowledge is the signal next to it interferes.

The house foundation is built (even though evolving); the frame of the house is completed. The last or whatever they're called these days are running across the frame lumber to allow plaster. Only a partial bit of the lats and plaster is on the walls.

There exists (global) IMC (Independent Media Center or IndyMedia like GNU/Linux I think more care should be to spelling it as such - I hear you) and autonomous and connected IMC throughout the world. More people must find out about them and contribute, no t act as passive observers. The resource sites such as Z Magazine (if you can't speard like fertilzer consider donating your favorite journal to a local library (Medford Public Library - when I began mention of PatRIOT a ct and in particular how related to librarians -Where's Michae; Moore?) she statd she knew nothing about it) , and others, what I call gateway sites such as IGC, Infoshop, and many others exist. Some people utilize a combination of resources and various I MC sites.

There's much to be done to connect existing organizations and individuals and connect radio programs with more of their reflective listeners, and most of all to get anyone who is a passive corporate media (potential) consumer to move, literally.

Many different ways are needed to bring the IMC (and people to IMC) to further awareness as well as other existing independent media mostly sought out by proactive seekers.

There are some well known names who I seldom if ever see writing in the IMC. Do I simply miss them? Granted there's many references to say Michael Albert, David Barsamian, Normon Solomon, Vandana Shiva, many others, see Alternative Radio for many o thers.

Also, to focus solely on web based and not further develop connections between radio listeners who use phones or who find out events only after they happened limits development. Also, those who are waiting for corporate media newspaper and "weather" and " accident reporting" so-called local news will wait in vain unless they mostly want to hear: "300 protesters..." or "6 people were arrested". Reminds me of the Global Exchange people who spoke up:

Why is it "public radio" at top of hour news refer to people as "hecklers" rather than make note of them being from Global Exchange or simply an expression from concerned citizens unlike too many who appear to accept the killing of women and children or i mply as Mad. Allbright's worth of all those lives; I thought the reasoning was that sanctions/starving children was to prevent such a threat as King W says the U.S. now faces.

Back to the word; what's on the other side of your citizen card silliness; maybe what's on the back of your flyer? I realize there would be a cost with any sort of efforts along these lines but also this would tend to reach people who I would think alread y well connected but then again I have yet to hear a Peace and Concert Report. Let alone ever recall any 'mixing' of the two. (though there was a time when someone living in Reading, England said of me: "Ask Jim, I live five minutes away from the festival but he probably knows more about who is performing..."

There can be outreach to club goers and music mag readers but the point is not to create a further or other divide, those who share concern with those who are actively involved but who are unaware because they didn't see anything reported on the local cor porate ad agency weather reports. Using Boston as an example but this applies to other areas. Note there may be a degree of difference between dealing with them and say other papers. Stating the obvious, the haste, this is a quick compilation of thoughts on the subject and I hope to one of these days have a concise handout, flyer, insert, bookmark, whatever and then the task will still be how to get more people to be aware that it exists and in turn most of what is conveniently left out of corporate media .

I am not saying to spend too much efforts writing corporate newspapers....Though every change I get I ingest something like replace "gas station" with 'fossil fuel stations, etc.

Also, while I frequent Boston's IMC and others or a specific one when looking into something I neglect too often, not check it often enough. Also, it's one thing to have expectations regarding IMC but quite another to become a passive cl ick and reader and that's it.

The people who report on events and those on radio need to be complement by anyone who can contribute in any way possible. Still pondering the 1-000-IM-TRUTH or IMC-something, ind-yway or clearly something more creative!

Should the IMC consider hosting the ACT-MA or a form of it themselves on their site, and if they have ads let them not default to corporate ones, maybe pointers to www.ZMAG, www.ACCURACY.ORG, etc. It's easy to presume that most people at events, etc. know what seems a sort of independent (potentially) mainstream but if experience counts for anything it's not always the case. Many I have spoke too were unaware of even the area staples in terms of independent media. It also would be sensible to have pointer s on banners calling attention to specific radio shows and such or other ways to get "passbyer's" to see some reference point rather than some detailed flyer on the event without other broader connections.

Here's some quick ones that I hope can find their way to a form of Z Mag on the T (relatively transit system) or reaching "the people on the street"....

First, Steve Cohen, formerly with F.A.I.R. says, in this sort of vulgar paraphrase: I took what he said to be a four-order pointing or indirection, when he speaks even if in 15 second chucks or so, one can make a clear and concise point which includes a pointer to a web page with further information, and it in turns contains links to still other pages, gateways, etc. Thus, one 15 second concise statement may not only provide new information to someone but a place to find out more, and link to another site, and on and on.

"Generals are analysts and peace activists are advocates"

Neutral Mirror" - another break from meaningful titles contains pointer to a proposal regarding common code across IMC sites related to maintenance and update.