Instead of "downloading" proprietary software to "read" something: ( -- The Right to Read

by Richard Stallman --

No more "View as HTML" , some might say "View as Proprietary", in any event the software that all too often is referred to as "free" which means one is "free" to "download" proprietary software, or to support Free Software Foundation (, GNU (,, projects such as - sometimes when a reference make its way to being mentioned on some forms of the media it seems to be in a derisive way, and much more... --no longer so: file formats

The National Radio Project, a form of public radio that is underwriting peace and justice unlike 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' about: FCC media ownership in a critical and thorough manner, Depleted Uranium, Amer Jubran, and others; samples from Free Speech Radio News, Democracy NOW!...
Independent Act-Events, no debt card sponsors, rather corporate-free "ads"!

Creative Commons License
Integrating Link, "Read", "Read Chomsky[.info]", and "Read" though not as practical maybe as's use of .com and .net correspondingly named TLDs, these references to for time being are licensed under a Creative Commons License.



"Read [www.]CHOMSKY.INFO" (Be it a Harvard Subway in Cambrdige, MA or anywhere in the United States...)

Some form of this paragraph appears in "Letters from Lexington: Reflections on Propaganda" (

On the railings outside my local train station at Harringay, in north London, someone has carefully placed a series of small white stickers. The stickers, all at eye level, are designed, I suppose, to be the first thing you see on the way to work and the last thing you see on your way home. They are all neatly typed with two words: READ CHOMSKY. Most mornings I find myself wondering for an instant whether the words are an imperative ('If you do nothing else today...'), or a swaggering boast (along the lines of some of the station's other typical graffiti: 'Shagged Karen', say).



The "Read" pronouncement is not that at all, it is meant as: "persuade others to persuade themselves" and "read" includes not just excerpts and more at but books, essays, talks over 40 years. And needless to say "read" means to doing so critically as you would any writing or listening to a talk, etc.

"the precautionary principle." What's that? (Integrating Link) is below. (mindful of the academics taking about the "history" or about their book might have not mentioned anything about the U.S. role, some migth say "the Umbrella of U.S. Power: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Contradictions of U.S. Policy" (on Seven Stories Press There is a

The words: The Precuationary Principle and of course the mural at Central Square, Cambridge MA 2003 ought to catch anyone's attention,especially one noting how infrequently the phrase is uttered by nearly everyone from the "corporate free press".

("What's that?"



Read about Upcoming Justice as noted during No Censorship Radio (What's Left) and other culled activies (88.1 FM / webcasting -not preempted by college sports) Friday, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. EST after Free Speech Radio News which begins at (Boston...)5:30 p.m. (during news now call attention to daily archive / web site).

Petrina, WZBC, Flyweight, noted a lecture on nonverbal communication so again maybe there's a chance for a Concert and Peace Report.

If this becomes mostly archival, not current (and I'll add: If your website content is of the timely nature, Act-Events, talks, etc. but your page is not dynamic then most likely an index/search engine will not reflect the changes that you might be scurring to update...) then then you can't beat... (Horse dies during attempts to further limit democracy, 'free speech' "here" only zones - reflections about a horse I never met; Park Street to Dudley to UMASS...)



Archive: Pertinent, most likely | March 23, 2003 | December 6, 2002 | November 29, 2002 | 22 | 15 | 8

WJU, 91.5 FM, Lowell, MA --Supporting [Corporate] Free Press, Radio, Internet, Bands, Book Shops...

Street and Internet,
AirwaveWEB connecting and complementing.

No Corporate Potential
Ten Years Gone (12 years gone now, and What's Left) retrospective of No Censorship Radio was Friday, September 27, 2002:

Linda Pinkow: "...if we had a database..." What happens to the notes Chuck refers to during the show? Are they legible to anyone besides him? (!)

What else can be added about NCR? Listen for yourself and to other such "in dependent media" (Society's Pliers by Michael Albert) and (embedded) Mass Media: Theirs and Ours.

Dave Rovics, once said he thought all NCR shows were archived via the virtually unlimited storage resources but this is not the case. All NCR's art, (citizen) activism, anarchy, unless taped by a listener, or unlikely - though wishfully - shows are manually saved to CD, it will be heard by available but underutilized live "streaming" webcast and radio listeners, hopefully preserved in memory and reflection.

It now appears some archiving actually takes place though it appears the and do not necessarily point to the same web pages. One pages shows links for .m3u files for last two shows and another shows just the file name without link. G/E would like ot see less overaching proprietary software blanket or at minimum facilitate the scattering that there is a choice between non-free, proprietary, and free software (in sense of "four freedoms").

G/H hopes to convert some notes into an informal history of NCR guests, songs, an of course art, anarchy and fun.

I love when Chuck says "Chomsky Chomsky Chomksy" before an excerpt from various talks: 'We (Who else? The U.S.) don't care about peace treaties...'

The ten year anniversary show:

Dave Goodman, Radio with a View, rooted in the first three years of NCR (Currently Jill Stein will accompany Professor Marc Stern on the first Tuesday of each month while the later continues with 90 minutes of weekly interviews (including MIT student organizations) in a historical, social, and economic context.

Barry Crimmins (it sounds like the studio needs a terminal connected to Internet near by) who has been a guest from the begnning.

Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MASS CANN). If memory serves supported Robert Parish.

"If I Had a Rocket Launcher" cover by Cottage Industry.

Dan Murphy a commentator, and creator of the TECO editor (obsecure reference for Linda!)

Some references from NCR and related to life from my perspective:

CIA's Greatest Hits (There is a musical collection also by this apt name).

A Brief Rant About Cultural Sabotage by Martin Gorda

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 863-9977
No Censorship Radio Highlights for 1999 Much more detailed than I can offer. Audio / Visual and facilatating the end of the "east/west" dichotomy!

Sustainable South Shore (Sustainable Living Festival)

"Undoing Silence" "Tools for Social Change Writing", Louise Dunlap

"Olympics and Crimes against Humanity Cannot Coexist in China", that is, it "...ought not Coexist..."
"Boston, Massachusetts / Hopkinton, Massachusets 
Sunday, March 30, 2008, Noon - 4:00 pm

Event: Torch Marathon - Hopkinton, MA to Boston, MA. 27-mile torch relay with Iron man marathoner & relay runners carrying torch on
Route 135 & Route 16 to Boston Common.
Location: Torch Marathon: Start- Hopkinton, MA, at Hopkinton Common, end at the Boston Common


Event: Public Torch Walk around Boston Common
Location: Parkman Bandstand at the Boston Common, across from 170 Tremont St, Boston, MA

Event: Rally welcoming the arrival of the Global Human Rights Torch Relay to the United States.  Boston is designated as the kickoff city in North America for the HRTR.
Location: Boston Common

Participants: Government Officials, VIPs, Tibetans, Darfur, pro-democracy, peace advocates, student organizations, spiritual and religious groups. Speeches, live music, vendors, activities and information booths representing participating groups.

For Information on how you can help:

Contact: Steve Gigliotti (617) 240-7348"

"The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) initiated the 

Human Rights Torch Relay  in Athens, Greece in August 2007."



Knowledge is the Beginning: "Israel/Palestine Events

Knowledge is the Beginning

Film followed by a talk with Miriam Said. Film about a joint Palestinian Israeli-youth orchestra created by Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim. Tuesday, April 10, [2007] 7:00 p.m., West Lecture Hall, Franklin Patterson Hall, Hampshire College"

ISRAEL & PALESTINE AFTER DISENGAGEMENT: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? - a forum with Noam Chomsky ( and Alan Dershowitz at 7:00 p.m.

"The John F. Kennedy School of Government", John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum (forum archive)

Brian Mandel as moderator" (more details than below at this integrating link) Co-sponsored by the Harvard Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society...

"Co-Sponsored by Harvard Society of Arab Students, Harvard Students For Israel, Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee, Jewish Law Students Association, HLS Justice For Palestine, HLS Alliance for Israel, KSG Arab Caucus, KSG Jewish Caucus, KSG Muslim Caucus, KSG Student for Israel, KSG Palestine Awareness Committee, and Kennedy School’s Jewish Muslim..."



In a variety of senses every day ought to be Rosa Parks Human Rights Day, though what follows refers to a particularly special day. "Country's Mother": Rosa "Integration" Parks and all she represents, as noted, ought consist of daily reflective actions in our lifetimes and as we "add value" to future generations so they too can process; the same goes for MLK and others.

"National Day of Absence Against Poverty, Racism, and War"

Thursday, December 1, 2005

"Mass March & Rally, 11 a.m. - Blue Hill Ave & Dudley Street" (some 20 years to "replace" elevated Orange Line) - March to City Hall



... Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors; Military recruiters out of our schools or at least allow teachers "in" (Now - a critical PBS program standout at least till PBS decides to "air" Making Contact, Alternative Radio (not as regular as when Martin "wow" Voelker" was in Medford (I mean Boston area), Between the Lines, National Radio Project or NRP, etc.) as it stands it is "the elephant in the room" as compared with what else passes for critical journalism) or "on" to school grounds.



World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty - October 17 [till the year of overcoming] though efforts ought be everyday. Wikipedia "Poverty entry" has a reference but more needs to be said about Fourth World Movement and Street Library and much else about Bruno and Genevieve Tardieu, Mary France and Jeff, and others prior to their returning to France - until a few years ago were involved with Orient Heights Street Library,

Women's Global Charter for Humanity, probably hardly suprisingly unlikely to be mentioned in NEtWork adS, "local news", various forms of the "[corporate] free Press" or some groups specifically involved with "women's issues." You will most likely have to be a seeker, various ways, one of which for G/E was "listening" (active, critically, etc.) to WZBC (AirwaveWEB) on last Sunday morning (Stan Robinson et al.

"MOBILIZING FOR PEACE" - at the Mary Dyer statue near Boston's State House; "women (and presume others) in all time zones will successively take to the streets at noon to stage actions for one hour. This is how they will support for the blueprint for society depicted in the Women's Global Charter for Humanity. The call to action goes out to all women's groups. The watchword is to be simple, positive, in touch with one another, to show that, with our differences and similarities, women are united. In Boston we will follow a tradition that has been observed at times of solemn dedication to peace...."

A slight integrative, reference peppering with changes in form; Though heard via "campus-community radio", a form of independent media, as noted from UJP (why when is usually says: "more" is there no more, other than the same information?) Oct 17, 2005

When No Censorship Radio was "ten years gone" and then some...a historical, recent account of events ought still be relevant even after issues raised have given way to other was to proceed.

The Mary Dyer Statue is here detailed.

Independent (Act Indy, "Debt" Card Free, No Charge!) Act-Events, no debt card sponsors, rather corporate-free "ads"! For a modest example of this see TecsChange or Boston Social Forum.

Read about Upcoming Justice as noted on No Censorship Radio, Radio with a View, Sounds of Dissent, Lucid Sounds and others noted in AirwaveWEB, as well as other culled activities ("persuade others to persuade themselves" about the U.S. image of "handing out candy" throughout the world, corporate media, and knowing all they care to know about and act on, the potential of webcasting, consequences of DMCA, FCC in public interest?, hardly (see The Unconscious Civilization by John Ralston Saul (details coming) , radio for all?, one form being Radio 4 All, Low Power FM (LPFM), Prometheus Radio Project, Depleted Uranium, Patriot Acts, in another words, you may have to access something other than 'please let our corporate underwriters know how much you appreciate them', that other form of public radio, those that are in the public interest, National Radio Project, Alternative Radio, and corporate media watch groups, F.A.I.R., resources with historical and timely analysis such as ZNet). Those of you who support corporate newspapers might consider writing letters to ask why you haven't heard about some things that are staples of concerns and actions by those who support independent media, not the "Newspaper of Record" nor the "Search, Static Index of Record".

Why support 'whowho mail list groups? Mumia needs (active) citizens: "illness in prison can be life-threatening". Details from and the above Melbourne Independent Media Center (IMC) site.

How to "know what's going on?" There's numerous ways but here's a few website references for when ActIndy is lacking or out of date (still always a historical reference - at least till the New Crisis of Democracy, no longer integration between individuals and group and independnet media is such that with modest effort one would know what's happening The sort of Small World [of Peace and Justice] Problem ):

"Mark your calendars" by viewing them, these too:

Glad to see AI make a reference to October 17 but why no reference to Fourth World Movement, in turn Street Library efforts, Youth Summits, Tapori....

AI -- now redirects to the above link reference.

National Lawyers Guild

American Friends Service Commmittee | Boston Mobilization, 971 Commonwealth Ave, Boston 02215 -- refreshing to not see any uncritical references to 'whowho, 'ola, 'CommunityCaste, Wal'Muck, and such; don't forget the 'search index of record'.

Until this is more organized this will have to do; corporate free press, "free software", the appearances of collective heart and action might, like much else need qualifications, "open source", "alternative" browsers;"big" business or "major" media seem to be reverse euphemisms, something not necessarily inherently destined to be tainted, some, say "guidance & discipline" actually ought be more neutral until entered into a particular context but the adjectives "major" and "big" don't add much (could direct, like say when someone critically cites a soft drink but other than some comments just gives the name more (add recognition ( --why fault someone for thinking a "soft" drink might be not be so free and not the least bit controvertial but yet one does have, even when it might appear benign beyond question, yet there is some responsibilty for those aspire to be make an "informed consumer (not in the relatively over consumption sense, just basic needs and preferences day-to-day) choice", --empty like calling U.S. "defense" rather than "That system of public subsidy and private profit is what is called free enterprise.", or even: ...a kind of socialization of costs and risks. ... maintained at public expense, then handed over to private profit..." |

Boston to Palestine |

Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights

Physicians for Human Rights - Israel (add Women Waging Peace, Women in Black, Traprock....

Some "free speech" zones, 'corporate free press' global day(S), each and every day, of action: InterWEB

Tufts University...

disclaimer: including these does not mean one is not critical of them, one may still consider them in the complex noted as 'military-industrial-prison' - some more so than others. It should also be noted that some students ought support their school's radio station in whatever way they can - maybe even as much as they might support their bookshop which at times can be part of a book "chain". Though in relation to sweatshop actions some schools, students and others involved are changing such connections.

TecsChange, InterWEB

Innovating to Halve Hunger by 2015 "Global, National, and Local Perspectives on Hunger & Poverty and How you can use your skills to make a difference."

April 26, 2005 7-9 PM MIT Room 3-270

Complementing freedom with equality, peace with justice...

Vietnam [Syndrome] Remembered 1 Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the end of the war.

Saturday, April 30th, 2005, 11am-1pm in Kresge Auditorium, MIT:

Note: 1. excerpts from the book Media Control by Noam Chomsky, Seven Stories Press, 2002
br/> ( no longer....) "the sickly inhibitions against the use of military force" (emphasis added)


Wednesday, October 13[, 2004:] Say NO to Plan Colombia... 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Colombian Consulate, 535 Boylston St., Boston

Radiomundoreal (

Colombia - General Strike [of] June 19, 2003 (Traprock Peace Center)

Opposition coalition takes shape in Colombia


HRW on Colombia

MIT Western Hemisphere Project

Global Exchange

(no 'Community Caste references here...)

The Colombia Plan: April 2000

Rogue States, 2000 on South End Press

A benefit for Homeless Empowerment Project, the publisher of Spare Change News

September 27, 2004 at 7:00 PM

Bunker Hill Community College

Building A, Room 300

Usually a FSRN segment such as Don't Just Vote and "Arundhati Roy: Public Power in the Age of Empire" would be in Samples

4.1.9 Please note that our objections are not to use of the PDF format; we accept and recognise PDF as a free format -- 'free as in freedom'. Our objections are based on the control over the format; and the inappropriateness in a democratic and sovereign government legislating mandated use of a format controlled by a corporate body, thus giving virtual legislative powers to that corporation. ...
   Section:  Arundhati Roy
   Title:  Public
Power in the Age of Empire
   Program Code:  ROYA008
   Location:  San Francisco, CA
   Date:  16 Aug 2004

As the statement goes: "For permission to reprint contact" Any consideration given to the Creative Commons in hopes of creative propagation?

The excerpt below is from DN! (heard on No-U-Turn Radio), still considered exemplary but one still ought to be critical of the uncritical, nonchalant, routine source references to corporate media especially during Headlines; In the form: _____ says, ____ reveals, this according the ____, etc.

...The Spectator newspaper in London assures us that "[w]e live in the happiest, healthiest and most peaceful era in human history." Billions wonder: who's "we"?...
Don't Just Vote...
Only 2 [major/corporate] Parties Can Debate: Officials Announce Today (3:13)

As noted in IndyGlobal ( some form has been included in the dated but still relevant Act-Indy. To say that it is only related to "listeners" in the Boston areas not only neglects to include the further potential of live listening over the Internet and more use of archived programs but cast a shadow of remissiness on the interpenetrable local<-->global relations.
September 20, 2004, 7:00 -9:00 PM
Fairness in Voting in the Electronic Age

George Pillsbury, Policy & Administrative Director for BostonVOTE and MassVOTE. George founded the Haymarket People's Fund and the Funding Exchange. He worked for seven years as Development Director of the National Jobs with Peace Campaign and received a master's degree in political democracy at the Kennedy School of Government. He has extensive experience with voting rights and election reform research and policy development. MassVOTE is a nonpartisan group working to increase voter participation and enact voting reform. Moderated by Robert Plotkin, Concord lawyer and member Concord Civil Liberties Committee. Co-sponsored by Grassroots Actions for Peace and The Alliance for Democracy. First Parish [Church 20 Lexington Rd., Concord]

Peppered references added above.

See, from FSRN samples: Black Box Voting (, the "old" arm of the site.)

Digital Voting Machine Flaws (4:42)
Activists and computer experts around the U.S. have become increasingly concerned that the electronic voting machines being phased in may have basic flaws in their design, allowing errors and potentially large-scale fraud. FSRN broadcast a special on the whole issue of voting processes on July 4th called Hacking Democracy, that can be heard by visiting our website, Last week, the voting machine story sparked global interest with the publication of an independent scientific review of the voting software of one company. One of the scientists calls the software "amazingly and astonishingly wrong." Pokey Anderson brings us the latest.

Dollars and Sense: 30th Anniversary - who might be able to use their windows at 740 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, (MA) more effectively as Community Windows
September 26 [2004]
3:00 p.m. talk / reception to follow
The First Parish Church
3 Church St., Harvard Square
$8 for the talk; $35 for talk and reception

Is LPC (Lucy Parsons Center) moving again? See for the continuing Wednesday movie nights and of course in general. Add: Murder by Capitalism

September 22 is World Carfree Day... - maybe Fossil Fuel Transporter-Free Day would be a bit over the top. In a serious frame one ought to reflect about the overall effectiveness of using a diesel when you're one of only a few passengers; In the case of fumes especially the buses that spew them out. It's quite democratic to those walking, riding, those in carriages, et al, even to those behind the wheel who can't help but gruble over the fumes. (The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting, South End Press, Second Edition by David Barsamian, Foreword by Amy Goodman, Afterword by Mumia Abu-Jamal, With a New Postscript.)

"Please join [anyway you can, be it complementing this physical, emotional action, 'tell someone in hopes of integrating peace and justice', ....) One Thousand Coffins (] at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Sunday, October 23, [2004]."

Chalmers Johnson in an AR encore presentation (Sorrows of Empire)

"preventive" also a stretch - invasion, as opposed preemptive.)

I'd ask John Grebe, Sounds of Dissent to include the contents or pointers to the relevent WZBC "playlists" but it be fruitless. ( AirwaveWEB (for details; would you believe the September 25, 2004 program will be shortened and on later as a result of "preventive football) I'm still waiting for someone to update the program time on the above website!

Stan, Dean, and everyone else now related No-U-Turn Radio thanks! Boston Area, [Act-Indy] American Friends Service Committee

Do Turkeys Enjoy Thanksgiving? A Global Resistance to Empire

Community Windows is loosely affiliated to connect support of independent shops generally such as food, cafe, personal care, and particular emphasis to book shops, publishers, independent media, its current and emerging forms: campus-community radio, websites and webcasting... by way of "complementing tips" for those known by a show of appreciation for their provisions, and for others a nascent opportunity to be recognized by anyone, patron or not, who sees and appreciates a Community Windows "flyer" display in a shop front window.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

boston social forum announces a special pressentation of
Fannie Lou Hamer's This Little Light of Mine

The Harriet Tubman House 8:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.
Friday 23 July 2004

Hosted by
Felix Arroyo, Chuck Turner and Charles Yancey, Boston City Councillors

For more info. call their office at BSF - 617-338-9966

ZNet historical reference

Fannie Lou Hamer Project

No Wikpedia "entry"?

World Fair Trade Day ( - an example of a meaningful domain name)

Boston, May 8, 2004 CAFTA Teach-In and March on the Boston Commons, culminating with a World Fair Trade Day Celebration and Fair Trade Fair at the Covenant Church (Newbury and Berkeley St), featuring Noam Chomsky, The Foundation [who have been on No Censorship Radio, (see AirvaveWEB)], The Bay State Love Machine, and Fair Trade Victory Testimonials from local campuses.

Noam Chomsky Leads a Group of Influential Speakers
Download the Fair Trade Fair flyer (above reference)
Contact for further details: After April 1, Sarah Connolly or Shayna Harris (617)728-2443
New England Committee to Defend Palestine

March 27-28th (2004): Conference: "Day of the Land".

NECDP and SJC invite you to our annual conference:

CONFRONTING ZIONISM: Resistance and the Struggle for a Free Palestine

An educational conference sponsored by the New England Committee to Defend Palestine and the MIT Social Justice Cooperative March 27th and 28th (Saturday and Sunday) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Building 6, Rm. 120, 9:00 am

On Saturday March 27th, at 9:00 am, the New England Committee to Defend Palestine and the MIT Social Justice Cooperative will host a two day conference featuring speakers and workshops.

Ruth Hiller, New Profile, quickly prepared....
As heard on Sounds of Dissent, on March 6, 2004:
Ruth Hiller, "The Courage to Refuse"...See AirwaveWEB "on" the "InterWEB" at "The Threat of a []"
Ruth Hiller New Profile

See Arlington United for Justice with Peace and other references noted in the above Refuser Solidarity Network event references.

Traprock Peace Center

Merrimack Valley People for Peace

Local-global connections: what's Boston's response to COrpKillEr in India, Latin America, etc.
Part 2: Co'rp in India:
Following FSRN?s report yesterday about the levels of pesticides in..
If only Affero or some other donation facilitator was maybe seen on each archived page of FSRN, Z Magazine and ZNet, and many others that provide resources... bit more on this down below.

The Bread and Puppet Theatre descends upon Central Square in Cambridge, MA

From AFSC: ?The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: International Law and the Wall? with Dr. Nancy Murray of the ACLU of Massachusetts..."

Reports from the ground on conditions in Palestine under occupation and in the shadow of the 'Security Wall'

November 19th at 6.30 p.m at Christ Church, Zero Garden St., Cambridge

No Censorship [live FTAA report] Radio will be one of their features on 21 November 2003.

Join us as we take to the streets of Boston in solidarity with the protests in Miami! Bring your signs and voices, and help us say NO to the FTAA! The march begins at 4:00 p.m. at the Boylston T stop.

Friends of Haley House Affinity Group
Bi-Weekly Vigil & Witness at Cambridge's 'Draconian Labs (in MIT's Technology Square)

Say NO to weapons and military spending...

Virtual Support of Community-Campus Radio, (indy) Book Shops, What's a :)

Connecting patrons and curious seekers of Revolution Books (Cambridge, MA, USA -or any number of community resources, Lucy Parsons) with independent book shops, websites, community radio, and more resources regarding a way to link virtual and actual support of such sources with those who are grateful or have come to expect such resources.

A link between them and (www.affero,net, .org. .com - still one of the few that wisely uses three domains) Affero ( to direct support to someone of their choosing. ( details)

Also along the lines to someone who walked into a shop and asked about, for example:

"Another World is Possible"...

"A rousing account of the 2002 World Social Forum that will inspire activists everywhere."

50 Years Is Enough: U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice - this is what I was thinking about then someone in your shop asked about Another world....

World Social Forum: 15,000+ in Brazil, "Demonstrate Power of Growing Movement by Soren Ambrose, 50 Years Is Enough Network, 50 Years Is Enough newsletter, April 2001"

Institute for Public Accuracy

Common Courage Press -when I ever I hear a reference to 'Bank Gun' (See Maine IndyMedia) I think of them.... (Sorry Greg for 'bypassing' form contact!)

South End Press

Noam Chomsky Archive (

Deterring Democracy (one example whereby could be utilized as a way for someone accessing various forms of digital content to say thanks in a way by not only getting the book and sharing it with others but in thanks for being able to access the online content to say thanks and have a supportive donation go to an organization of their choice, IndyMedia, Revolution Books,, and any number of community-campus and U.S. radio programs as noted in AirwaveWEB

What 'Wal-MUCK really Wanted from its employees.... Arrested Immigrant Workers File Racketeering Lawsuit Against 'Wal-MUCK

In thinking about one such shop in Lynn (MA) there's certainly nothing to prevent a form of *lynn*, etc. from connecting with people in the area regarding "low prices, low wages, low on the dignity scale". While on it, connecting people in Lynn, Revere, and other areas around Boston (any city) as a way to connect with Free Speech Radio News and various community radio also isn't prevented. Taking the form used by FSRN as noted on the Labor Day special (n etwork of worldwide reporters) who bring together each newscast. A form of that also for Boston area (and again other areas) reporters, more formally connecting sister stations and resources to mind the gaps between what already exists; on the FSRN "mod el' but interconnect many local-to-global community news areas in a bi-directional and multifarious way.

City-Wide Dialogues on Boston?s Ethnic & Racial Diversity ; yet another WMBR Local Edition point of coverage.

Hoping to expand (Not yet all together functional) Actions Across Communities

Connected Domains of Concern and Action
Roxbury Dorchester Jamaica Plain

Medford (MA) Somerville Arlington

Allston Brighton
counter not working

Not done as much in haste as IndyReflectedAction (more to come on this and hopefully more clear. IMC is not a serial pool, right, there's many connections...

ActIndy - sorry no 'debt card' sponsors, though maybe some communityAds.

An example, or trend maybe, a form of underwriting peace and justice began this week. DN!. which can be heard (AirwaveWEB) each weekday from noon to 1 p.m. on, 90.3 FM, began being sponsored (the concept can be neutral, like "media" not defaulting to corporate relations) by Whats Up Magazine.

Much more in the spirit of flyer postings and such, CommunityAds, can be done, including pointers to action, events, talks, information, resources, connecting with IMC Center and Newswire articles.

Independent of technical abilities of IMC more of what surely already occurs can happen more often by connections being formed by article postings and individuals and organizations in a Mind the Independent Media Gap way. Also, IMC postings do not have to be treated as a serial pool of information, last in first "read", there ought to be follow-up and more connections to actions resulting from awareness of concerns.

For instance as noted further below, for anyone who thought uncritically maybe that the U.S. hands out candy and democracy all throughout the world: in the 'Forward Strategy for Democracy', noted, apparently for anyone who didn't already know about the U.S. support for dictators of capitalism in efforts to secure stabilty for profits and generally prevent the 'threat of a good example'.

It is the response to this 'news' that ought matter; hopefuly t r u t h o u t and others will highlight this.

X November x, 2003. Tom Wallace, ISM, 7-9 p.m. a film report..See below. Arlington UJP..Tom Wallace was on Sounds of Dissent recently discussing the film. 21 Marathon Street, Arlington, MA 02474, 781-648-5962.

Central American Workers' Tour: The Terrible Truth about Free Trade and the FTAA Monday, November 10, 2003. Howard Zinn, Charlie Kernaghan, National Labor Committee director; Lydda Eli Gonzalez, Honduran factory worker. Yenching Auditorium, 2 Divinity Ave., noon. For more information: 617-495-9265. directions.

Sunday, November 9, 2003: Robbie Conal at Lucy Parsons Center (617-267-6272, 549 Columbus Ave. -near Mass. Ave. intersection.

Tear Down the Wall! Let Palestine Live! November 9-15, 2003

International Week Against the Wall

Eyewitness Testimony and Photographic Exhibit: The Wall and Its Impact on the Palestinian People. Commemorating the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and in response to calls by the Palestinian Environment NGO Network and the UN Task Force on Palestine for an International Week of Protest Against the Wall. Sponsored by: The Boston Area Working Group on the Wall. Co-sponsored by: The Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, Grassroots International, United for Justice with Peace (Israel/Palestine Task Force), and Visions of Peace With Justice in Israel/Palestine. For more information, visit Stop the Wall or contact

Reflections on Iraq: The Human Effects of War and Occupation November 11, 2003, 3-5 p.m. Braker Hall, Tufts University. A Panel Discussion with Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson, co-founders of Military Families Speak Out

Brookline Peaceworks, 617-738-8029, at Devotion School....

Law, Land and Barriers to Peace: What Future for Israel/Palestine? This Friday, November 14, 2003, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at the Boston University Law School Auditorium, 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. Sponsored by the BU Arab Student Association & the Boston Area Working Group on the Wall

Whose Democracy is It?

Even Science Friday made note of a reference to 'Whose Democracy Is It' when it mentioned the 'collective work of [not all forms are the same] public radio stations, producers and networks around the world'.

Future of Music Coalition

"Tell us the Truth" Tour:

Common Cause and others like them ought have nore connection to existing and evolving independent media. Often times connections by these sites refer to none other than corporate media sources.

Yes, glad to see a reference to the radio in Boston, the world via webcasting! The Local Edition (Thursday 6 p.m.,, 88.1 FM, -why isn't the news more prominent at this site? reminder: Fundraising-a-thon next week! I recall Mark Weaver saying last year that monies are needed just to maintain existing equipment in addition to updates or equipment and needs).

This past Thursday, November 6, 2003 LE aired a nicely prepared segment by Andy Shin and Mark Weaver regarding Amer Jubran. In addition , of course, see Boston's IMC center article and other references.

As I note elsewhere, in reference to ActIndy, it is now safe for underwritten, 'thank our corporate underwritters' radio to mention Amer Jubran.

No where near updated, Boston's AirwaveWEB Radio Program Notes and Connections in addition or complementing those (aim not to be redundant!) of Radio with a View, Sounds of Dissent, etc. Radio With a View, Sounds of Dissent, no longer 'prevented by sport!

The Thistle; Propaganda vaccine

Radio with a View archive of programs: WMBR Correspondent Andy Shin...

(see the How did so many people know about FCC, Amer Jubran, 'Depleted' Uranium, DMCA, etc. too bad this isn't highlighted more, that is, where and how they found it out.

The National Radio Project

Not them, but one form of state, I mean, public radio, specifically one of the two 'NRP radio stations in Boston whereby as of November 7, 2003 it was "safe" to mention Amer Jubran during 'Headline, hourly local? news.

Along these lines F.A.I.R. was mentioned on the same radio station in one of their programs; not as explicit as this, but the name Fairness and Accuracy in reportiong was actually noted by someone other than a caller. In was in context of being critical or reflecting reality about a former president. In came up that even programs that are not documentaries ought to strive for truth. Why not the sme standard applied to news as pointed out by a caller.

Stab it `n` Steer, 91.5 FM, Fridays, 8-10 p.m., Akira Kamiya, AK noted the 'Tell us the Truth' tour, Billy Bragg, Jenny Toomey (Tsunami, Simple machines, Future of Music Coalition - was on either Alternative Radio or National Radio Project - not have link now and much more...)

Seemed like a fine time to have also mentioned Martin Voelker, not a sister station reference, but a station cross-reference!

WMFO ('MFO) and all its 'ola IM pronouncments and its one turntable must be a challenge to keep things smooth even on freeform radio!

Underwriting Peace and Justice via different sponsors and different goals:
	Search |____________________________________|

(founded in 1988) is an independent monthly of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the U.S.

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Search Results with Values Intact

Media Foundation

TecsChange - Social Change Through Technology

Global Exchange

Make a Wish foundation

INspiring DEmocractic People ENtails Dissent; (active) citizens in a transactional process with others ENgrossed in Corporate-View-Point (Ad Agency News) at this Time. - for those on the move.

Some times website pages 'go missing' maybe links changes related to 'major' being added to the declaration of by an earlier press statement.

From Channel 4 News cache:

While the world's attention has been fixed on the war in Iraq, Dispatches reporter Sandra Jordan and producer Rodrigo Vasquez risk their lives to reveal the shocking level of daily violence and murderous hate in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian civilians live under the threat of Israeli Defence Force attacks that do not discriminate between militants and children. Israeli setlers live in fear of suicide attacks.

But it is not only Palestinians and Israelis who are dying. Since the Gulf war, three Westerners have come under Israeli army attack.

An American peace activist was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer; a British peace protester was shot in the head by an IDF sniper and remains in a coma; and last weekend, a British cameraman was shot dead by the IDF.

Within hours of arriving Sandra and Rodrigo are shot at and tear-gassed by Israeli troops breaking up a memorial service for Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist crushed by an Israeli Army bulldozer two days before.

That sets the tone for a five-week stay in which they document the shooting by Israeli troops of the British peace campaigner Tom Hurndall, the death of James Miller, the award-winning cameraman who worked extensively for Channel 4, killed as he filmed Israeli troops bulldozing Palestinian homes, and the deaths and mutilation of many innocent Palestinians and Israelis.

The Dispatches team reveals what life is like in what has become a fully blown war zone. Their film captures the aftermath of an Israeli missile attack that assassinates a leader of the deadly Hamas group. Children who happen to be playing in the street nearby are killed or have limbs blown off.

They film the aftermath of an attack in which Israeli troops fire modified tank shells that explode in mid air above densely populated civilian areas and spray thousands of razor sharp darts, or flechettes, in an arc some 300 metres long and 90 metres wide. The team encounters sniper fire from Israeli watchtowers, and endures tank shelling alongside a class of terrified school children.

In one of the most shocking moments in the film, Dispatches captures heartbreaking scenes in a Palestinian hospital minutes after Tom Hurndall was shot through the head, rescuing a seven-year-old child sheltering from gunfire.

While Hurndall lies in a corner, kept alive by a life support machine, his colleagues and Palestinian doctors negotiate frantically with the IDF to transfer him to an Israeli hospital, and to obtain safe passage for the Palestinian ambulance that will carry him. Hours later, with the help of the British Embassy they finally succeed, and embark on a hazardous journey to the Egyptian border. Hurndall remains in a coma.

Jordan and Vasquez also investigate the death of James Miller, the award-winning cameraman. They find that eyewitnesses tell a story sharply at variance with the official Israeli account.

Since September 2000, some 2,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Defence Forces, who routinely use F16 fighter jets, helicopter gunships and tanks to bomb and shell densely populated Palestinian residential areas. The victims include some 350 children.

In the same period Palestinian armed groups have killed more than 700 Israelis, including some 90 children. The victims were all killed in deliberate attacks, including suicide bombings.

freeform genre radio? facilizating an active citizenry

The Question of Palestine: Edward Said's Activist Legacy - Friday, October 24, 2003 6:30-8:30 p.m. MIT 54-100, Cambridge, MA.

A discussion about the intellectual and activist work of Edward Said. Guests include Elaine Hagopian, Naseer Aruri, and Noam Chomsky. Sponsored by ADCMA, The Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights, and The Arab Student Associations of Boston University and MIT

Speaking truth to empire across the U.S. on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at Northeastern University, Snell (110 Forsyth Street in between Ruggles T and NEU Green / E line...).

Rachel Corrie, a symbol to "Radiate in Peace" (as with helicopters the Israeli army does not make bulldozers -cat'killer in some hands does) as is Edward Said who is connected beyond his citing one of her letters. RIP can be the base of, and for, many people expressing a desire for peace in no way discounted as being idealistic or like fresh air, who could not wish it, but with underlying foundations of consistent principles, unlike 'spreading democracy' throughout the world via 'installing' dictators, for everyone, everywhere, with practical and realistic ways of achieving, like truth, the best or ever further extension of an example of an ideal.

References from South End Press:

Remembering Edward Said, Obituary, The Electronic Intifada, September 25, 2003
ADC Mourns Passing of Prof. Edward Said, Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, September 25, 2003
A Tribute to Edward W. Said, by Naseer H. Aruri
About Edward W. Said and his work.

I share a general letter I sent to a NU (Northeastern University) "Antiwar" student group who I would add ought include in attendence at open public events more people who like students represent the community, in order to complement their efforts and concerns. The same goes from strengthening connections between organizations, across communities too more sharing in efforts that connect the local-glbal spere of covern. In teh case of ISM and many others in terms of who is aware and connected to their efforts it might be akin to saying what is likely a fact that Noam Chomsky is much more known throughout the world than in the United States, or even of issues of geographical historical proximity to them far too many people in the U.S. ought know and reflect and react on matters related to Latin American and much else throughtout.

This began as a comment about reference and "events" in general at NEU and in Boston area.

During the summer I probably had a similar comment when I commented how so often flyers I posted about "community" radio and events, (Active) Citizen Resources, lasted maybe a day or two. I contacted SLAP, another student group, to ask if they notice similar things, or if they would suggest another place in addition to student center to post items but, as all too often I got no response.

I would hope to see anyone who post events and is connected with organizations, to provide reference links to websites and complement with phone numbers and generally provide as much information as possible to connect broadly (and up to more people in community to seek out too), and as for the "closed" nature of email groups for them to be complemented by more "open" forums and ways of, as I say minding the gap of awareness and actions. More postings in Boston's IMC about forums and general activities students and other community members are up to would certainly be welcome. And all too oftens it appears an oston's Indepenent media Center, and IndyGlocal ( are much underuntilized ny organizations and individuals.

I'm about to update a dated act-events resource and I still have to update AirwaveWEB flyer to include music related shows but if it's not too odd I hope you don't mind my attempt to connect.

This will be added to /tenyearsgone (in reference to No Censorship Radio's ten year anniversary:

Speaking truth to empire across the U.S. on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at Northeastern University, Snell (110 Forsyth Street in between Ruggles T and NEU Green / E line...). In addition to those speaking in Boston see "featured speakers on the tour" which includes Michael Parenti, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Normon Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy (quite timely now and all the time)...

Boston, 168 Snell Building with George Capaccio, Voices in the Wilderness, Elaine Hagopian, Military Families Speak Out, and a student speak from the NU Campus Against War and Racism Contact: Joe Knott: (could say more about Anti-names but I will leave that for now; just say I prefer the 'ole stressing of what one is for and highlighting how it contrasts with those who oppress yet claim to be democratic but often times are hardly close.

Progressive Student Alliance Again, what happen to all the resource connections PSA used to have? Liberate Iraq (Rap) by M. JUNAID ALAM

James Zappia, "a pain in the mail",

Michael Moore at the home of student-communtiy radio station, WZBC; O'Neill Plaza on Thursday, October 9, 2003. Details at Undergraduate Government of Boston College. (617-655-7615)

Friday evening, October 10 and Saturday, October 11, [American Friends Service Committee] will be returning to Simmons College for a conference entitled

Empire is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things: Exploring the Dynamics & Human Costs of the U.S. Empire
. The conference will be designed to help us understand the task ahead. Well explore the multiple layers and ramifications of empire domestic as well as international. We will also be highlighting a number of organizing initiatives to halt the Bush Administrations wars and to build longer-term alternatives to empire.
ACT Roxbury Open Studios 2003. (See below for later October schedule till this is updated!)

BankBusters' Fundraiser...

"The Boston Global Action Network FTAA Task Force has officially changed its name to Boston Fair Trade Action (BOFTA)."

Hey 'BackBusters, why use 'whowho for your mail? Why not 'promote', etc.

BankBusters Film Festival at The Coolidge ("The theatre is run by the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organization." Relatively independent? But for sure one of a few!), film schedule.

For Linda P., No Censorship Radio, the reason John Pilger ( might have sounded familiar when you were on air might be related to his being described as the 'Noam Chomsky of Australia' or something to that effect but I can't locate now. I suspect like Professor Chomsky he does not want to be personified. Also in Manufacturaing Consent or Noam Chomsky:" A Life of Dissent, probably both, credit is given to individuals worldwide who through their efforts amomng much else, when he arrives for a talk it's not soley dependent on 'word of mouth'.

One of the films that was shown on the first day, Friday, was The New Rulers of the World? (excerpts from the book by the same title above)


Globalization. You hear about it on TV and you read about it in the papers. We are all part of one big global village, where national borders and national identities no longer matter. But what is globalisation? And where is this global village?

Ambassador Charles Dunbar, "Unpopular Muslim-World Governments: Can Washington Live With (Or Without) Them?". September 30, 2003, 4:30 p.m. 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. E51-095. Sponsored by the MIT Center for International Studies.


"The MIT Western Hemisphere Project includes students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to bring the diverse MIT community together to examine and better understand the relationships among peoples, governments, and corporations in the Americas."

The group was on Radio with a View back when student groups with a community connection were a regular feature. ...

The Battle of Chile: The Coup d'Etat A documentary by Patricio Guzman Saturday, October 4, 6 pm / MIT Room 6-120

The Pinochet Case A documentary by Patricio Guzman Saturday, October 11, 6 pm / MIT Room 6-120

The Other September 11: A Discussion with Noam Chomsky & Sergio Reyes Terrorism & regime change in US foreign policy in Chile & beyond Saturday, October 18, 10 am - 4:30 pm / MIT Wong Auditorium



United for a Fair Economy (silly me missed the films and event at YMCA in Central Square, Cambridge, MA...See referenced site.

What's planned for February 15, 2004. Unless you soley listen to only one form out of many of public radio, the sort that is underwritten and they claim how wonderful and balanced they are, or just network ad sales news, and such then maybe you didn't hear of the concerns and action expressed worldwide.

November 13, 2003: Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University (

Proposed Speaker or Event: "Trade, Sustainable Agriculture, and Food Sovereignty: A View from the Global South", a panel discussion featuring Maria Jose Bezerra of Brazil's Landless Movement and Josefina Aranda of Mexico's coffee farmer organizations.

From, noted on John Grebe's Sounds of Dissent, note new time; see AirwaveWEB:

An open panel discussion on RENEWING DEMOCRACY AND RECLAIMING THE ENVIRONMENT: New Strategies for Poverty and the Environment .. Wednesday, September 24th, 5-7 p.m. 7th floor - Cabot Intercultural Center, Tufts Medford Campus Description: Wine & Cheese Reception to follow, open to the public. Panel will Feature: Greg Watson, Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Roseann Bongiovanni, Chelsea Green Space Marc Breslow, Massachusettson . Jim Climate Action Jim Boyce, Political Economy Research Institute Kevin Gallagher, Global Development and Environment Institute This event is co-sponsored by The Global Development And Environment Institute at Tufts & The Political Economy Research Institute at UMASS / Amherst. For further information please contact Mary Knoble, 617-627-6871 or
16th Annual Bike A Thon Sunday, September 28th (Though I saw flyers, etc., glad to hear the WZBC Dj Tuesday afternoon ater DN! (now on noon to 1 p.m. but schedule and notice at WZBC website still not reflect change nor is Boston's IndyMedia Radio reference current) who does a fine bit of music playing and mentioning what's "going on". Before she mentioned it I thought the Bikes Not Bombs sending of bikes did sound familar to TecsChange ( new computer repair about to begin in Roxbury). It turns out the later may be based on the former but I will check for details.

Amy Goodman Speaking Dates in brief from DN!:

Friday, September 19, 2003: 7 p.m.: Burlington Billings Theater @ UVM

Saturday, September 20 @ noon, Jim Hightower's Rolling Thunder Tour in Manchester, NH
@ 4 p.m., Bone World Fair in Cummington, MA
@ 7 p.m., Mahar Audition, UMass in Amherst, MA

Details from: Traprock Peace Center

September 20 - ONE WORLD FAIR 10 a.m,- p.m, Cummington Fairgrounds. An ambitious valley-wide celebration of justice and peace. Come and hear The Black Rebels, Pat Humphries & Sandy O, Greg Palast, author of "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy". Amy Goodman AND corfrom "Democracy found that treatment and prevention programs were 23 times more Now" at 1pm. Arts & crafts, children's activities, make your own buttons, vote in handmade voting booth, voter registration, nt renewable energy info, locnl social justice groups, the healing arts, farmers markets, poetry reading, and more! Contact Jo to sign up (small donations requested to cover the cost of the spale), an 584-8975, Can you volunteer on the day of the fair? Contact Leni to sign up, 634-5591,, or Katie,
September 20, Amy Goodman 7 p.m., Mahar Auditorium, UMass Amherst. Info: Media Education Foundation, ???-584-8500 & 800-897-0089,

Say No to the WTO! from Boston, Saturday, September 13, 2003,9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Teach-in at the UNITE Building, 33 Harrison Ave. in Chinatown; At 2:00 p.m. a Creative Action, downtown Boston, the crossing on Washington Street?

" Where is the U.S. Peace Movement Going and How Can it Get There?" Wednesday, September 24,

Watertown, MA:

7:15 p.m – 9:15 p.m at St. John’s United Methodist Church, 80 Mt. Auburn St. Presentations by Leslie Cagan, coordinator of United for Peace with Justice and Brian Corr, clerk, New England Regional Program Committee of the American Friends Service Committee. Discussion: What is the state of the peace movement since the US invaded and occupied Iraq? How can we build upon the massive anti-war sentiment expressed by millions of Americans prior to the invasion? What are the key issues the movement should be addressing? How can the peace movement become more inclusive of our country’s diverse racial and ethnic populations? How should the peace movement relate to the upcoming presidential elections? Sponsored by The Justice with Peace Task Force of Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety. For more info: (617) 926-8560.

(Usually just supply a pointer but in my haste...and also in case anyone complains about any typos...that's my disclaimer for now. At least nothing about the 'words and opinions' being my own.

"Death", a Penatly? US District Court. Moakley United States Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Way Boston on Wednesday, Sepetember 18, 2003. 617-262-2940.

"Tell them 'Jimmy sent you: Boston Freedom Rally on September 20, 2003.

Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway in Davis Square, Somerville presents: "A TRIBUTE TO PHIL OCHS", BENEFIT FOR CLUB PASSIM, Sunday, September 14, 2003.

Mass Peace Actions's Annual Awards Dinner, honoring Boston City (anyone recall the hospital by that name, Boston City?) Councillor Chuck Turner, 617-354-2169.


Add Kelly Jo vigil, Sunday, 24 August 2003, Framingham 1 p.m....(see Boston's IndyMedia, Center article. Add references from NCR program.

9:15 p.m at St. John

Whats Up Sunday Social, Sunday, August 24, 2003: a night of food for your mind, body, and soul
Please join us for our next Sunday Social on August 24th at 6pm. Tickets are only $10, which includes fresh Bakery at Haley House bread, dinner, dessert, and refreshments. The dinner will be served in the Haley House soup kitchen located at 23 Dartmouth Street.

Boston Vote will be our guest speaker and will talk about civic and voter engagement. Boston Vote is a citywide voting rights network that hopes to be a model for civic participation in urban centers. Boston Vote seeks to address issues like antiquated voting equipment, racially-biased At-Large voting systems, lack of voter education, bi-lingual ballots, campaign finance reform and other obstacles to democratic voter and candidate participation. (617-267-1575



Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? Israel's New Wall"

Thursday, August 28th, 6:30 PM. Cambridge Public Library, Central Square Branch, 45 Pearl Street, Cambridge,MA.


Corporate Welfare First? Mt. Wachusett; "A Walk to Wachusett" by Henry D. Thoreau. (takeaction2001@''whynotpromoteIMC or aything other than...)


Jane Goodall's Giant Peace Dove Campaign, September 21, 2003.

". . . the world would change overnight" 27 May 2003

Jane Goodall, though usually refrain from 'Best of British Crporations references, other than say, those of the sort of John Pilger (add more specific ones), here goes.



'Depleted' Uranium Speaking Tour with Doug Rokke (other dates and details for summer 2003 tour). Thursday, Aug 7, Arlington, MA, 7:30 p.m., Calvary Church. 300 Mass., contact: Thea Paneth, Arlington United for Peace and Justice, $10 requested donation. For more information: 781-316-2018.


Justice 'Verysoon: Thursday July 31, 2003: The IBEW and CWA will rally outside 'Verysoon Headquarters at 185 Franklin St. Boston. It is critical that this rally is well attended. Please make every effort to attend. This will be the last major mobilization effort prior to our contract expiration. We will have many guests including our own International President Ed Hill. The Rally will begin at 6:00 p.m. (The corporate benevolent "employer"; not wanting to further name recognition no matter what this name change was added. See Local 2222 reference for details. Some who are critical have noted train stations and buses and some of the few bus stops that do have bus hangers, you can see through the glass now and see corproate ads. Public space and place? "Commerical Alert: protecting children and communities from commercialism".

Community Church of Boston, Friday, August 1, 2003. 7:00 p.m.. Salt of the Earth. "Suppressed 1950's movie classic of workers' and women's struggles for justice."

Bath, Maine and the waste economy, August 9, 2003:

Maine Veterans For Peace (See link for schedule and details)

The 42d Aegis Destroyer (Arleigh Burke Class DDG). USS Momsen, DDG 92 is being launched at the Bath Iron Works (BIW), Bath, Maine at 11 a.m. on August 9, 2003. It carries 56 Tomahawk missiles, each nuclear capable to 200 kt or 15 Hiroshima's on one warhead, 840 possible Hiroshima's or Nagasaki's on board each Aegis Destroyer. Cost is between $900 million and $1 billion depending upon equipment. The 20mm Phalanx system uses depleted uranium penetrators and ship used to, and quite possibly still does, a 1 kt nuclear depth charge. Various and sundry missiles and weapons aboard.
Peace Action Maine AFSC (American Friends Service Committee - Boston Area Events(See reference for Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, S. California....)

Tuesday, July 29,2003: IMMIGRANT RIGHTS, GLOBALIZATION, CIVIL RIGHTS, & ORGANIZING POST 9/11, 6:00 p.m., Cambridge Public Library, Central Square Branch, 45 Pearl Street, Cambridge. Maria Elena Letona, Executive Director of Centro Presente; Sunaina Maira, South Asian Committee on Human Rights;

If this becomes mostly archival, not current then then you can't beat... (Horse dies during attempts to further limit democracy, 'free speech' "here" only zones -reflections about a horse I never met; Park Street to Dudley to UMASS...)

Archive: Pertinent, most likley | March 23, 2003 | December 6, 2002 | November 29, 2002 | 22 | 15 | 8


Just think how many people don't know, ignore, or won't accept, the history of U.S. "intervention".

Independent Act-Events, no debt card sponsors, rather corporate-free "ads"!

NUSL Anti-War Society (NUSLAWS): The "Vieques Celebration" event in Boston, MA, Thursday, July 24th, 2003:

Victory in Vieques! Lessons for the global peace and justice movement, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m, Cargill Hall, room 97, 400 Huntington Avenue.

WOW Fair?

Adams Park
Roslindale Square, Roslindale, MA
August 1, 2003; 11:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Amer [Jubran's] trial date is July 24, 2003; "...pack the courthouse. We also need your help in this last month of his defense campaign"



Join [AJDC and community supporters at] the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE, formerly INS), JFK Federal Building, Government Center, Boston. Come and voice your outrage at the continued attempts to deport Amer Jubran for his political activism.

The Human Loom, July 19, 2003, Davis Square, Somerville.

Fourth Annual Filmmakers [Collaborative] Open Studio Day, April 12 & 13, 2003.

Dissapointed to see reference to Con'Fast...and some other sponsors but... "Anti-War ads pulled..."

I'm glad to note hearing Linda P. refer to more so as of late, and last evening aired a segment from Making Contact, "[Program] 13-03 War, Death and Taxes (March 26, 2003)" a program that Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio regularly airs.

Making Contact Archive

War Resisters League

"Residents of Somerville, MA, working to have Somerville declare itself a Civil Liberties Safe Zone, where constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, privacy, and due process are honored and enforced."

A public meeting to launch the petition drive!

Monday, April 14th, 2003, 8pm

Bill of Rights Defense Committee(shall I comment on email address...!)

Palestinian Resistance and Zionist Colonialism: The History and Future of the Struggle for a Free Palestine.

Nancy Kelly, Greater Boston Legal Services, Community Church of Boston, Sunday, 13 April 2003, Speaker Forums, S11 and Patriot Act.

Local<<-> global (and transactional between citizens and outreach via

Axis of, I mean, Domains of Concern

Pacifica's Peacewatch

(It was on instead of FSRN one evenin this week) "...Al Jazeera satellite building was bombed by US forces, killing journalist Taraq Ayyoub..."

"The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) sent a letter today to U.S. secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld expressing concern about U.S. military strikes against known media locations in Baghdad this morning that left three journalists dead and several wounded."

Informed Dissent 22 March 2003

Blurring citizen and activist distinctions, many degrees of active citizenry.

Axis of, I mean Domains of Concern

ActIndy - Gap in the Independent Peace Events...well as DIY as one can be while connected over a phone line to an ISP and using "no charge" email and host space access from a university.

Events as noted from NCR who likewise as autonomous as you can be in the midst of the 'radical organization on the banks of the Charles River'.

Disappointed to hear a note of surprise by Chuck regarding receiving music from someone in Seattle. Clearly NCP reaches beyond the transmitter range to Internet range, potential for worldwide listeners via webcasting. Like someone he once knew who he once knew does in Japan. Too bad no archives. What about the existing ability to burn CD of shows, can that be utilized for some future archive of NCR and other radio shows AirWaveWEB flyer

The first time I heard Amer Jubran speak at an opening talk for Noam Chomsky. If I recall it was aired by Mark Weaver or NCR or during the local edition...I was impressed enough to hear him recount his experience but at the time didn't know about his nearly being attacked while in Bristol County... Amer Jubran

Sunday, February 16 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Peace Concert
Organized by David Wildman
Central Square, Cambridge, MA, YMCA, Red Line T station.
Massachusetts Peace Action 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617-354-2169 |

Will include a high school band, Chuck Turner (unless I'm confused - more than usual), Roger Miller, and others; fast paced, music and speakers and comedians so says Mr. Wildman!

Black Protest for Peace Month
Rally to Stop the War [which one]
Roxbury Community College
February 22 at 4:00 p.m. further details
Featuring Chuck Turner, Boston City Council - Larry Holmes, International ANSWER - Dorothea Peacock, Women's Fightback Network - Minister Don Muhammad, Nation of Islam.

"The MIT Western Hemisphere Project presents ...


A Discussion with Noam Chomsky & Jennifer Harbury Moderated by Maria Aguiar

Tuesday, February 18, at 7 pm MIT Room 26-100 (and overflow in 34-101)

Open to all; admission is free; but please arrive early


We will discuss the enforcement and evasion of human-rights law in the Americas. How is a concern for human rights reflected in the domestic and foreign policy of various nations? How can government officials and others be held accountable for violating human rights? In tackling these questions our guests will help us look at things systematically and in historical perspective.

NOAM CHOMSKY is an Institute Professor at MIT. Known for his re-invention of linguistics, cognitive psychology, and aspects of philosophy, he is equally (if not more) sought after for his analysis of politics, the mass media, and US foreign policy. Over the decades, from Vietnam and East Timor to Nicaragua and Haiti, Professor Chomsky has helped expose the worst sins of the biggest government.

JENNIFER HARBURY is a human-rights attorney who represents and defends political prisoners in the US and elsewhere. After graduating from Harvard Law School she worked in Central America to protect refugees and others tormented by on-going violence. Ever since the disappearance of her husband, a leader of the Mayan resistance movement in Guatemala, she has also worked to expose his killers and their official sponsors. Her struggle has helped bring recognition for the thousands of other victims; it has convinced the US Congress to investigate human-rights and other abuses perpetrated by the US State Department and the CIA; and it has forced the US Supreme Court to contemplate the responsibility of US officials.

This event is the first part of our Spring Colloquium on Human Rights, which is co-sponsored by the MIT Large Event Fund, the MIT History Faculty, the MIT Department of Political Science, the MIT Anthropology Program, and the MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies."

\ move to archive.... Dedication at First Church of Roxbury. "Join organizers and activists for REDEDICATION SUNDAY a non-denominational service to help us rededicate ourselves to the fight for decency a nd simple human justice."

December 16: BCPR event Trade Unions and the Condition of Workers under Israeli Occupation

Boston's SLAP -Kindred, name change, hiding the past and ensuring profits? (Vencor).

Sut Jhally aired by M. Voelker.

The Green Scare by Julia Steinberger in The Thistle. Along the lines of those who refer to this period as the "Age of Terror" there are some who want to label Amer Jubran and anyone expressing something they don't agree with as a threat, maybe to truth.


Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

"INS Arrests [Ro󧥲 Calero] Journalist in Houston In other INS news, this story from Houstan. While making his way home to the United States, journalist R󧥲 Calero was picked up last week at Houston Intercontinental airport. He was transported from the airport and placed in a nearby INS detention facility. While still in high school, Calero was convicted for attempting to sell marijuana to an undercover police officer. He served three years probation. Now, a permanent resident of the US for 12 years, Calero faces possible exclusion and deportation based on the old charge. Monica Lopez reports from Houston."

Chinatown in Boston (add Liberty Place related organization reference as heard on NCR).

Street and Internet, AIRwaveWEB connecting and complementing. Event Archive or Upcoming

March 21, 2003:

More than the usual sidetracking of connections...
Public Service" Radio Renoucement Vaccine, Com-nect-1

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December 6, 2002: Freemanz - judge orders MBTA (transit) police to return his media equipment.

In the spirt of because: "generals are analysts and peace activist are adovcates" (a response Amy Goodman received and mentioned at a recent event) Independent Media at a Time of War (Gree n Festivals' Program Schedule) Martin Voelker aired Making Contact ("Breaking the Sound Barrier: Amy Goodman on Media) on Wednesday, November 4, 2002.

Though I'm usually relatively organized virtually speaking I have still yet to locate a reference by either Norman Solomon, David Barsamian, Phillip Babich (all three connected in their pursuits and with Making Contact) whereby mention is given to Boston public radio having 'two of the worst' and another noting the effective blockade on eastern (U.S) seaboard of independent media ( Alternative Radio on public radio stations aired by others).

IndyGlobal's Newswire during October or November (would be easier to locate if the forum even came close to VAX Notes in terms of functionality ( Directory index listings and follow-up, debate, action keywordsand trouble I had referring to the former URL "help", "problem...", and other non-specific sky falling notifications such as being allowed to use keywords to group topics by "events", "actions", "media", dir/title="string".

At least Bill Moyer's NOW refers to "corporate media" in particular the segment about even less restriction on media consolidation.

One of the Boston public radio stations actually interviewd Neta Golan, cofounder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and George Rishmawi, founding member ISM on Thursday, November 5, 2002 at 4:15 p .m. EST.

Host Lisa Mullins speaks with George Rishmawi and Neta Golan are co-founders of the group, International Solidarity Movement, which advocates non-violent Palestinian resistance. 8:00

Bikes not Bombs, memorial 1501? Beacon Street, toy collection for the Italian Home for Children in JP 617-442-0004.

Monday, December 9

4 p.m. Chuck Turner, Youth for Peace.

Boston to Palestine, 7-9 p.m.

BCPR events...

Tuesday, December 10, 2002:

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton.


Julia and Jed were on NCR and discussed events and organizations involved (hey, can someone update MIT Social Justice Cooperative site -a lot of resources there...) for flyer -Boston Anti War Coaltion, 10 colleges.

4 p.m. Goverment Center and march to Copley --> 5pm. United for Peace, on International Human Rights Day, comprised of 70 peace organizations (or as I prefer folk psychology for everyday living, sensible people's intentions striving implict and actively for fostering and faciltating more peace (not more war ). Some gorups are American Friends Service Committee Not in Our Name, Anti Capitalist Convegence, and United for Peace with Justice.

Actually earlier in the day, there may be a meeting with Senator Kerry or someone from his office regarding sanctions and their effects on the people of Iraq, 3 p.m.

In the evening at Northeastern Univeristy, Law School, 400 Huntington Avenue, Gaza Strip documentary.

December 10, 2002, "Die In" at Harvard Yard, 11:45 a.m. Limited 'permit' for speakers.

Cultural Survival annual bazzar.

Even more haste than usual - not an excuse a warning!

Maybe cards & letters...Boston public radio...consider Making Contact. Insulting: "commercial free" reference during fundraising

Ideally airing Noam Chomsky: Iraq, Israel, and the US:Oppression and Repression at Home and Abroad in its entirety but even if Democracy NOW! gave consideration to excerpts it would be welcome I suspect.

From Tuesday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. MIT 26-100 sponsored by the MIT Social Justice Cooperative (See for details) -aired by Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio (Video and Tapes available), WMFO, Mark Weaver, WMBR, 'propaganda vaccine' included questions, and a portion aired on Thursday's Local Edition of the News. Hopefully Democracy NOW! will air this.

Amer Jubran was the introductory speaker. ("The Amer Jubran Defense Committee was formed in response to the illegal arrest and detention of Amer Jubran, a Palestinian human rights activist from Rhode Island. It will remain active until Amer Jubran is released from INS custody and all proceedings against him have been dropped.")

Event Archive

November 29, 2002:

Project Stop Excision (Healthy Tomorrows) United for Justice with Peace November 30, 2002 " 6pm at the College Ave. Methodist Church on Somerville (14 Chapel St): A Report and Silent Auction to Benefit Project Stop Excision with Sengalese Hip Hop Music from Gokh-Bi System. For more info call Susan McLucas at 617-776-6524 ." ( American Friends Service Committee Pieces, November 2002.

David Scondras, Search for a Cure, Sunday, December 1, at the Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston Street Copley Square, 617-266-6710,

Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine (VOPJ), Neta Golan, cofounder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), George Rishmawi, founding member ISM, Sunday - December 1, 2002 7:00 pm Place: Harvard Hillel 52 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA also, Tuesday - December 3, 2002 6 to 9:30 pm Place: Christ Church, Cambridge MA Zero Garden Street, opposite the Cambridge Common. Speakers: Neta Golan, George Rishmawi, Cathy Hoffman,: Executive Director of the Cambridge Peace Commission and Betty Burkes (see below for furt her information).


Professor Noam Chomsky: "Iraq, Israel, and the US: Oppression and Repression at Home and Abroad", Tuesday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. MIT 26-100 sponsored by the MIT Social Justice Cooperative (see for details) -aired b y Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio (Video and Tapes available), WMFO, Mark Weaver, WMBR, 'propaganda vaccine' included questions, and a portion on Thursday Local Edition of the News. Hopefully Democracy NOW! will air.

This was a rather lengthy question session, more of which was aired during NCR, 19 minutes comprised one person who began quite confrontational questioning Noam Chomsky's legitimacy as a linguist (mathematics, intellectual history among much more) to t alk about Middle East. She began by saying 'how can you...'and in sucession claiming he was wrong on five points. When he wasn't being interrupted by her he responded to each in turn without ever asking her to repeat and even extended to a six.

He provided each with names, source references, even went back further in time than necessary in terms of historical context and remarked that he understated the case of one point.

At the end of the exchange she said 'you obviously have the facts' but I agree with Linda P. that it appeared to be less than an authentic apology.

Another question that comes to mind was aired during the hour or so question period provided during Mark Weaver's program. Someone said you certainly read a lot of papers, it's impressive'. "It's not impressive, it's a lot of hard work". He usualy en ds each talk with stating it's all within reach for citizens to do what one can to affect change where one can realistcally change the course. Attention was called to prioritzing. Though he is aware of other parts of the world, Africa for instance, he fo cus his attention. In Fateful Triangle he writes when asked for a title he can usally be sure the title 'Conflict in the Middle East' will be apt and relevant.

"GLOBALIZATION: VIEWS FROM ECUADOR AND MASSACHUSETTS" Boston Global Action Network "Edgar Alexis Ponce Bustillos, Ecuadoran human rights activist, National Spokesperson and Executive Director of Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH) (United Nations Economic and Social Council) in Ecuador, and expert on the effects of the IMF, World Bank, and "structural adjustment" policies and Alex Brown Somerville resident, and labor activist with IUE/CWA Local 201, the GE workers union in Lynn.

At the College Avenue United Methodist Church at 14 Chapel Street, on the corner of College Avenue and Chapel Sreet in Somerville, Monday December 2, 7-9 pm."

Sponsored by: BankBusters and the Latin America Action Coalition (LAAC)."For more information, call 617-755-0795.

"Cyanide and Gold - Is a US Mining Company Poisoning the People of Honduras?", Monday, December 2 at 7 p.m. at MIT Building 4-237 with Jesse Baines (MIT grad student) and Daniel Moss of Grassroots International

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November 22, 2002:


First a brief summary from NCR, not to be confused with NCP (WZBC's No Commercial Pontential), and I'm usually quicker, I just noticed the significance of National Radio Project (NRP); I wonder if it's intentional.

Amer Jubran (see Boston's IMC for details -another song for David Rovics maybe, 'you don't need corporate media, connected individuals, organizations and independent media do just fine) did a phone interview with a Linda and Mark.

Chuck interviewed Jimmy Tingle (recorded this afternoon) who offered 5 pairs of tickets to his show. I liked the one about some people not taking public transportation because they miss the comforts of their car so an idea is to have anyone who is going to say Cape Cod head to South Station, and then all the cars connect to form a train and get towed by one tow truck. You'd still get to enjoy the bumber-to-bumber effect!

Linda spoke with Matthew Pavonetti, Adbusters. Maybe: In conjuction with BND, how about 'refrain from corporate media day' (if you already do fine or as in the case of Howard Zinn who must endure listening to Bush recite a speech for professional reasons) and extend the awareness of independenemt media, bookshops, music, food, etc.

For Boston BND, you know those paper bags complete with an ad of the name of the shop, maybe some stylish bags with creative thoughts afixed and groups of people walking back and forth along Newbury Street (slow like I recall most people on Oxford Street in London doing) and because of the relatively narrow sidewalks in Boston you won't forcefully prevent anyone from consuming but maybe you slowdown some corporate profits.

TecsChange - Social Change through Technology, November 23, 2002, "shipment preparation", details below, office space rental too (november152002.html).

Do It Your Damn Self!! "National Youth Video and Film Festival Nov. 22 & 23, 2002, hosted by MIT with major support provided by Cambridge Arts Council."

Community Church of Boston, 617-266-6710, Sunday, November 24, 2002, "Lula and Brazil", firsthand account by Professor Eduardo Sequeira, UMASS Lowell and Ruediger Volk, Harvard University.

Martin Voelker will most likely air his recording of Noam Chomsky from B-silber-U this Sunday morning on WZBC. Paths to Peace: Hopes and Barriers by Noam Chomsky from Thursday, November 21, 2002.

The New England Committee to Defend Palestine"Amer and the rest of the NECDP will be picketing outside of the Israeli consulate [20 Park Plaza, near Arlington Center Trolley Station] this Monday in response to th e IDF's recent attacks against Hebron, Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, and other cities and towns in occupied Palestine." Monday, 25 November 2002, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Also on Monday, a film at MIT, Room 6-120, and as usual the calendar doesn't list such events but... PALESTINE UNDER SEIGE: Richard Hugus' sensitive portrayal of the Palestinian reality includes scene s of the destruction of Palestinian homes and the indomitable spirit of its people." Scott Cooper who was on WMBR's Local News this past Thursday recounted Amer Jubran's release (although physically out the chains of injustice remain. (see www.onepalesti

Lucy Parsons Center , Global Uprising series began this evening!

"never mind the truth. Listen to me." A Bunker Plymouth Rock...



Street and Internet, AIRwaveWEB connecting and complementing.



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November 15, 2002:


TecsChange - Social Change through Technology, Novemeber 16, 2002, "yard sale", office space rental. etc.

Boston Global Action Network (BGAN) , Community Forums: Details from AFSC since BGAN has vast info and resources but...

	The FTAA and U.S. policy toward Colombia:
	 Exposing the true goals of Washington?s 
	 ?war against terrorism? in Latin America 

Tuesday, November 19
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Cambridge Public Library, 45 Pearl Street in Central Square
Admission Free   Wheelchair Accessible   Food Provided

Lucy Parsons Center , Global Uprising series began this evening!

"never mind the truth. Listen to me." A Bunker Plymouth Rock...

Saturday, November 16, 2002, TM in Harvard Square. ...

"Carla Brown, who wrote a Harvard dissertation on the subject.

Recently the Infinite Mind had a program on touch, far reaching! Touch and information regarding positive affects on low birth weight babies in terms of weight gain, etc.

I didn't realize that some of the Cambrdige Forums are uploaded to public radio, for instance I heard from Carla Brown on NCR, that Dr. Helen Caldicott will soon most likely be heard by more people.

Also on NCR was a report produced by Aimee Smith (who I mistakingly named in Boston's IMC) and Mark Weaver regarding the Amer Jubran Defense Committe who were at INS in Boston on November 15, 2002 at 8:00 a.m.

Apparently free speech, public assembly, civil liberties when not confined to "forced zones" is viewed as a threat to misued and misguided power forces. See Boston's IndyMedia for more and One King is one too many (

2 cents: If public radio, especially in the Boston area is either reasonably ignored (and you choose independent sources) because of its corp.., I mean underwriting bias or because of its narrow range of voices, literally and otherwise (just naming two ra tional reasons) then this results in them remaining to carry on the same. Unlike corporate newspapers public radio can be challenged.

And when it is no longer accepted that vast expressions of reality are missing from "mass media", more accurately from corporate media and when more people, mass number of them, begin getting news from independent sources then awareness about Amer Jubran will move beyond some active, concerned and dedicated citizens.

If you know of the sitcom Sanford and Son, there's a connection somewhere , maybe, Grady was taking care of the house and while cleaning he said: "Fred said for me to keep the house clean. I got to get it clean first!"

I wish I knew more about Dwayne Dickinson who gave moving account regarding Jill Stein out front of Suffolk University. Reminded me of the UMASS "free speech zone" (Mumia, debates, sidewalks...) when supporters of the-man-who-thinks or thought he invented the Internet nearly pushed some people into the bay. I had a summary of the day from Boston Common and then Dudley to UMASS but lost to accidental escape key when editing on the fly rather than from file.

FSRN Autism and virus, mentioned but doctor who spoke was from a different perspective and in the time allowed hardly enough to discuss fully. For more: Dr. Bernard Rimland, Autism Society of America

No Corporate Potential

Event Archive

November 8, 2002:

Hasan Barghouthi, Director of Democracy and Worker's Rights Center in Ramallah, visits Boston in November.


Tuesday, November 12, Veterans Days, Doug Rokke, Vigil and Talk, Community Church of Boston

Dr. Helen Caldicott Sunday, November 10th, 2002 7:00 p.m. in Newton, Eliot Church.

From the City of Boston site (not often I refer to them):

One day event on Wednesday, 13 of November 2002  
Boston Fair Rent and Tenant Protection 
Global Uprising at Lucy Parsons Center.

Chuck Turner: resolution concerning the USA Patriot Act hearing. Speakers included Jeff Manzelli and others. 617-635-3510 for video.

He did refer me to his list server Day Light, contact Lorraine Fowlkes at 617-635-3510 (no email or online process noted) but though he and Scott Harris from Between the Lines are two of the few who come to mind in responding I don't know him well enough to suggest a stronger bridge between street and Internet, AIRwaveWEB, etc. or general connections or complementing of what already exists with the WEB.

Event Archive

Boston, including East Boston and South Boston, and Cambridge and others sharing concerns, information and actions.

One effort to reduce and eliminate the "medium security" imprisonment, living in society with privacy issues and wage slave paradigms, environmental effects of "free hand" of corporate profit, to name but a few. Philip Berrigan, either Pacifica's Peace Watch or from something else NCR aired.


Connected Domains of Concern and Action
Roxbury Dorchester Jamaica Plain

Medford (MA) Somerville Arlington

Allston Brighton


The intent of the above is to highlight an evolving process to expand upon local actions in those specific areas and further existing connections between Boston and Cambridge.

Posting in IndyMedia's Open Publishing Newswire can have the effect of an actual bulletin board, one way, closed communication. Rather than a topic, be it a news report or action or process being expanded upon. In its current form facilitating and complmenting actual organizing and strengthening of community is limited in this forum.

If IMC articles and Newswire postings do not extend outward, to other organizations and individuals, it is liklely to be limited as a means to broadley connect. Someone who does not know it exits or who does not use Internet may be less likley to hear various views or inclined to continue using primarily corporte media or continue their activist pursuits independent of the IMC and other such media. Maybe leading to a dichotomy of sorts. AirWaveWEB will be trying as one way to connect (active) citizens, an attempt to smooth things out.

Limited mention if any in IMC regarding another person being taken into INS custody. A women in Boston who gave me a flyer about Roger Calero (I think I heard of him from the event Independent Media at a Time of War (Green Festivals' Program Schedule -that Martin aired) was unfamilar with the IMC.

I'm not implying that IMC denotes a mirror image of all that active citizen have as concerns and actions. There's ways to connect and complment each other from the airwave to the streets, and Internet, etc.

FSRN connects via Pacifica's network, and as Deepa says along and over 50 communiy radio stations, and active listeners share with other individuals and organizations.

Pathfinder Bookstore, 12 Bennington Street, 617-569-9169, in East Boston.

Chinatown, Roxbury, Dudley, Ashmont Hill, Dorchester, the many efforts that can be facilitated through communication via elctronic organized means in forums.

Event Archive or Upcoming

Allston-Brighton Free Radio fix:


Friday, March 21, 2003

It's noted and appreciated when WZBC radio extends their weekday half-hour broadcast, sometimes a full hour, of Democracy NOW!, a form of radiating in peace via its connected on-air reports, references to Iraq Journal,, Not in Our Name, Veterns for Common Sense, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and many more, and connecting with various resources such as Z magazine, Znet, Global Exchange, and as referred to in the webcasting archive of text and pointers to audio that's available via WebActive. And Free Speech Radio News,

The second installment of a "Public Service" Radio Renoucement Vaccine, first being ACT-1 (not able to index so it's serial scroll on through), Com-Tech-1.

Recurrent expressions of the sort shown on February 15th, 2003 are evident by the string of worldwide protests and various actions reported at the top of the Democracy NOW!, what has become a daily feature highlight.


  • Boston / Worldwide Radio thanks to efforts by Martin Voelker, John Grebe, Chuck, Linda, Mark, Aimee, Nancy, Marc and David...give your feedback but don't overwhelm 'em!

  • Non-news about University Library Resources and Connecting with Extended Community

  • Radiate in Peace, banners with reference pointers

  • 'NRP public service? for all "the people", Cavalcade of Generals, weapon "improvements", one bomb one target

  • MIT "POLITICS, JUSTICE, and SOCIAL CHANGE" course live via webcast on Thursday's (also OpenCourseWare
  • I let Martin Voelker, No-U-Turn Radio, (, 91.5 FM, AirWaveWEB) know that I appreciate his efforts. I have been supportive mostly via electronic mail and I make frequent references in Web pages and in IndyMedia's Newswire but yesterday I had to call after he said on air that along with John Grebe, Sounds of Dissent (How many email addresses does he have?) were going to be airing Democracy NOW!

    The possibility of hearing it before noon as aired by WZBC's daily weekday half-hour broadcast was quite welcome. I hung up so quick that I didn't get a chance to nag him about mentioning 'Znn and other of the likes of "officials says", "Washington-Media, corporate-'Amerika, etc. (by way of noting them in affect adding to already extensive name recognition but he mentioned lesser known independent media. He did mention IndyGlobal and Boston's IMC United for Just with Peace (their URL name changes have stabilized!) and United for Peace.

    A form of Radiate in Peace (RIP) is needed to connect broadly such efforts with various forms of independent media, etc.

    The dreaded "no story to tell yet" or who knows:
    ( A lot of people doing something via IMC Newswire -hackphrasing M. Moore.

    Segment list

    Z Magazine, Znet... is a fine example of extensive resources and in the case of February 15, 2003 the site had a connection link to the worldwide actions.

    Any banner, especially one that is likely to be seen by many people, not just those who presumably are already active news seekers or have a degree of informed dissent and awareness and support of independent media, unlike (See Deterring Democracy, etc.) "Newspaper of Record" but together in addition to a banner sound bite of sorts have a web resource that radiates to many references, gateway to connect various resources, one-to-many, can be beneficial.

    A banner message complemented with for example, or an existing web site,

    Also there was much that was noted in the brief and concise talks by the speakers yesterday at MIT in front of student center across from 77 Mass. Avenue, but I don't recall any reference to anything other than 'the media". Why not make a reference to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (F.A.I.R) and others who complement with actions from research and reflections on practice by corporate media and independent media sources and media activist resources ( media matters, limited at this time).

    Segment list

    More Non-news about Library Recources and Extended Communities

    Yesterday I wanted to print a page of AirWaveWEB flyer for further copies to distribute more widely information about existing radio resources available in Boston area and to listeners worldwide via webcasting (purposely keep reapiting this) but I was unable to make it to NEU library to make use of a printer that my alumni card still offers.

    Since I am located near Tufts Medford / Somerville campus and because I was going to be heading by there I was going to print about no more than 5 pages, something I do maybe once or twice a year or so.

    Not to my surprise, though, Internet access is still available without an physical or computer password ID, but now an ID is required to use the new printer access stations.

    There's no reason for me to expect to be able to use Tufts library resources, or to assume living near the campus grants anyone more access than another non-student living elsewhere. I'm about a mile away, quite out-of-range of any possible virtually constant house parties! Also why should someone not paying tuition expect anything from such an institution.

    There's also Inter-library access cards available via Boston Public Library (BPL) or possibilities for various university campuses to share resources with current and former students but as the case of the former the application makes it clear that it is not meant to be a convenience to allow someone to take out a book using their BPL card from say Boston College.

    In order to qualify you must state a research project and what particular books you require. It is not meant for any informal lifelong learning (silly sounding but don't know how else to characterize or can recall a group focusing efforts prekindergarten and beyond) other than going to library and using what you want in but again why should the threshold be lowered to allow access such as those who pay tuition.

    Segment list

    But I do expect peace and justice related efforts to better connect with the extended Medford / Somerville and beyond community. I did see someone at Davis Square carrying a sign. He told me about Tufts next Monday, 3-7 p.m. meeting at Chapel for open discussion and organized efforts.

    I'm somewhat "connected" but I had forget the name of WMFO radio station building, Curtis Hall, and don't think I ever knew, till yesterday, that it is located at Boston Avenue and College Ave. at Post Office.

    I want to stop in and try not to interrupt Hank Faunce who was on and see if coud talk with Martim before he left but security was such that I did't find it welcoming.

    Hi professor Gary Goldstein I meant to contact you the first time I heard Martin Voelker refer to you and a teach-in event that was held at Tufts. Not only because I have taken childhood education courses in the summer but as a Medford resident I see a lot of missed opportunity to better connect peace and justice events with the community. Though I often hear about them there's many people who I suspect would not know. I also meant to mention it to the communications person, Margaret?

    An extended report, more than was aired on FSRN, and elsewhere, by Chuck U from March 15 Mass. Ave. Standout was aired this week on the local edition of the WMBR news. It was noted that students from Sacred Heart high school, Kingston, MA. There is no question of will they future active citizens, they already are.

    Maybe once Internet Radio Players I won't loose Hank or Martin (WMFO) and others because of corporate radio interference and loss of signal. On a cheapo portable radio I loose Hnk in Somervile/Cambrdige line and as far north as Melrose from a signal at Medford/Somerville.

    Hank once noted that he is able to freely express himself without any sort of governor controlling his manner of on-air commentary. He once noted he would not be let go unless of course he 'pulled out a revolver'. Since WMFO radio station looks quite secure I suspect it would have to be an inside job if anyone ever did such a thing!

    Segment list

    Ever hear 'NRP ( refer to a TV news program at 10:00 p.m. EST? Why would they possibly draw listeners of underwriting away? Could it be that the time coincides with another presentation of reality throughout the world. I think the time coincide with BBC.

    "Saddam and Hitler are friend of MIT and Harvard" - I saw this posting along Mass. Ave. but not sure which sense it could be taken.

    "Targeting Iraq", "War on Iraq", though not my intention to echo the "Official's Say" media so-called public radio also uses some naming convention, "America Goes to War" maybe to a lesser degree in terms of fear factor (don't forget, watch Friday is usually the day to further highlight such fears because maybe people have more time to think with the weekend upon the) but in all cases, like those three words that Noam Chomsky, refers to regarding the U.S, and Great Britain regarding their 'ole friend-turned-Foe, 'with our support' now it leaves out factors related to international law, getting countries to "sign-on" irrespective of vast signs of opposition by people.

    Someone from the Islamic Education Center noted the "coalition forces" in reference to a letter to U.S. tat included a request 'not to use radiation again' and the host was quick, and displaying indoctrination, maybe, we he said 'Deleted Uranium (DU) and any possible factors is might cause are in dispute rather than following on he must shed light away.

    Ira Jefferies (sp), maybe a problem of induction, she found "strong support" as she noted even in a 'democratic community' of mostly "African Americans" as if everyone from a characterized neighborhood thinks and acts the same.

    Someone expressing thoughts said, 'it changed for me as soon as the bombing began' (what's that actually 12 years ago?) another one of those decrees, now it's time to rally behind so-called leaders; like Juliana Hatfield who expresses in her song about not having idols, I agree. I have many people who are influences and who I respect but following the leader and London Bridge is fun for children as it should be. This person went on to say, it's something we do', apparently a reference to the U.S. handing out candy and democracy through out the world. And ended with 'if you value freedom...' and 'everybody should agree...'.

    MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning - one of the speakers at MIT student and faculty ( I think), and others during Walk Out. I thought he was an excellent speaker as were everyone who spoke though the helicopters at times made it difficult for me to hear the relative low volume. (Started wearing earplugs at music shows too late (" PSA if I recall, NEU...

    post date: 03/20/2003 IRAQ WAR TEACH-IN TONIGHT -- LIVE VIDEO STREAM
    11.949 'Politics, Justice, and Social Change' (Chomsky, Fung, O'Rourke) have scheduled an Iraq War teach-in beginning tonight around 6:45 PM EST. This event is to be streamed live over the Internet.

    View ENDEAVORS to catch a glimpse of DUSP students and faculty engaged in field research close to Cambridge and around the world.

    post date: 02/27/2003 11.949 'POLITICS, JUSTICE, and SOCIAL CHANGE' STREAMED OVER INTERNET New MIT-Harvard course on "Politics, Justice, and Social Change." Spring 2003. Instructors: Noam Chomsky, Archon Fung, and Dara O'Rourke. This introductory course, appropriate for both undergraduates and masters students, will explore equality and justice in contemporary contexts that include U.S. foreign policy, the distribution of wealth and income, racial and gender politics, and the environment. The course also analyzes why democratic polities accept extensive injustice, and concludes by presenting strategies of response: social movements, institutional reform, and electoral politics.

    MIR OpenCourseWare course curriculum online.

    wage slaves, wage peace
    wage slaves are not waging war

    'NRP yesterday had focus on the improvements made to Patriot, its ability to "hit a bullet with a bullet" and much else so-called improvements, depending or your focus and priorities given to humanity. If only some of the same innovations could focus on infrastructure; I hear water system piping and such in the United States is becoming a major concern but no time to mention such things or decaying school buildings or the cities and towns that forego retaining such structures and choose to build centralized schools as Medford, MA is doing. As it is many parents drive their children a block or so but now that one school is over by outskirts or mostly near route 16 commercial area, Hormel Stadium, I suspect it will be necessary for even those who used to walk their children to school to used their fossil fuel transporter.

    Beyond For and Against or various shades or gray are missing in the "this group supports...", hardly any sort of nuances provided as noted by 'NRP yesterday...

    A town whereby some citizens were making an effort to consume more products from France and another with base in community who support. The 'either / or without much shades of distinction between and beyond. I don't know if MIT was mentioned that students and faculty walked out of classes with any sort of details about their and others reasoning.

    Segment list sep 272002 fix dates Summary of "what's going on" events as reported by NCR:

    The King W "Unwelcoming": United for Justice with Peace (note new URL - site no redirection from 'ole site) or Ann from American Friends Service Committee at 617-623-0202 for updates since as noted the King appears to change plans to avoid any signs of free speech directed against his planned "we'll smoke them out of their holes' plans.


    MassART Calendar "Community MassArt hosts the Second Annual Greater Boston Improv Festival To benefit the Home for Little Wanderers. Five local troupes, Improv Boston, Boston Creem, Whigg Kitchen, Musical Improv Company, and Improv Asylum join forces to create an evening of unpredictable hillarity."

    For more information contact email contact or call Randy at 617-363-9986.

    Boston Student Labor Action Project (SLAP)

    Student Rally at Northestern University.

    Monday, September 30th, 4:30 p.m.

    "Meet at 4;40 p.m. across the street from the Northeastern University T stop on Huntington Ave. Join students across the city, janitors and community supporters as we demand that Northeastern University issue a statement in support of the janitors." Justice for Janitors Contacts: Sue Curry, 617-333-3898 or MIT...617-3200-5703.

    Eyewitness Jenin, ISM Sunday noon-1 p.m. Universalist Justice 617-492-3532

    Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights for further events.

    October 3, 2002: From Roxbury to Palestine- Justice Denied Thursday, October 3, 2002, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
    Parish Hall, First Church in Roxbury
    John Eliot Square near Roxbury MB(T)A Station, 10 Putnam Ave with:

    Mel King, former state legislator who traveled to Israel / Palestine in 2001;

    Gareth Saunders, former member of the Boston City Council who traveled to Israel / Palestine in 2002;

    Chris and Carl Williams, Roxbury residents who recently returned from work in Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement.

    Monday, September 30, 2002, 4:15 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. (EST) SMUJP (Somerville Medford United for Justice with Peace) will be at the Davis and Porter Square T stations from 4:15 to 6:30 p.m asking people to write brief post-cards to Senators Kerry and Kennedy and Representative Capuano stating their oppositition to a war on Iraq. We need your help!

    Contact: OR (617-724-3247)

    October 1, 7 p.m. NEU, JAMAICA PLAIN COHOUSING 423-5775, author "The Heat is On"

    HR Colombia National Peasant Farmers Assoc. VIVA, October 2, 2002 Wheatley, UMASS

    The New England Tikkun Community proudly presents Devorah Brous

    Veteran Israeli Human Rights / Social Justice Activist and Founder / Director of Bustan LShalom

    "A Personal and Political Perspective on Human Rights in Israel and Palestine"
    781-639-2322 for information, Nancy.

    Tikkun "gets its name from the Hebrew word, "tikkun," which means "to transform, heal and repair." This concept was developed in the Zohar, a central text of the Kabbalah, to refer to the kind of healing and transformation of the world, "tikkun olam," in which each of us can participate."