"the threat of a [https://www.goodexample.info]" 

"Read [www.]chomsky.info"  Be it at a Harvard Station subway / bus station or anywhere... "dissent among us" (http://books.zcommunications.org/chomsky/dd/dd-c01-s02.html)

Peel it

Reference to the term "the treat of a good example" is below as is thought to have been written at a station : Read Chomsky

(or "Read www.chomsky.info", "Read [www.]chomsky[.info]")

G/E had been considering Positive Internet for a number of years, and as of March 2015 selected them. The "move" from "host" www.aiso.net ("solar hosting") to www.positive-internet.com is in large part because they are even more supportive of GNU/Linux and acknowledging. Even a note from RMS did not get more prominence for the "name." The web site https://www.goodexample.info had been with www.aiso.net since 28 March 2010.

G/E also considered https://www.webarch.net/n/76, who merged with Ecohost, also simply more of an explicit support of GNU/Linux and the ability to learn more by having shell access, but as noted the choice was Positive Internet, partly because of the former's support, it is presumed, for those who were not supportive of WikiLeaks

The domain www.readchomsky.info is in "progress," as is http://nouturn.objectis.net, the latter being moved to G/E soon, especially that which refers to the late Dean Wallace.

Thanks Ed of WMFO for the reference....

"The Goodexample," G/E, tries to be what the term implies....

See the prior form of G/E when it was Mainstream Awareness, Reflection and Action, http://web.archive.org/web/20041015023056/http://lynx.dac.neu.edu/j/jzappia thanks to www.archive.org it exists, and sources for the term "the threat of a good example," below. The LYNX system is long gone from Northeastern's Computers. http://lynx.dac.neu.edu/j/jzappia/sign-it-rant.html

By referring to those who are beginning to be such a "threat," and to those who have consistently been, one person for over forty years of speaking, writing, being interviewed, etc., as well as some thoughts and ideas that are in this implied sense, a "threat" to the social organization of things, not only to the status quo ('statist quo) and contrary to much so-called articulate opinion, but also to those who prefer a form of history, recent and past, without much sense of context, other than one which has the United States, not as an agent, aside from lofty rhetoric, whereby seldom one questions or even notes any assumptions such as "noble intent" and such, or anything other than "mistakes."

As noted above http://nouturnradio.objectis.net is a very informal effort:

No-U-Turn Radio, connecting commentary & concern, Hank Faunce, Martin Voelker, and as the sad news came in on Monday, 29 July 2013, that Dean Wallace "died tragically earlier this month. Dean was 70 years old and successfully fighting cancer..."

[Hopefully one was able to] "Tune in" to WMFO, www.wmfo.org, 91.5 FM, on Tuesday, 20 July 2013 to hear Chuck 'U. and Edward Beuchert from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. or [was able to] hear the audio whenever one wants [in theory but maybe not always one's social reality, circumstances, choices, etc.,] of course if one copies it before the DMCA-imposed "two-week" period.

A Review of Fine Plumbing Work, and Quite Pleasant Experience

Some times comments read: "...can not say enough about..." but here one can say enough about Jim's Plumbing & Heating -- https://jimsplumbingheating.com/ (617) 484-8234


In addition to the late Hank Faunce, http://www.communitychurchofboston.org/home/uncategorized/a-eulogy-for-hank-faunce/], G/E was "dedicated to him long prior to his passing and Hank even knew of it during a chance meeting between us,  G/E will recognize Dean in thoughts, fond memories of No-U-Turn Radio, and continue to keep such people always in mind.

Radio Peace and Radiate in Peace.

[Thanks Chuck and Edward] for playing the song during the Dean Wallace memorial that G.E roughly described as: ] the song about 'Before Profits" there is People, all that lives, and the environment, a song Dean aired often following the "spill" but rather than propagate the name (there's enough people who propagate private things on public airwaves things) which are others ought be more known such as of Louisiana Bucket Brigade, www.labucketbrigade.org

"G8 [Billion] Integration"

AirwaveWEB - (Rosa) "Integration" (Parks) of "the street" and "the web"


Thank you (again, and everyone involved in the production of Sounds of Dissent)) John Grebe for interviewing Richard Stallman on Saturday, 19 January 2013 (WZBC, 90.3 FM) www.wzbc.org); needless to say other forms of the media seldom if ever mention GNU/Linux, free software generally (yea, in the sense of freedom..) but who somehow manage to frequently mention, propagate "O-things." (A take on his reference in a form of 'subvertising rather than furthering the name....of proprietary things....

It's one thing that many forms of the media and "ideological institutions" appear to be more inclined to propagate nonfree operating systems and proprietary audio formats, etc. but as it is many people "come across" free software by seeking it out, sort of the way some get a different prospective of the world when they are not constrained or accepting of the "permissible spectrum," speaking in the u.s., especially so maybe one will be inclined to "Stand up for your freedom to install free software" and to knwo of it and to support it in various, creative ways.

Some might be trying to give free software the boot:

An update to "read chomsky" [and also one could "Read Chomsky, Footnotes] in the subtitle of G/E now includes the new domain "www.readchomsky.info" as of 8 March 2010 - acquired by way of Gandi's ten year "thank you" to its supporters, that is, those who have helped "persuade others to persuade themselves" to also become supporters of gandi (www.gandi.net).

Well, (maybe not) if enough people write to AISO or act creatively then maybe they will finally consider stating one of their "hosting options as "GNU/Linux hosting":

AISO, www.aiso.net "allows" one to choose GNU/Linux based server, though it does not refer to as such.

www.positive-internet.com continues to standout for properly referring to "GNU/Linux" abd G/E supports them for that.
Though The Positive Internet Company used to have "GNU/Linux" even more prominent as shown below but this is no longer the case.

G/E was using "Lenny," then"Squeeze," and currently "Wheezy," Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 though Monitor no longer display "GNU/Linux" as it used to, at 6.0" www.debian.org/releases/stable/) at "home."

If one wants a file from their computer to use Solar Storage and thus be "worldly," that is, available by way of the World Wide Web, then one might consider this a temporary measure for "access" to it, or until they have a website, not necessarily a sub-domain of some other domain, and interests they might have or represent.

Soon after, actually as "signing," with AISO.NET, G/E entered www.sunlightsolar.com into Iceweasel browser and took note that this website was using AISO too! Something similar once happened when reading Dave Bloom's Alcohol Can be a Gas! and reading at www.permaculture.com

The G/E website will at some point be "one concise page with clear ways to get to everything at the website" in the way that www.fsf.org is....

An Introduction to NoScript (www.noscript.net)

More details to come regarding the effort by Dean Wallace, JR., regarding the "The Able-Disabled Project" (hear Dean on WMFO, 91.5 FM (www.wmfo.org) nearly every Tuesday morning, for years now!

A form of the above about Dean's project was at another form of the media but it tends at times to be "Hidden in Boston Now, Banned in Boston Then."
Thank you Ray Smith for sharing your music.

On Sunday, 14 November 2010, the airing of Ray Smith "special" featuring his recollections of his time with the choir leading to his first "paid gig," his paper route, amd much else along with family, colleagues, and friends, and of course all those he touched, aired for a second time on WGBH.

Walter Bustamante -- principal of B & C Finish Specialists -- and Melvin are exemplary at finish work and remodeling and complementary in all other aspects -- clean up and extra efforts such to place a barrier at work area thus ensuring a January day of 21-24 F would not impact the owner who uses a hospital bed in living room while opening of doors, fine attention to details, pleasure overall especially interacting with family members.

617-270-2554 (SMS and voice)

An exceptional carpenter serving the Boston area. He and his team are apt at cabinetry instnallations, framing, hanging doors, installing wall material, QuietRock, and much more.

The work we experienced was reframing an existing, relatively new door from Millwork for Less, a 36-inch door, after it was determined (plaster was removed for replacing insulation from inside) that the hinge side frame was rotted, header was not sufficient, and there was a missing jack support. B & C also rebuilt the entire area below the threshold. It is not enough to express the door now opens better than before -- the reframing and reinstallation of the door was done with the utmost care and it shows by how it sounds when the door opens and closes, and the doors stays in place when left open!

A review will be forthcoming as well as images of their work.

Contact B & C Finish Specialists electronically:

email address is bcfinishspecialists@****.com

[ The audio for WGBH, using VLC, started asking for HTTP authentication, password, on about February 10th, 2013, it urns out the "stream" is no longer http://streams.wgbh.org... but is http://audio.wgbh.org:8000

"...[T]he WGBH Jazz Club [had a] tribute to Ray Smith with the Paramount Jazz Band and host Ron Della Chiesa on Nov[ember] 19, [2010] at the WGBH studios."
It was one thing when the Jazz Decades was no longer on WGBH, 89.7 FM, at 7:00 p.m. in Boston every Sunday after years at this time, and it continued to remain so after his passing, though without virtually no notice it changed to being 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, that is until 28 October 2013, it was not on the airwaves as anyone awaiting to hear surely knew.  G/E wrote to WGBH stating:                                         Someone might want to change the page
www.wgbh.org/listen/jazz.cfm as the Jazz Decades have no longer been on at 7 p.m. (after years at this time), and as of last week, Sunday, 27 October 2013, it appears that even at 8:00 p.m. was abruptly terminated.

"We are proud to continue sharing Ray Smith's love of music through archived episodes of Jazz Decades, on 89.7 every Sunday at 7pm and online anytime."    It now appears that the Jazz Decades is no longer on WGBH aside from "streams," complete with the sort of "do your part" messages one might be used to hearing, over the airwaves, now in the stream.
Many of us our glad WGBH continued to air the Jazz Decades by way of the airwaves but also probably feel another loss now that they have also left us.

Raymond Arthur Smith [April 13, 1922 to February 26, 2010]

One tribute to Ray Smith is all the people who probably in large part enjoy "his music" (recalling him saying thank you for allowing me to share my music) now and who will continue to enjoy it. During the closing of one of her "trips" before his passing, a few weeks prior, he stated his enjoyment for the music and hopes for others to develop an appreciation.

On Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 7 p.m. WGBH will air a "tribute" to Ray Smith. There ought to be a mention of this at www.wgbh.org at minimum at the "jazz" page. Maybe G/E's "comment" will help to bring this about.

In keeping with the late Ray Smith's consistency yet varyingly refreshing enjoyment of those "musty" - new to some, warm memories no doubt for others - 'ballads, stomps and rags' and much more as his elegant words from the introductory notes every 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening to the closing, where one would hear for example, "be well, get well" were as much an important and enjoyable part of the "Jazz Decades." Well now it is on at 8:00 p.m., how could it be changed after all those years being on at 7:00 p.m. but at least, and righfully so, the half-way point does not have any "commerical.

His knowledge and love, humor, insight, articulation of his feelings about the music he so long enjoyed, clarity and tone of his voice was also an instrument to complement the music.

The threat of a [www.]goodexample.info", G/E, tries to acknowledge those that are in a sense, entirely different - from the way all too typically is the case in some forms of discourse - they are and will always be exemplary: Ray Smith "is."

In response to a letter of mine Ray Smith noted he did know of Hank Faunce but G/E was not too surprised to read they had a different "reading of history." I hope all is well with him; I may even get the courage to call on him again as I did by chance in way at WMFO.

G/E was, and continues to be dedicated to Hank Faunce. I now reserve a place along with the one that will always be in my heart and mind for Ray Smith.

I meant to write Ray again to say it was not meant to be disrespectful of his name when I actually "mistakenly" referred to him as "Jazz Smith" (as common as it might sound at the time and thereafter it remained a fond memory for me) when my mom called me to get me to attend my focus elsewhere, and my response was, "you know [or ought to know by now] that I will be hearing 'Jazz Smith' at that time [7.00 p.m. in the Boston area.]"
For more of the thoughtfully expressed words as aired prior to the Sunday, 28 February 2010 airing of Jazz Decades:

"Jazz Decades [Always]"
Thinking of the song - one of many versions of it by Shirley Bassey - and much else:

"Day by Day" - [Many] things ["we" work to facilitate and integrate for more to] see [and do more about]:

December 28, 2010:

In regards to hearing WMFO, 91.5 FM, by way of its stream using URL, which also applies to recording it if using VLC, MPLAYER, or another media player, whereby the URL is specfied, try this:

-Update; G/E noticed on 11 July 2011, after waiting too long to obtain some archived radio, namely Socialist Alternative from ..and Maxine B's Tune Raider and other music related ones (already recorded Dean and then the Ruminator...), that the archive is no longer well beyond "two weeks."

Glad to see that reference is made to this less than arbitrary "two week" limit, though one might to those mentioned below, to include: EFF (www.eff.org) and others concerned about DMCA, www.fsf.org, www.stallman.org, etc. (though if one uses NoScript (www.noscript.net) or enable JavaScript selectively then they are unlikely to get any message that the WMFO website has determined that Iceweasel does not have JavaScript "enabled."WMFO,91.5 FM, "http://wmfo-duke.orgs.tufts.edu:8000"

With the WMFO website changes one thing remains: the prominence of Iprop but not GNU/Linux, "PLAY OGG," and much else that seems to not get "propagated," hardly even mentioned in some forms of the media where one would expect this to be different.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010:

It is understandable that Dean Wallace, WMFO (www.wmfo.org, 91.5 FM, "two week archive") mistakenly stated that [Brian Young, A Morning Quickie, weekdays, check him on Saturdays, etc.] there would be a Rolling stones retrospective Wednesday morning, 30 June 2010; rather it will be three or more hours of the Grateful Dead.
" 'Lacking the genius of Japan, [South Vietnam] must probably accomplish this [imitating its market-oriented neighbors] by inviting them [foreign investors] to bring their business within its borders.' Good, hard, nonideological economic analysis."

From "For Reasons of State" by Noam Chomsky ("With a New Introduction By Arundhati Roy" New Press)

On Tuesday, 2 March 2010 as G/E tuned into 88.1 FM for (www.fsrn.org) Free Speech Radio News - supporters and propagaters of some forms of the media and newspapers and such might ask why not hear of "Kucinich Announces Introduction of Privileged Resolution to End Afghan War" ( Dennis Kucinich and much else....whereby "The Jazz Train" fine host Jon Pollack aired the theme and spoke some find words when he said,'thanks ray for the years and years of enjoyable music."

"Not all forms of 'the media' are fair." Or, Not all forms of the media are F.A.I.R. (www.fair.org) in the sense....

"In lieu of George Carlin [support F.A.I.R]"

Freesense and Free Sense are possibly ways to discern proprietary software and audio and video forms) that might be no charge to download, or in ways of discussing various

"Click Less [re]Search More" (Remember TAB Key next....to (add) ...)

Duck DuckGo as heard on Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds, 95.9 (www/959watd.com)

Audubon Shop

Massachusetts Audubon Society 208 South Great Road Lincoln, MA 01773

On 8 January 2011 Ray mentioned the following two places in regards to "carrying" Birds & Beans - The Good [Shade Grown, but is it "rustic"] Coffee: [Berkshire Co-op Market]


On Saturday, May 22, 2010: "Count G/E Out When It's Hot," that is, when someone on WMFO is trying to gauge (count) how many of us are "out there"! G/E usually hears (on actual radio and when not using an 'ole stereo receiver; one probably has to finely adjust tuner to get 91.5 FM which is between two corporate signals, polite commercial, "non-commercial" so-called radio, and wow how they self-appraise themselves) Brian on Saturday mornings for some fine radio - maybe Brian is using the same chair that Hank Faunce sat, in. "Come in gentleman." - can also still hear the squeaks.
Though "[Daring] Dick Doherty" www.beantowncomedy.com (800-401-2221) referred to the integrative link reference (as well as Face to Face and some other bands that some of you may have heard of or even heard in the clubs") as ".ORG" on Brian Young's Saturday Fun Form Radio (also on on weekday mornings for a "Morning Quickie:" (wmfo.org, it is what is is, what G/E just referenced!
31 May 2010: Since https://www.goodexample.info as hosted by www.aiso.net is not currently being relatively "dynamically indexed" G/E, that is, M/E, is reverting, to www.objectis.net....but back again: 31 May 2010 4 p.m. EST.
On Sunday, May 15, 2011 on WZBC, 90.3 FM: Noam Chomsky made the comments below about Truth and Justice Radio. Also, in a "rare Saturday audition" an interview, recorded Saturday, 14 May 2011, by Martin Voelker...details later.

This is Noam Chomsky.

Congratulations to Truth and Justice Radio for receiving the Sacco and Vanzetti social justice award. This independent program features intelligent, dissenting voices rarely heard on our own often shallow and conformist media landcape, so thank you for listening to truth and justice radio on WZBC.

[a partial bit from the above mentioned interview]


Question by Fernando Casado, Universty of Madrid (not yet certain of details of this)

Do you think .... all these journalist who write being in very obvious in the violation of the principle of journalism?

[even with slowing VLC down I G/E can not hear some parts clearly; for one thing speakers on PC not loud; maybe I will try headphones.]

No. It's in accord with the principles of journalism. The principle of journalism is to support power.

May 11, 2011:

Thanks to Pete for mentioning at the beginning of "Love and Mathematics" about the "award," as I view it for the efforts of everyone involved with Truth and Justice Radio, as presented consistently (in a positive sense) Sunday morning, yes, 6:00 a.m., and some of us do hear it over the airwaves, and have for years, or more accurately since its conception, but the same goes, well nearly virtually for Sounds of Dissent, the 'ole No Censorship Radio, No-U-Turn Radio, the Martin- and Dean-era, etc., which fortunately are or have been some examples of the many other forms of the media that exist.

It happens, this one, Truth and Justice Radio, 90.3 FM, or of course by way of "live" audio stream, or audio "archive" appears "between" the frequency of two others, 89.7 FM and 90.9 FM, that one might say, probably without any chance of ever happening, unless as maybe stated by someone calling in or having their comments sent electronically or by letter, anything close to, or as impolite as this:

First see "The Record of the Paper: How the New York Times Misreports US Foreign Policy" if one is going to refer to it then 'make it worth it', if so inclined.

"....The Record of the Paper should be read and pondered carefully, and taken as a call for action by concerned citizens." Noam Chomsky

....wasn't lying when they said that it led to the region's stability. And the reason is because of the meaning of the word "stability" as a technical meaning. Stability is ""it's kind of like democracy. Stability means conformity to our interests. So, for example, when Iran tries to expand its influence in Afghanistan and Iraq, neighboring countries, that's called "destabilizing." It's part of the threat of Iran. It's destabilizing the region. On the other hand, when the U.S. invades those countries, occupies them, half destroys them, that's to achieve stability. And that is very common, even to the point where it's possible to write former editor of Foreign Affairs that when the U.S. overthrew the democratic government in Chile and instituted a vicious dictatorship, that was because the U.S. had to destabilize Chile to achieve stability. That's in one sentence, and nobody noticed it, because that's correct, if you understand the meaning of the word "stability." Yeah, you overthrow a parliamentary government, you install a dictatorship, you invade a country and kill 20,000 people, you invade Iraq and kill hundreds of thousands of people � that's all bringing about stability. Instability is when anyone gets in the way.

"Noam Chomsky: "The U.S. and Its Allies Will Do Anything to Prevent Democracy in the Arab World" is from "FAIR's [Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting] 25th Anniversary Benefit"

The Sacco-Vanzetti Event Committee [HTML tag added] coordinates the church's signature event, the annual presentation of the Sacco & Vanzetti Social Justice Award to an individual or group voted by the congregation to receive the honor...."

[Free American Movement -- what was written 30 May 2010 regarding Truth and Justice Radio and the BBC both interviewing Greta Berlin, and having the same topic: Free Gaza Movement is "Dated by Violence."

Also, thinking of Howard's Zinn...from Democracy Now! which "aired" again: "Noam Chomsky: The Center Cannot Hold: Rekindling the Radical Imagination" on WZBC (as well as partially the other day -thanks for "going into" Love and Mathematics after it was played again for twenty or so minutes on the "wrong day" - never the wrong day in a sense....)

On Saturday, 16 July 2011, while waiting for Good Health to open, notice this, and wondered waht Howard would say, then quickly realized he wrote and spoke of this sort of thing quite often:

" Rejoice that for at least once, I have been of some use for our country." written near "island" across from church near Elm and Hancock.

From DN!, on the May 2010 Memory Day:

"...Well, for the radical imagination to be rekindled and to lead the way out of this desert, what is needed is people who will work to sweep away the mists of carefully contrived illusion, reveal the stark reality, and also to be directly engaged in popular struggles that they sometimes help galvanize. So what is needed, in short, is the late Howard Zinn. Terrible loss. Well, there won�t be another Howard Zinn, but we can take to heart his praise for �the countless small actions of unknown people� that lie at the roots of the great moments of history..."

Regarding Free of the Open Seas as Gaza "is..." "Fishing for Gaza"....As of 31 May 2010, what was written the day before is, as noted above, "dated by violence."

If one heard someone on the BBC World Service as "aired" in the U.S., etc. stating what ought to have been a "routine operation," maybe one might add, gone awry, does it mean to suggest the wrong sort of concern might be the outcome, that is, "concern" for those trying to bring "supplies" to Gaza as well as a practical near term goal to end the "blockade" (or a problem with "preferred" image?), maybe a factor being if people are miseducated in the sense of not adequately indoctrinated, not passively or uncritically accepting state pronouncements and undeclared but held assumptions, held such that one might even think they are not assumptions... a trait or service shared by some forms of the media... or something else if all went "well."

Hopefully by now more people are aware and then some by way of many forms of the media and elsewhere, other means, and if they such casual utterances were made it was noticed for being a case of obvious "sound journalism", "objective" and quite polite, though one might wonder does it mean everyone ought to have been killed...or that "this "operation" is to be accepted without notice or maybe confined only to some part of the world...]

When hearing propagated mention of "pro-Palestinian activists" aside from thinking of "people" killed as well as maybe thinking of the [MV / ] Rachel Corrie http://rachelcorriefoundation.org/2010/05/1005 (www.freegaza.org/en/home/press-releases/1171-second-ship-joins-the-freedom-flotilla-on-way-to-gaza), (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Rachel_Corrie) one might recall -- if they have ever read it -- (http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Chomsky/Noam_Chomsky.html), that is, the book World Orders Old and New ("Palestinian Rights" mentioned on Democracy Now! on May 23, 2011; this book notes the lack of reference to this term...and actuality (like "old and new wine bottles" (not referring to it in this integrative reference, specifically, but: www.zcommunications.org/year-501-world-orders-old-and-new-part-i-by-noam-chomsky whereby "Palestinian Rights" and much more are discussed.

One is unlikely to hear or see that term in some forms of the media, or what passes all too often for commentary, or worse yet deemed [critical] analysis.

"No non-free or contrib packages installed on debian! rms would be proud." If one is running vrms then this might be the case! See vrms (http://vrms.alioth.debian.org/) in Synaptic Package Manager

G/E is, or has done, "foolish" things so you won't (hopefully) do something similar:
First, though it obvious, thinking and preparing about a "backup" is not the same as having a backup copy of all files one hopes to preserve...

For instance, if one reinstalls an operating system (os) (when some non-filesystem files reside on system disk of course), or adds a partition for say Debian GNU/Linux, and a host of other things, not blaming these things, but it hints at what G/E did, the gist of it, details follow. The computer system did not appear to have any ethernet adapter by way of a CD Debian installation disk, that is it was evident after first creating a new partition, so of course not to change the systyem and files that were wanted, and being told this.

Though being careful using Partition disks step of Graphical Installer it turned out that base files were being installed on the partition of interest. In haste and most reluctantly a non-free os was added to another new partition....details of which are below.

To the heart of what was "lost": After having VLC (www.videolan.org), also see FSF (www.fsf.org) effort "Play OGG," "save" years worth of WATD streams such as Ron Dwyer when he aired consistently each weeknight save Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., his Saturday six-hour program, also Yesterday's Memories from the archive www.realoldies.com and streams of it so G/E had some shows that the "guys did not have! computer problem things), and Larry's Saturday noon show, overnight with Kevin, Bill's Sunday show and Dave Skill's special airing of various holiday, etc., G/E would have been able to let them know there was an extensive, organized audio archive of their efforts if not for having an external disk, preparing to move files to it but in a haste, after having a motherboard replaced and not having the onboard ethernet adapter work, (added PCI board) I attempted to install a nonfree operating sytem which notified nicely that such actions would make the partition of [GNU/Linux] "another os" "inactive."

And numbers, nearly every Sunday Truth and Justice complete "four hours" for the last several years (even though it is archived for "two weeks," generally saved stream, along with nearly every week of No-U-Turn Radio with Dean as host, Ruminator, various bits of other bits of interest from other forms of the media. Side-note: If DMCA is an effort to "protect" further copywritten material and prevent ease that one can locate and download songs or words (why the limit on what appears to be non-copywritten material, some even Creative Commons licenses still gets it? Of course DMCA also "protects" profits.

Though I know about programs to activate it I could not and in effect "lost" the files I intended to move to external when I resorted to deleted partition and starting a new Debian GNU/Linux installation..

Now on about why does V-'sign tell you to use another browser and why does one state to go to a non-free (https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html) operating system when one does not have a DSL signal or such when even though it is not "supported." One ought to know it works, an internet connection ought not be depended on a os.

Now back with a "new' Debian GNU/Linux system and no longer keeping any non-filesystem files on disk, or backing up frequently. WATD some mention at 4 p.m. - probably AP Radio News.... and then WBUR's so-called top of the hour though All things but Palestinian Rights and much more began with "Be Public Citizens" (http://www.citizen.org/boycott-bp) instead of propagating the corporate name - even if critical it still is propagating the name....like propagating "inner city" and "both sides of the aisle" and so many other frames of terms - add something, nuance and degree of detail or if not "[crucial] concision" expand upon the euphemism and assumptions often used.....

["Formal democracy" is] not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not a [Kissinger] concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern."

Any "apology" forthcoming for "anything that moves"..., that is,

�massive bombing of Cambodia, anything that flies on anything that moves." (http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/200408--.htm) "War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies"

Noam Chomsky interviewed by David Barsamian

International Socialist Review, Issue 37, September�October, 20

If like Between the Lines (www.btlonline.org) one might be able to hear something on radio and then see it in text form - thinking of BBC World Service - though may see "read full summary' of "briefing" it does not show text...and G/E once wrote to FSRN in regards to software which searches audio files; can one imagine some forms of the media having this choice.

and get to how it is up to ..to allow food and to decide if some other people have enough of it.,,.... not to mention claiming living standard or was it standard of living as judged by someone else, a representative of the "occupier/ landlord" or "landhoard" in Gaza is just fine...

On Sunday, 30 May 2010, Truth and Justice Radio, www.wzbc.org, specifically Sherif Fam, This Week in Palestine, (he ought go beyond closing with, e.g., "thanks Greta", as one may not always know by voice who one is, or might come in after interview began, so the "full name" ought to be stated. Yes, actual radio airwaves, and the BBC World Service, had the same person being interviewed, and same primary topic, discussing "the blockade of Gaza" and the "Free Gaza Movement, www.freegaza.org.

Sort of like Democracy Now and other radio shows at times, rarely, yes, discussing the same person or topic, though probably the result of obviousness of the timing, a report out or such, a death of someone, etc.

The later did mention "it," the topic, unlike some forms of "the media" in the United States.

The "full name" was Greta Berlin....

Each "hour" WZBC audio is "archived;" if using Mplayer or VLC, etc, use this URL:

http://amber.streamguys.com:4860/ for the "live" stream." It is "available" by way of www.zbconline.com (and "playlist" ought to have a more direct "ponter" aside from obv ios date and time) for two weeks, but there is, thankfully http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/42778.

Most likely for music but this so-called "playlist" from Truth and Justice Radio is http://spinitron.com/public/index.php?station=wzbc&month=May&year=2010&playlist=16690, watch out for tin'url's or know of them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TinyURL

Gaza aid flotilla 'leaves Cyprus'

As the refrain goes: "Hamas took power", translating, an election "turned out the wrong way."

"For the Open Source movement, non-free software is a suboptimal solution. For the Free Software movement, non-free software is a social problem and free software is the solution." www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-for-freedom.html, Why �Free Software� is better than �Open Source�

What follows is from www.gnu.org/philosophy/categories.html as all too often the distinction is left unstated, or worse ambiguous, or simple meaning or suggesting that what is meant by "free" is "no charge" to download software or an audio for that is non-free, proprietary. "Non-free software, products, and formats get propagated mcug by some on radio and such; the point here is to propagate free software.

" The term �open source� software is used by some people to mean more or less the same category as free software. It is not exactly the same class of software: they accept some licenses that we consider too restrictive, and there are free software licenses they have not accepted. However, the differences in extension of the category are small: nearly all free software is open source, and nearly all open source software is free.

We prefer the term �free software� because it refers to freedom�something that the term �open source� does not do.
One might want to use VLC (www.videolan.org/vlc/ at least "GNU/Linux" is rightly noted) as one does but not to obvious or possible for some radio audio....

WATD in Marshfield, the world, now has a different URL for stream ...for use by anyone who uses Videolan, etc.

From here but now it works with slight change...



though url may be dynamically generated...

Whereas this used to work....


As of several months August 2020 this url works to stream and record (Videolan, etc.) works:


WATD 95.9 FM --"The [world's] radio station"

One case WATD, 95.9 FM claims only one audio player can be used but of course VLC can be used..... http://out-2.icy.abacast.com:80/marshfield-watdfm-32 www.fsf.org/campaigns/playogg/how

When one notes software being "free" it ought be more often noted, qualified to it not being say: one is "free" to download" proprietary audio formats if one so chooses, or software but one is laso "free" to support www.fsf.org and www.gnu.org, etc..... if VLC is licensed GPL "version 3." or if it uses "version 2," why not prominently displayed as more than a cursory look revealed, or did not, aside from at least noting "free software" and "pointing to "The Free Software Definition" at https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

Add Avi Chomsky on Radio with a View but why is Salem State's Peace Institute "Events" dated? She noted how the Boston passport location, O'Neill Building, presume, that with a U.S. passport one can virtually "enter" anywhere in the world...

Slightly modified from T&J:

Modesto Ruiz Espinoza,

Venezuelan National Assembly Member

Monday, March 29, 2010, 11am-12:30pm


Sullivan Building Room 104, Salem State College, 352 Lafayette St. Venezuelan National Assembly member, Modesto Ruiz Espinoza represents the predominantly Afro-Venezuelan region of Barlovento. He is an activist for Afro-Venezuelan rights. Learn about Venezuela's experiment in 21st century socialism and the struggle for the rights of Afro- Venezuelans. Sponsored by the Salem State College Peace Institute and the Program in Latin American Studies : Professor Avi Chomsky achomsky@salemstate.edu 978-542-6389

Some of us don't consider ourselves anyone's "listeners" ("Our listeners," "your listeners," "a caller", etc.), nor more ought to....

nonfreechoice.html"Knowingly supporting non-free formats or choosing ones such as ogg....

NEtWorked AdS: Get it?

"News" - well so it is claimed; and there the so-called "Sunday Shows", and references to late shows, and other generically named "twoday, yesterday, here now everywhere, only a shame, All things from a corporate perspective, that one might think there is not other forms of networked news, that is other forms of the media - as clearly exist - be it not always, evident without some form of active citizenry involvement - as it ought to be known not just by those who practically do a research paper to find them, so more could refer to them so as to give hints of their existence: networked independent mass media. Is that not what Independent Media Center's are, all the interconnected community-campus radio stations that air DN! and FSRN, BTL, and such. (Add more here)

All that is supposed to say that by referring to "Sunday Shows" or propgaating the ideas that "the newtworks" only refer to the so-called traditional ones then maybe, just maybe, it may preclude some from thinking about, and developing further, integrated, non "profit over people" networks.

"Click Less [re]Search More", Community Ads, Community Advertising, a click away, NEtWorked adS (NEWS), Advertising Sense, Ads in Public Space for people who do not "just go to" some website, etc, who are not "spectators" but "participants" - or are so inclined.

Propagators in another sense: Supporters not propagators (of all things corporate, proprietary, etc) -- "Stimulus [Citizenry] Funds"

Supporters and citizens in all forms, in addition to monetary; propagating what one values: free software in the FSF sense, actual community radio stattions (hey 'mgo why the http:// in the donate plea?. - WMFO, the people and the website could "squeeze" in some mention on non-proprietary audio players...beyond Iprop.

"The need for disorder", 40 Years of WMFO, Medford (MA), Somerville, the world (well, most of it) 91.5 FM, www.wmfo.org WMFO

Knights of Columbus, in Pembroke (MA), a special prom. As heard on WATD (95.9 FM) during Ron's usual Saturday "time" on 13 March 2010 ; rather than contact Kbmckenna09...@com...net G/E offered this: specialprom@goodexample.info to Kevin McKenna who can be contacted to support more than an "event."


Noam Chomsky lectures on March 6, 2010 at Harvard Yard: Obama’s foreign [interest] policy at Noon, Harvard Memorial Church, Harvard Yard.

Truth and Justice Radio, WZBC, 90.3 FM, Newton, ("[most of] the world"), on Sunday, 28 March 2010 aired the audio from the March 6, 2010, Harvard Memorial Church, sponsored by "Harvard Extension International Relations Club," and recorded by Mark Weaver (http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/40471), though Q&A were left for another time; but as all too typical:

what was stated, other than recording by "Mark Weaver" was other quite potentially, integrative information, that which was not mentioned, be it constraints, etc., could foster 'integration."

For instance, many times Freeman Z is mentioned but not always details of www.492cafe.org.

Hopefully, what follows will show how what is noted on air could be complemented by T&J website and by anyone who chooses to do it.

The above audio is --unlike those that refer to other formats, if at all -- sort of as an afterthought, but Mark does not, he mentions the format being OGG.

G/E adds:

Creative Commons License
Justice for U.S., Cost to U.S., "The 'Cost' to U.S.," "Green Walkway," "Green Walkway Pickup," "Complementing the Media," "Missed by [some forms of]'the media'," "Roads and Bridges and [Walkways]," Talk about Integration, Talkin about Integration, People, Not Wholly Profits, Radio Peace, Radiate in Peace, Internet Play, Integration Play and Cambridge Naturally by "the threat of a [www.]goodexample.info" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Havens Center Lecture The Role of the Radical Intellectual: Some Personal Reflections, April 8, 2010, 7 p.m, Orpheum Theatre, 216 State St. [Madison, WI]

Stand for Haiti, and "Stand with Haiti" - noting Paul Farmer's book "The Uses of Haiti" whereby Noam Chomsky noted that the book was destined for oblivion if memory...it does but just the same: -- "Chomsky, Farmer Discuss �Uses of Haiti� By Brian Loux"

The website: http://www.paddybarrys.com/) -- "Paddy Barry's Ales & Spirits -- The best little pub in the world ... 1574 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169 617.770.3620" could have been as "clear" as was made on WATD (95.9 FM) about the "Hope for Haiti Fundraiser featuring 'The Lombard Boys' & special guests. ..."

The has a "map" reference to 'whowho... "The World" on WGBH now mentions Partners in Health - even note the website - as it ought to have been doing years ago.....squeezing them in with Phar.....polite ads on so-called non-commercial radio.

Citizinn - one among many potential self-described characterizations and qualities and the like - differing by others which wrongly generalize and propagate, that is, this does not include being termed "consumers", also noting when one says "just goto to some website or some proprietary audio format, etc, or say "just show your CharlieCard..." as announced on a Wellington station platform on Sunday, 28 February 2010 around noon: "hi, this is - from fitness for a free of hearing announcements just show your RosaCard....also included characterizations of low-income person, people, children, town, cities, and even country - though tend to be described as "poor countries...."

Creative Commons License
Citizinn, Community Ads, Advertising Sense, Advertising Community, Ads in Public, Community Advertising, Public Ads, Private Wind, "The treat of some 'Ads'," Landhoard, Be Public Citizen, Fishing for Gaza, Ads in Public Space, Corporate Free Ads, Iprop, Mess Highway, Collective Liter, Freedom to Assemble Digitally, FRee Air, "The instinct for [free software.]", the instinct for GNU, Community Commercials, and Community Advertising by "the threat of a [www.]goodexample.info" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

"Mess Highway" is not directed to any of the people who do actually work, if is to the so-called management and to citizens apparently oblivious or indifferent to the fact that there is not a single suggestive indicator that there might be people too that "cross" walk in this area.

Sort of like Ralph Cramden, was it planned to only "paint" half the cross walk some eight weeks after repavement of the circle area?

It had been literally years since crosswalk lines were virtually non-existent. As if that had any influence on the way many people come through this rotary area, even when one is "in" the crosswalk. All Medford, can muster at Winthrop Circle is barrel with a sign relatively small but it does state state law yield to pedestrians in cross walk but what on the yellow sign prominent in Arlinton on Mass. Ave and Tufts area, College Ave not to mention Assembly Marektplace - two at each of the crosswalks, some ten of them in this one area of Somerville.

After the tree branch hanging over the sidewalk since January 2010 and since G/E was unable to move it over so-called guard rail the simple sign "mess highway" might have had an influence: a few days later the tree branch was cut. Coincidence?

much more to write here add yellow Sign about strictly enforced, the metal sign post sticking up about eight inches for years on walkway, etc. the so-called bus stops at Elm Street and at circle - it seems the only bus hanger in Medford has the name of a bank on it. The one - the temporary one - at garage across from tram to and from Wellington Station - now a walkway - with a scale that well, and aside from no bus stop at landing area it is clearly an impractical walk for some people who m\would otherwise want to go. And this from someone who typically walks from Wellington to bus 92 to downtown a the the stop in Assembly Marketplace.. if one has the pleasure of walking through the Roosevelt Circle area

Martin Voelker was on the "airwaves" on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 at 7:00 a.m., 91.5 FM and will presumably be airing Alternative RAdio till 9:00 a.m. when the Ruminator will most likely be on. Of course, audio remains, and of course anyone can hear from virtualy anywhere; note I did not say: "you can" which goes with out saying is so over used by so many people on the radio. Maybe some people can ask themselves if "we can" air Alternatve Radio, TUC Radio and much else why don't we... www.alternativeradio.org/all_speakers.shtml, it is not only Noam Chomsky who one might have to wait "ten years" to hear on some forms of the media, even hsi old "stomping grounds" but many of the views of reality and analysis and much else that one hears if one is basically a "seeker" on Truth and Justice Radio, John Grebe and everyone who for twelve years has been invloved, Chuck Rosina AKA Chuck U, Linda P, many....

"Alternative Radio is a weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free [again one might ask why not even aired at 2 00 a.m. on some radio stations and of course this is "offered" but there is a cost to produce so one might prefer to say it is offfered at "no charge" but one ought to support in various forms, that is, there is many ways to support] to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media."

Thanks to WATD (95.9 FM Marshfield, MA, www.959watd.com) for mentioning Partners in Health (www.pih.org) and ...Haiti event....

As of about October 9, 2010: If one uses VLC to save audio from WTAD it now appears to require Java and proprietary software in order to use the stream agent 95.9 FM is currently using. When G/E gets the URL it will be here as some still refer to the "slower," mono audio streams. Thanks to Larry for on-air comments about the changes to the stream. At least the WATD site no longer says that "you need" such-and-such player to hear...

G/E is geting closer to having a URL to stream/save WATD, 95.9 FM in MArshfield, MA, again in order to use VLC or any other player that one wants to use:

http://out-2.icy.abacast.com:80/marshfield-watdfm-32 as of November 15, 2010 still unable though to "save' audio, only able to stream it from WATD by way of above URL.

Talkin About Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds....

A consistently enjoyable, informative, even funny at times, and without the least bit of being pretentious. The Let's Ask Mike [as in the Bird Watcher's General Store] segment in itself could be a show! As it is the show compares to the late Ray Smith's Jazz Decades, it being the fastest hour of the week; Talkin' Birds is the fastest half-hour.

The www.talkinbirds.com website states it:

"Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining, light-hearted conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way."



Rally Around the Concern Pole -- needless to mention to some, the monies available...or the concern that some have in knowing that their taxes are being used for a child's "school lunch" or such but some how it is often missed the monies used for "pentagon waste [for some, profits for others]" [thanks to "Edward" (WMFO) (don't know him well enough to be on first name basis!]

"One thing that Noam Chomsky mentioned [at talk 2 April 2010] .... later on this week... is student worker rally with the goal to be save libraies, [save] medical services, jobs and benefits... that's Friday April 9 at noon, behind Kresge Auditorium at the campus, the MIT campus." Friday, April 9, 2010 at noon "behind" Kresge Auditorium

G/E can usually be more specific and add references to complement what was "heard" be it on radio, etc. such things maybe of interest to others, this is not a case of that:

On Friday, April 9, 2010 at noon "behind Kresge Auditorium there is / (was, in the spirit of forward looking history and a lot more) a "rally" of sorts, a campus-community show of concern about libraries [not bombs"], [people not bombs], and as piecemeal, in part noted below.

If one wants to hear a recording in its "entirety" then I would say this is not the recording G/E would suggest, though qualifying that pronouncement by stating G/E values greatly what Edward Beuchert does on air (even had Hank in the mix once, at least once to these ears). about one hour "in" -- http://wmfo-primary.orgs.tufts.edu:14/cgi-bin/castbotv2?s-year=2010&s-month=4&s-day=6&s-hour=07&e-year=2010&e-month=4&e-day=6&e-hour=09

Unlike those appearing to generally support by way of their propagation of various proprietary formats (referring to others and in part other forms of the media not WMFO but still critical of them, and expect, in a different sense more from them: WMFO makes prominent two audio players but does not mention: OGG

- nor go as far as even suggesting one ""PLAYOGG"

G/E would suggest that Chuck Rosina - in a way akin to recalling "good morning" greeting by Martin Voelker, be more prominent on airwave-street-web - of course they are all connected or ought to be though as such - to better reflect all his efforts over the years - side note - mentioned his FSRN (http://www.fsrn.org/audio/headlines-tuesday-march-9-2010/6345) to those "picketing" at Copley but as is often the norm the one person I spoke with did not know of www.labornotes.org, nor FSRN, www.boston.indymedia.org, etc....but now maybe s/he does! (as of last heard at www.alternativeradio.org), WMFO (wwww.wmfo.org), followed by Hank Faunce - integrate his recording efforts more so with individuals and groups would likely support his efforts, non-monetary support can, and is beneficial too.



"Rally" around the Concern Pole - "Save" Monies for "Pentagon Waste"

Friday, April, 9, 2010 there was, or will have been a "rally" behind Kresge Auditorium in regards to concern about what some people value, one might be right in thinking many people in the Boston area and elsewhere value (and work to change others - especially those institutions uncritical of "preventive invasions") such institutions as libraries (www.bpl.org), things besides the oft-mentioned "roads & bridges;" what about walkways (of course for strollers, bikes, dogs, even cats....); did you know "about it", the 'rally." If so, how, and how could more know the next time there is a "rally."

"Rally" Around the Concern Pole -- needless to mention to some, the monies available to support the "free market," and much else, not in need of "saving."

When it comes to defense, democracy is going to have to wait" (A. Bunker)

There is the concern that some have in knowing or even thinking that "tax revenues" are being used for a child's "school lunch" or such but some how it is often missed the monies used for "pentagon waste [for some, profits for others]."

[Thanks to "Edward" (WMFO) (don't know him well enough to be on first name basis!) for the following; hopefully, accurately quoted from Tuesday, 6 June 2010, when he was in for Dean (91.5 FM, 7-9:00 a.m. No U-Turn Radio - like the road signs as Martin Voelker was fond of saying.]

"One thing that Noam Chomsky mentioned [at talk 2 April 2010] .... later on this week... is student worker rally with the goal to be save libraries, [save] medical services, jobs and benefits... that's Friday April 9 at noon, behind Kresge Auditorium at the campus, the MIT campus."

That is, Friday, April 9, 2010 at noon "behind" Kresge Auditorium.

G/E can usually be more specific and add references to complement what was "heard" be it on radio, etc. such things maybe of interest to others, this is not a case of that:

Would have like to include "Stand up for Library'" sorts and others too,,,,

On Friday, April 9, 2010 at noon "behind" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kresge_Auditorium) Kresge Auditorium there is / (was, in the spirit of forward looking newswire history and a lot more) a "rally" of sorts, a campus-community show of concern about libraries [not bombs"], [people not bombs], and as limited in detail as this is, in part noted below.

If one wants to hear a recording in its "entirety" then I would say this is not the recording G/E would suggest, though qualifying that pronouncement by stating G/E values greatly what Edward Beuchert does on air (even had Hank in the mix once, at least once to these ears). (about one hour "in") --

For "two weeks:"


Unlike those appearing to generally support by way of their propagation of various proprietary formats (referring to others and in part other forms of the media not WMFO but still critical of them, and expect, in a different sense more from them: WMFO makes prominent two audio players but does not mention: OGG

- nor go as far as even suggesting one: www.fsf.org/news/playogg.html -- "PLAYOGG"

G/E would suggest that Chuck Rosina - in a way akin to recalling "good morning" greeting by Martin Voelker, be more prominent on airwave-street-web - of course they are all connected or ought to be thought as such - to better reflect all his efforts over the years;

It was mentioned: FSRN

(http://www.fsrn.org/audio/headlines-tuesday-march-9-2010/6345) to those "picketing" the same "chain wage" 'shop' at Copley but as is often the norm the one person G/E spoke with did not know of www.labornotes.org, nor FSRN, www.boston.indymedia.org, etc....but now maybe s/he does!

(regarding Martin as of last heard at www.alternativeradio.org), WMFO (www.wmfo.org), followed by Hank Faunce...)

As for Chuck U. - ought integrate his recording efforts more so with individuals and groups, those that would likely support his efforts, non-monetary support can, and is beneficial too.

From http://www.justicewithpeace.org/node/1119 with URLs moved to brackets:

"A conversation with Arundhati Roy [ http://www.haymarketbooks.org/hc/Field-Notes-on-Democracy ] and Noam Chomsky [ www.chomsky.info ]:

Democracy's Endgame? Friday, April 2, 2010, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Where: MIT Campus � Bldg. 26, Room 26-100 � Cambridge .... [ http://www.weroy.org/arundhati.shtml ] Moderator: Amy Goodman [www.democracynow.org) [when stating "all that and more" it seems someone at DN and anyone else could be more creative in a short phrase expressing, for instance, the obvious, surely, that there are different forms of 'the media', some not with a "profit over people" perspective. [ Arundhati Roy asked the question that ought to be asked (and many others as well as questioning assumptions or at least noting them as such, those that one begins one's discourse from; she rightly asks, paraphrasing: whereas some question life after death what of life after democracy? Beyond "formal democracy" in the U.S. with its, when noted honestly, affect on others, not an agent only of noble intentions, sometimes going awry, or when things get deemed a "mistake." "Please join us for a conversation with Arundhati Roy, author of The God of Small Things and Field Notes on Democracy, and MIT professor of Linguistics and Philosophy Noam Chomsky, author of Hegemony or Survival [http://www.americanempireproject.com/bookpage.asp?ISBN=0805076883] and the forthcoming book, ([http://www.penguinbooksindia.com/HamishHamilton/hamish-hamilton-Noam-Chomsky.asp] Hopes and Prospects , as they discuss the threats to democracy in the United States, India, and worldwide. .... Sponsored by the Technology and Culture Forum [ http://web.mit.edu/tac/upcoming/ ] at MIT. Co-Sponsored with the MIT Program in Women's and Gender Studies" G/E would have chose (www.afsc.org) American Friends Service Committee as the reference but it leaves out some of the likely ways to "integrate" beyond HTML links.... G/E does not generally refer to them, unless in a rightly critical way but here one did not have to await a "call" for someone to mention "what is called 'defense' " in a discussion on "Solutions For Bringing Down The National Debt."


Maybe former Senator Alan Simpson - taking him to be a "stalking horse" for everyone's children - when he referred to not being one for "taxes" but being a "stalking horse for my grandchildren" gave a bit more "permissible spectrum" here than what is at times mainly extended, as implied above, by what gets "in' from someone "calling" - all too often referred to as "caller" which maybe G/E takes too sensitive like "you our listeners" but by a "certain reading of history" instills G/E to be "sensitive" to anything close to one wanting, preferring, whatever it may be for more people to be "spectators" rather than "participants."

If memory serves this was mentioned during DN! closing but the DN! website ought to better integrate too.

Though recently mentioned www.fair.org but it is hardly the norm, it could be on www.democracynow.org website.


In regards to securing one's email, encryption, etc. and not including phone numbers addresses, etc. in mail unless aware of the risks....Thawte (https://search.thawte.com/support/ssl-digital-certificates/index?page=content&id=SO12658) no longer has "no charge..." Well, update this, no longer, change to Thawte....


"Snow Shoveling," Everett, Malden, Medford, etc. Contact Nick, Everett, 617-750-0180

A/C Pick-up and Reuse - changing the way things are "left" at the curb or left on the side of walkways....under bridges as used to be the case Valley Street or as still the case along parts of Fellsway West in Medford, MA, for example.

Inspired by Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way Things are Made....

Rather than "pay" (if you already have "property" taxes ...) a city or town (even though the money in theory goes to...) consider "AC Pickup and Reuse for "pick-up" of A/C (air conditioner) and variously accepted metal.

Or for payment of debris removal, contact:

Bob, who is located in Everett, MA.

He will pickup in Medford, MA, Somerville and surrounding areas of Boston. Also acpick@goodexample.info will be "active" soon.

This has yet to be confirmed but "no charge" for "pick-up" of not "scrap metal" as it is commonly referred, but for reuse metal such as aluminum, cooper, etc.  Also for sinks, bathtubs, or as noted above air conditioners, etc.

They will be removed from your yard or home project.  Additional materials items include gutters, etc.,

Also, charged pick-ups based on items and amount, that is, proper disposal of demolition materials, either preparatory project work debris such as removed cedar shingles, wood, etc., or the aftermath of a remodeling project.

Contact Bob Penta Services in Everett. MA, if you are located in Medford, MA!, Malden, Winchester, Revere, Stoneham, Melrose, etc., for

"Clean outs," "Anything Removed," "All Debris." "Boilers," "Oil Tanks"

Bob Penta Services Unlimited, 242 Ferry Street, Everett, MA 02149

617-381-8767      617-721-2708


This is regards to Boston IMC - "Banned in Boston" then, "Hidden" now...

G/E wrote this while in library, and have to "move on" so will be "back" - The gist is in summary....


Maybe enough "complaining" (mom says I am a "complainer" - being critical of much and, for instance, not wanting to "recover" the status quo economic ways....by way of "feedback" to someone at BPL lead in some small way to both computer terminals (monitors) working by the "This way to McKim Builing" sign on second floor of main BPL book area - opposite whereby there used to be several computers for use - though as BPL was apparently glad to denote by sign "No Internet Access." Seems at least one ought to be more easily use the catalog at say Minuteman Library Network, if for instance, a book one is looking for is not "in library" or "In Library use only" (book pickup area). Not to mention being able to reference Sounds of Dissent..., for example - even though I recall who was interviewed this past Saturday (today being Monday, 10 August 2009, so as to refer to a book mentioned or as often the case refer to one of the many books written by "guest."

I won't mention the HTML Form not properly "clearing" to them again, well not today, but, it seems someone decided that it was easier to have no "scrap" - that is reusable paper, say other than colored printouts of backs of "glossy" flyers - never mind having various sizes pieces - all too much in the land of empty commons, well, not to be, if one "complains" - is not following the independent 'hurd! Thus, if one is at some place that proclaims: "no internet access," be it at "designated" computers or generally, then it is possible - and has been for a number of years, surprisingly this "glitch" was not "resigned to oblivion" - to begin at Boston Public Library (www.bpl.org) website page and get to www.boston.indymedia.org, and virtually any website - attend to electronic mail at www.gandi.net, or any number of things.

Again, from summary, from www.bpl.org, then: "select" Electronic Resources... Internet links... News & Media, and then "scroll down" to "Internet, Radio, and Television - Greater Boston," Boston Independent Media Center -- www.boston.indymedia.org.

It is in effect, very broadly stating, different forms media, more generally knowledge of the world from a different perspective (some say with a non-corporate perspective, as in generally the case at the closing of Free Speech Radio News (www.fsrn.org) each weeknight at 5:30 p.m. ( 88.1 FM) or maybe less concise and positively stated, even more so than a perspective from entities and the result of others involved for whom one does not typically hear even their names, efforts that are differently socially and economically organized in ways that, as one might expect, lead to perspectives obfuscated or not mentioned in forms of the media, those with or ["corporate ownership" and control] -- besides the all too often and more than hopefully less so with more forms of the media that can become mass independent media, maybe some ways of fostering it are more integration of individuals and organizations that already exist along with various modes of support for those that one wants to "propagate" -- rather than another "plug" for proprietary software or restricted, proprietary audio formats -- the filtering of reality expressed by those not under the bombs of u.s. (and again "bombs" represents all the means to kill by way of targeting civility, oh that might imply that at times there is little concern for civilians - besides when it make it more difficult to defend some "noble intention" that perhaps got" misguided."

Did GE [http://www.corpwatch.org/section.php?id=16 ] Stifle Keith Olbermann? Fox and MSNBC's Gentlemen's Agreement http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=3855 - "G/E" usually refrains from propagating these people names or 'corp letters but.... More than a side note: .. some forms of the media being virtually and actually well separated, aside from occasional departures; some that come to mind, quickly, for now are, recently hearing, literally recognizing his voice from radio on in cellar - while outside in yard - in part the results of many people being so recognizable even if seldom heard on some "stomping grounds" through such radio "programs" as No Censorship Radio (like contemporary history and even that of say 30-40 years ago some think is for "crackpots" and some others who might make use of something in some misleading way) or by one own actions to attend a talk, etc. many come to mind recognizable in large part the result of No-U-Turn Radio (in the days of Martin Voelker -- https://www.goodexample.info/airwaveweb/somepeoplecanjustsaywoh -- though Dean Wallace has a manner of radio that retains the beginnings of the name of the program, Airwaveweb is not only slightly "out of date" but is adjusting to the way Plone by way of http://www.objectis.org/ handles DIV tags in custom CSS files, Vandana Shiva (http://www.navdanya.org/), Arundhati Roy (http://www.alternativetentacles.com/product.php?product=644), Michael Parenti (http://www.tucradio.org/parenti.html), Michael Hudson (http://noliesradio.org/archives/723), and many others that won't go into here, but to the point of where the forms of media at time media one might consider C-SPAN having http://www.booktv.org/Progra,/9183/ Encore+Booknotes+Michael+Parenti+quotThe+ Assassination+of+Julius+CaesarA+Peoples+History+of+Ancient+Romequot.aspx but not one of his talks that one might hear on "History Counts" (http://www.mdrtalk.org/) - so have to run but will "re-edit" this later - integration does in effect happen by way of all involved at Truth and Justice radio, Radio with a View, and though G/E mentioned "left column organizing [and integration]" years, the "left" not intended to mean anything, besides from the form of IMC websites (though it could subtle be underpinned to....

"If the left means anything, it means it's concerned for the needs, welfare, and rights of the general population. So the left ought to be the overwhelming majority of the population, and in some respects I think it is." Noam Chomsky, Propaganda and the Public Mind, South End Press.

"...is that social security is based on attitudes which have to be driven out of people’s minds. Namely the attitude that you care about somebody else. The attitude that this is a community responsibility to make sure that the disabled widow has enough to eat, or that the kid can go to school, something like that. That normal human sentiment, which is very much like the sentiment of working people in the 19th century...that wage labor is like slavery...that workers should take over the factory...these normal human sentiments just have to be driven out of people’s minds if you want to control them...if you want to turn them into disciplined automata. And therefore you have to get rid of things like social security." "On Historical Amnesia, Foreign Policy, and Iraq Noam Chomsky interviewed by Kirk W. Johnson American Amnesia, February 17, 2004"


"The threat of a [https://www.goodexample.info]"


1.) "Read [www.]CHOMSKY.INFO" (Be it a Harvard Subway...)

The "malcontent" of https://www.goodexample.info that was from "http://www.massindymediatemp.objectis.net" -- the Plone version which was "discontinued" -- was (from June 2009) in the process of being updated into new version, and was nearly completed - though yet to be fully organized - but as of 28 March 2010 "moved" to AISO.NET, as noted above.

G/E is not to be confused with bringing greater profits to responsibility'holders...

G/E integrates and identifies others that are, and those that can further be:

"[a] threat of a [www.goodexample.info]"





"Noam Chomsky, speaking at Riverside Church in Harlem on June 12, 2009."

Caffe Graffiti, New Location, formerly at 307 Hanover Street, North End, "Grand Opening" - hopefully August 2009. It has since been opended; though awaiting saw it opended for first time sometime in January or February 2010 - after it had been open for couple months or so. The Cafe Graffiti is overlooking The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, 1 Cross Street, Boston, MA 02113. tel: 617.367.3016, info@caffegraffiti.com

From www.masscouncilofchurches.org -- with slight change of form to preserve to HTML version of the proprietary ....Any mistakes are mine,

G/E, James Zappia

If one leaves the radio on long enough for say "ten years" as...book rightly states... or mentions Noam Chomsky's "Stomping Grounds"

- Add details from Washington Connection and Third World Fascism -- http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Chomsky/Noam_Chomsky.html

It is not every day that Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn "appear" on the airwaves inclusively between frequencies (Boston) *9.7 FM and 90.0 FM.

Depending on ones radio/stereo one might struggle to get WZBC to somewhat regularly hear wither of them, even radio IDs (recalling recent WMFO even heard B.B. King) but after Sunday - add details later Truth and Justice and then Hoard actually on Radio Boston. Though I recognize his voice but attending talks Standup for your rights, Boston Common, Cambridge churches, etc. I am quite familiar with his recognizable voice by way of No Censorship Radio, and details to follow but others that are know by some will not be recognize or heard, Vananda Shiva, Arundanty Roy, Michael Parenti Michel Hudson, Wester Griffith Tarpley, David Ray Griffith, hardly one of the "secular priesthood"....

Why adopt and propagate euphemisms and frames of permissible discourse, "inner city," "low income -children," -students, -communities, countries, etc. for now; one case is what is all too often an unsolicited electronic ad, one that was not selected but shows up; It can be referred to as "Pop Ups" or something else!

In your browser, one ought to know which browser they are using, and its limitations and benefits.

One may often hear talk about free software when it really is not "free" - in the sense that is made clear by: http://www.fsf.org/licensing/essays/free-sw.html - but seldom -- depending on the forms of the media one seeks out or tends to hear (not be a referred to as a "listener" or "our or your listener - same for "callers") when it comes to really existing free software.

There is also, and continues to be the case, that when one ought to be referring to "GNU/Linux" one may not hear reference to "GNU", Free Software Foundation, etc. And when talking about music one migth not hear reference to others forms, non-proprietary formats: Vorbis OGG, etc.


Please "disable", "mom and pops" now! if not already "off." That is, so one will not see those corporate mom & pop "ADS"...

G/E was considering www.positive-internet.com, hostgator.com or dreamhost.com but as of 26 March 2010 went with www.aiso.net which gives one a choice, not only in using such "things" as solar, wind, or water but also "GNU/Kernel", that is, GNU/Linux, and for the most part to at least even mention it -- GNU/Linux!

What became of Amer Jubran who spent time (pun intended) in Boston?

To Amer Jordan from Digital Equipment Corporation:

It was Monday, 27 October 2008 that you saw me....Amer Jordan. It was after 15 years or so after "G/E" (James) left Digital. It was nice and surprising to see you in Park Square today, (when I wrote it!) 27 October 2008! I am usually more aware of such changes but was not regarding the 'ole post office on Stuart Street.

"The threat of a [www.]goodexample[.info]", G/E continues to use Gandi (www.gandi.net) and www.aiso.net.

G/E was using Plone 3.1 (http://www.objectis.org/news-en/Plone-3.1-available) "account" -- the details after "Plone 1.0 discontinued." -- http://www.objectis.org/community/forum/msg_1221495400
Blocked Image

(www.fsf.org) -- FSF (Free Software Foundation):

"'Play Ogg': FSF launches free audio format campaign" (http://www.fsf.org/news/playogg.html)

"Free Proprietary Software" "Free Proprietary Audio" "Free Proprietary Doc Facility"

Obviously, or what ought be clear, when coming across: "Download a free - bit it audio, or text, etc. is, and at times, all too often, it probably means "there is no charge to "download" the audio or text or such or "software whatever" or file formatted whatever but what is "left out" is that it is not "free" in the free software sense...

(Fair Software Movement notes as G/E has done for years that "GNU" is too often "left out, GNU/Linux ---http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html

On October 24, 2008, Science Friday "host" and Ka-Ping Yee "Developer, P-vote Open Source-Based Voting Machine Software Berkeley, California" - did not once mention "GNU/Linux", free software, or this from http://pvote.org/code/


"Pvote is free software under the GNU General Public License"

And none of the ideals, not in the sense of rhetoric that is contrary to one's actions, but what the GNU community had been striving for...

http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html "Why not call the system "Linux" anyway, and strengthen Linus Torvalds' role as posterboy for our community?

Linus Torvalds is the "posterboy" (other people's choice of word, not ours) for his goals, not ours. His goal is to make the system more popular, and he believes its value to society lies merely in the practical advantages it offers: its power, reliability and easy availability. He has never advocated freedom to cooperate as an ethical principle, which is why the public does not connect the name " Linux"with that principle.

Linus publicly states his disagreement with the free software movement's ideals. He developed non-free software in his job for many years (and said so to a large audience at a “Linux�World show), and publicly invited fellow developers of Linux, the kernel, to use non-free software to work on it with him. He goes even further, and rebukes people who suggest that engineers and scientists should consider social consequences of our technical work—rejecting the lessons society learned from the development of the atom bomb." ....

"Why do you call it GNU/Linux and not Linux?

Most operating system distributions based on Linux as kernel are basically modified versions of the GNU operating system. We began developing GNU in 1984, years before Linus Torvalds started to write his kernel. Our goal was to develop a complete free operating system. Of course, we did not develop all the parts ourselves [-] but we led the way. We developed most of the central components, forming the largest single contribution to the whole system. The basic vision was ours too. In fairness, we ought to get at least equal mention."

Activism at a Distance, Private Water Bottle, and even more to the point: Privatized Water Bottle, Ads in Public Space, Ads in Common Disinterest, Airwaveweb, Streetweb, "Marwaheen Integration" - in the spirit of Howard Zinn and many others - such as those one might "wait" every ten years or so, that is if one chooses, as well as Link of Integration, "Country's Mother: Rosa 'Integration' Parks, RIP", "Proprietary View", "View as Free Software", Proprietary Propagation and Trademark Mentioning Radio, "Dashboard Perspective", "[Wo]men Not Working" ("Women not Working") and "Weed Capital of the World" (the former is about "Crosswalks" and general lack of "maintenance of the public good" - wait till completely faded to paint, like Ralph Cramden waiting for rubbish barrels to be full before emptying - or better yet use some sort of pavers, blocks, to slow up some people, and the later a reference to the lack of 'trimming' at Roosevelt Circle in Medford, MA - last time I trimmed some of it to allow others also to walk. One woman, about eighty years old, gets no response from her concern about it; (G/E got 'poison ivy' even though I knew it was there!) Community Intent, Re-Search Index of Community Record are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


(Why does Bunker Hill Community College, Mass Bay Community College, and several others still resort to setting "initial' passwords to some form, sometimes "last six numbers of one's social security number"?

G/E's Dedication to [the late] Hank Faunce and the late Ray Smith


"Counter, "Contact", and such.

Thanks (again) to Chuck [Rosina] (who was in for Dean Wallace, No U-Turn Radio, 91.5 FM, Medford-So,Somerville, [most of] the world) for again airing on Tuesday, 29 March 2011 at approximately 7:30 a.m.. aside from [other views of reality, more to add later] the words by George Takei whereby if one refers to this as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) or simply a "Japan relief message" at least consider it may stand out for mentioning "small amounts" (below, as opposed to some forms of the media, some that self-appraise themselves rather favorably, seems to ask for relatively larger amounts even if some nominal mention of any amount, etc.) after mentioning "gaman..." "...enduring with fortitude and dignity..." "even small amounts given with great amounts of heart can make a real difference."

"No Chuck-U Radio"

far more complete "transcript" than above from Daily Kos.
The Essential Chomsky, by Noam Chomsky, Edited by Anthony Arnove "...published to coincide with his eightieth birthday"

What is "essential" is that it be "missed" by some forms of "the media", some of those that are hardly his usual "stomping grounds." (add details from above)

"Noam Chomsky is one of the most significant challengers of unjust power and delusions; he goes against every assumption about American altruism and humanitarianism." — Edward Said

Interventions Interview , Noam Chomsky, March 20, 2008

March 2008 -- Five years since some people have mentioned the "preventive invasion" of Iraq, "...even the term 'preventive' is too charitable..."


Repetitive Strain Injury

(Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any problems with hands....)
Now an update to "read chomsky" reference below and the subtitle of G/E; it includes the new domain www.readchomsky.info as of 8 March 2010 - a domain name acquired by way of Gandi's ten year "thank you" to its supporters, that is, those who have helped "persuade others to persuade themselves" to also become supporters of gandi (www.gandi.net.)

The domain chosen was www.readchomsky.info, which has still to be attended to - though its primary purpose is www.chomsky.info and all it entails, talks, interviews, articles, and his typical "stomping grounds."

Howard Zinn (1922-2010): A Tribute to the Legendary Historian with Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Naomi Klein and Anthony Arnove

That being said G/E had yet to resolve (under Objectis / Plone) "Unable to find update_version_before_edit," and has since moved to www.AISO.NET.

Read Chomsky

("Read www.chomsky.info", "Read [www.]chomsky[.info]")

"If the left means anything, it means it's concerned for the needs, welfare, and rights of the general population. So the left ought to be the overwhelming majority of the population, and in some respects I think it is." Noam Chomsky, Propaganda and the Public Mind, South End Press.

"...is that social security is based on attitudes which have to be driven out of people’s minds. Namely the attitude that you care about somebody else. The attitude that this is a community responsibility to make sure that the disabled widow has enough to eat, or that the kid can go to school, something like that. That normal human sentiment, which is very much like the sentiment of working people in the 19th century...that wage labor is like slavery...that workers should take over the factory...these normal human sentiments just have to be driven out of people’s minds if you want to control them...if you want to turn them into disciplined automata. And therefore you have to get rid of things like social security." "On Historical Amnesia, Foreign Policy, and Iraq Noam Chomsky interviewed by Kirk W. Johnson American Amnesia, February 17, 2004"

"...But most of the educational system is quite different. Mass education was designed to turn independent farmers into docile, passive tools of production. That was its primary purpose. And don't think people didn't know it. They knew it and they fought against it. There was a lot of resistance to mass education for exactly that reason. It was also understood by the elites. Emerson once said something about how we're educating them to keep them from our throats. If you don't educate them, what we call "education," they're going to take control -- "they" being what Alexander Hamilton called the "great beast," namely the people. The anti-democratic thrust of opinion in what are called democratic societies is really ferocious. And for good reason. Because the freer the society gets, the more dangerous the great beast becomes and the more you have to be careful to cage it somehow." Education is Ignorance Noam Chomsky Excerpted from Class Warfare, 1995, pp. 19-23, 27-31

Gandi Webmail is here June 2007!

"GandiMail Beta Launch!"

"Your mailbox can be accessed directly on the web at https://mail.gandi.net" Though one can get to after "Administration" (as can be seen https but not at "login" page....

"Technical Settings"


Mail forwarding: 0/1000 \

Mailboxes: 1/1 Manage... For some reason when already "set" to "English" goes back to "French" setting.

GandiMail "is here," an apparent dedicated, well managed effort made that happen. GandiMail is not just intuitively clear, but simply clear, i.e., for someone with an exsiting domain registered with Gandi, one can set up a mailbox and change one's existing mail forwarding. It was an "ease." That is because of the effort that went in to it, and surely will contine. And recall one is not a "consumer", (http://www.fsf.org/licensing/essays/words-to-avoid.html)nor even a "user" (dated term to G/E) but a supporter of that which they see for to try in whatever small way to make GandiMail broadly known. "Login Details"

"Please provide login and password information to access your mail-account"
RESIST's 40th anniversary party Join RESIST and Celebrate 40 Years of Funding Social Change Saturday, October 13, 2007, Arlington Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA
Thanks John Grebe, et al. for helping G/E to update Act Indy:

"HOWARD ZINN: HISTORY AND CURRENT WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST Apr 4 [2007] Lipke Auditorium, 2nd Flr. Science Building, U Mass Boston (100 Morrissey Blvd.)

Howard Zinn is a historian, playwright and social activist. He was a shipyard worker and Air Force bombadier before he went to college under the GI Bill and received a PHD from Columbia University. He tught at Spelman College and Boston University as well as visiting professor at the University of Paris and the University of Bologna. He has received many awards; his latest book is "A Power a Government Cannot Suppress."

[Contrary to Nahum A. Sherf, an otherwise enjoyable experience was had taking a "world hisory" class with him, claimed in class that such people who never directly experienced war ought to keep their opinions to themselves; at least one student, G/E, quickly noted that he ...flew bombing missions for the United States in World War II..." The comment was brush aside and we moved on. The next class a student noted that I was correct. I would have preferred to the teacher to have pointed out the obvious, even if he may or not been involved in Howard Zinn's dissertation ( on LaGuardia).]

This event is sponsored by The Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences.. Send email to joinercenter@umb.edu for additional information. Other Contact Information: 617/287-5850."
MAKING CONTACT, Transcript #31-05 The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Weapons,

August 3, 2005...That [www.radioproject.org] segment was written and produced by Reese Erlich for Peacetalks, whose executive producer is Barbara Simmons. It’s part of a longer documentary called “Lessons from Hiroshima 60 Years Later,� hosted by Walter Cronkite..." Mayors for Peace

Consequences of US Nuclear Policy: from Hiroshima to Iran Slightly modified from Washington Peace Center (Yes, as in Texas, other things do 'go on' there)

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2200 "Hibakusha" - survivors of the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 will speak on their experiences. Mr. Shotaro Kodama survived the Hiroshima bombing and Mr. Kazuhiro Yoshimura survived the Nagasaki bombing.

Nickolas Roth, incoming Director of Education and Advocacy for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Speaking on U.S. nuclear strategies that could lead to disastrous consequences and scenarios by which such could unfold.

Michele Boyd, Legislative Director for Critical Mass' Energy Program. Speaking about connections between nuclear weapons and power and relevant upcoming legislation.

Simin Royanian, of Women for Peace and Justice in Iran. Speaking about the Iranian people and society and the effect any conventional or nuclear attacks would have on the Iranian people.

Also, there will be a graphic video of blast, fire and destruction from a nuclear war drama. The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Committee also will be holding commemorations of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks on August 5 and 8th. This event also is endorsed by the Washington Peace Center. Hiroshima-Nagasaki Committee Contact: John Steinbach, 703-822-3485
Uprising Radio is "SUBVERTING the AIRWAVES" as one can judge for themselves by "listening" to a "station" within "signal strength" (or one that is not "near"). "According to [the late] Edward Said [...The Question of Palestine: Edward Said’s Activist Legacy , "Eqbal Ahmad was that rare thing, an intellectual unintimidated by power or authority, a companion in arms to such diverse figures as Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, Richard Falk, Fred Jameson, Alexander Cockburn and Daniel Berrigan"
Sherif Fam ... not to be confused with This Week in Palestine". At last.... Truth and Justice Radio....

If anyone says such absolute statements such "nobody cares about us..." then if you were Government Center in Boston on Friday, July 21, 2006 ("names for things" maybe depending on perspective of concern or if focus is on "counting heads" and find 15 people who "counter" any concern for all people (do we only hear the word "civilian" as of late when someone is killed by "U.S. made" with "consent without consent" weapons of democracy or when someone leaves the "military"? ) Mawarheen Integration or if are aware of other forms of radio ("Now for something "completley different" than is typical of the "corporate free press", a "humatarian perspective", and a way for anyone who wants to complement those people gathering at Government Center on Friday, July 21, 2006, still yet to find a clear statement of "speakers", and of course the "poet", one that does not woon over "coverage" from one of the corporate perspective papers of mostly thanks to Mark Weaver, still "Breaking the Chains" (who was "in for Linda P."), and of course Chuck You You, and everyone else associated with What's Left) on the "public" airwaves - isn't all, well these days, "most" radio "public? -then there's "Digital TV ID" (why not just use RFID, or a chain to one's rabbit ears?

David Rovics once seemed surpised when he noted on No Censorship Radio" the apparent absence of a "database" (or was it Linda P. that said "we need a database?" - well "see" tenyearsgone.html for details about NCR) other than what "Chuck U" has written in his head).

"Profit is to be privatized, but cost and risk socialized..." Public Risk, Private Profit, Public Squalor, Public Ads to overcome Advertizing Citizenry: Counterpunch

Though now getting closer the "archive" could use a "descripton" of the audio and mention of the audio formats for anyone who cares to know about differences among audio formats, proprietary, etc.

"The Lebanese-American community of Greater Boston [and of course anyone else], in solidarity with the people of Lebanon, [one presumes, though if a bottle was broke it would be sure to be "covered" more broadly] lead a peaceful demonstration and candlelight vigil on Wednesday July 19th, 2006, at Copley Square, Boston.


In addition to what exists on the non-proprietary propagating, non-propagating of trademarks, non-reapeating of "popular" stuff, well one would hope, non-mentioning, uncritically of of 'ola, 'whowho, etc. some of which is noted by Airwaveweb maybe, actually, Boston area needs a radio station to complement these stations that exist - no matter how autonomous of institutions - mostly universities, i.e. akin to Allston-Boston Free Radio. Neither "private" or nominally "public" but completly "G8 Billion", wel some of the active citizenry of this poetntial group, the other "superpower" =- you know February 15 and other examples...got to "run.

"U.S. Leads the World in Sale of Military Goods", which probably says something about the "The Responsibility of Intellectuals", where G/E takes an "intellectual" to be anyone broad sense, as articulated in Modern Ideologies by Max Mark.

Airwaveweb - is not ""on" the internet, that is, it is always integrated with the "street", airwaves, individuals, and groups, etc.

One might think those forms of radio that self-appraise themselves so highly, especially during "fund raising" (to complement their "no commerical" politely uttered "ads" - add but about tautology of "public airwaves", well before "subscription" radio - no more "rabbit ears" ) might mention this and much more: World Policy Institute (www.worldpolicy.org/

Where's Deepa Fernandes ? (Free Speech Radio News / www.fsrn.org

Thanks to Magnetic Tape, specifically Alexandra, who "filled in" with at least what G/E heard of three consectutive programs with bits of interesting music; see it is possible to complement the Concert Report, and 'Truth & Justice Radio, and as they say, the other fine shows. Even heard Sunday, 13 August 2006, a radio station ID: "This is Noam Chomsky. You are listening to ..." Though he can be heard much further in recorded interviews on 88.1 FM, WMFO and others as noted by AirwaveWEB. But only if there was a radio station in Boston area without disclaimer about the "views and opinions" and was 24*& music, commnetary, and underlying justice all the time, or like Hank Faunce or would say about his great love of Jazz along with his promethean commentary; and as he might say "where do you hear this stuff?"

Though one ought not be glad to be a limited voices of reality, "sign up" for the "G8 Billion" Citizen Intergration Effort, or as Noam Chomsky notes "other superpower" ("...The world's 'other superpower -- global public opinion as expressed in the global peace movement -- can tip the balance if it concentrates on demanding a UN General Assembly meeting to halt the war on Iraq now." No longer available but in "Search Index of Record" -- Uniting for Peace: UN General Assembly Provides Crucial Opportunity for Global Peace Movement by Jeremy Brecher, April 02, 2003

The "newspaper of record" (The Decline of the Democratic Ideal Noam Chomsky Z Magazine, May, 1990) "is talking about the emergence of the “other superpower� to contest American power. They are worried about it. Just like they are worried about the crisis of democracy. That one sentence in the Newspaper of Record represented real fear that the world may be getting out of control. It shows up in other respects, too. Take this whole Old Europe, New Europe business. What was that all about? In part, it was just the expression of the absolute, passionate hatred of democracy among U.S. elites, which is really remarkable. The fact that Old Europe is denounced because the governments took the same position as the majority of the population and New Europe is praised because the governments overrode an even bigger majority of the population. "

Michael Schrage "is co-director of the MIT Media Lab’s E-Markets Initiative and a senior adviser to MIT¹s Security Studies Program."

AirwaveWEB - Integrating individuals and groups ("...not Gods, not kings, not corporations or even [some] organized groups" --John Ralston Saul's Unconscious Civilization’) who are critical of the 'Statist Quo (add ref. to "classical liberalism to contrast what is rightly derided - but for wrong reasons), with various forms of independent media. A sort of negative freedom - as a result of some forms of media being free from the lack of distinction between the preferred image and the actual image of the U.S. (government acting with "consent without consent" when matters are not "hidden" from most everyone including the "[corporate] free press." AirwaveWEB will be "on the Internet", "in the street" striving to connect with people who may or not "use" the Internet. Though G/E has something to say about "people protesting", waving at others driving by and appearing to be happy with a "beep" of approval AirwaveWEB though yet to reconcile doing basically the same thing (waving in traffic be it a sign referring to Saddam: "with U.S. support", 'Depleted' Uranium, February 15, 2001...("the threat of February 15")

One might be certain not to hear even a single utterance about "World Social Forum" by some forms of media - that currently goes without saying; another sort of mass independent and critical media is possible too. One not of Ads in Public Space but if anything Ads in Common Disinterest.

FROM BOSTON TO NAIROBI IN 2007 Thursday, August 10, 2006 . 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Encuentro 5 - 33 Harrison Avenue. Chinatown, Boston


Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner – “Funding the dream�

Prof. Christina Brinkley – “African American and African Women Struggles�

Prof. Richard Peet – “Neoliberalism in South Africa, another world?�

Ms. Laura Soul Brown – “TBA�

Act Indy Events (actions, concerns, talks, etc. for one doing what one can about "Hegemony or Survival"; currently "missed" by various forms of propagating trademark media, "Proprietary Propagation and Trademark Mentioning Radio".

"Town Meeting with Howard Zinn , from Thursday, March 25, 2004 Old South Meeting House

Here's something to test how well "the bloggers", obviously not a homogenous group in terms of any explicitly stated, collective intent, though maybe some share common traits for concern over justice and such, really integrate, connect with "We the people" (those who "use" or not the Internet)

The "we" usually ought depend on the context, but nearly everyone ought to be part of "the we" concerned about "White House Pressured EPA Not To Warn Public About Health Effects of 9/11 [/ S11]" and those involved in "cleanup" of "ground zero" being described as "dying off."

The comment might not have been this On Point Radio segment but this referred program is about toxic concern in New Orleans. Just the same this program is a potential of "radio in the public domain of concern", not "the public" as block of potential consumers." Jack Beatty has been invloved since the days of the name "Special Coverage" from which the radio program arose during the S11. Not surprising he rightly commented, akin maybe to how any of us might have something to say ourselves about someone saying it is sort of "scary" that some of those "underprivileged" folk might decide to stay in the state where they currently have it pretty good, living in a stadium.
order check...

9890809809809890 On Point has been a sort of (it's not Codepink but it is also not "Only a 'Shame") a "threat of a good example" on what airs on a station in Boston that some might say is unlikely to be characterized as overly critical unless maybe if something is "safe" to discuss. How long was till Patriot Act was generally discussed? It like Military Families Speak Out was relagated to brief mention not to mention much else not fit for the "permissible spectrum.". But like many things it is not a natural law that limits its view of contemporary concerns and historical context other than the one claimed by "offical's say."

"Preventive" Contracts and Peaceful Tomorrows, without toxic impact...

From www.wtceo.org (the page could be organized differently): "The [World Trade Center] towers also contained approximately 50,000 computers each made with four to twelve pounds of lead and this does not take into account the five other buildings that were destroyed. The tens of thousands of fluorescent light bulbs each contained enough mercury to contaminate a quarter of a city block. PCBs reached 75,000 times their previous record: ["PCBs were detected at high concentrations. The Toxic Equivalency (TEQ)... is 151pg/L. In previous harbor work...the highest observed PCB TEQ was 0.002pg.L." EPA Report, September 20, quoted in Fallout Gonzalez, Juan] The smoke detectors contained radioactive americium 241. ( EPA Policy Analyst Hugh Kaufman ) In early October, 2001, Dr. Thomas Cahill of the University of Davis at California found levels of very- and ultrafine particulates that were the highest he'd seen of 7000 samples taken around the world including at the burning Kuwaiti oil fields. Months after the disaster the EPA recorded hitherto unseen levels of dioxin ."...


"Senior EPA Specialists Comment Today on Deletions of Warnings About 9/11 Toxins , || Environmental Impact of 9/11: The Transfer of the EPA Ombudsman, || Toxic Lies at Ground Zero, || TOXIC FALLOUT...

It is not everyday G/E makes uncritical references to them and others but "the world" may be better taken to be "analog", especially when it comes to some concerns. Independent media can still develop, evolve and grow but this happens in the world where rather than "destroy" everything, why not appreciate some things, while being critical of much else that is here, that can get better maybe with one doing "a lot of hard work ." What I am trying to write was clearly articulated by Dr. Cornel West ("...and Connie Rice review the recent “Meeting of Elders� and what came of the meeting of top African American leaders called together by Harry Belafonte") stated this better than I can in context of "baton passing" and accepting or some combination of the two in regards to civil rights)

AirwaveWEB will sometimes even be "in the traffic" but not in a fossil 'fool transporter! Maybe overlooking the bridge whereby Route 93 and Route 28 near each other at Spont Pond in Stoneham, MA. Responding to "corporate interference" this way only in cases where "the weather, accident, and sport news" seems to miss something. Also Advertising Citizenry as noted above "on the street and "on the web "Malcontent Provider" and not another "Corporate Right", as in "allrights reserved" but "all rights reserved" for community control, "shared disinterest"; "Integrating Common Disinterest." Creative Commons License
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Living on Earth is critical and reflective of reality; a tone not often herd enough on some "commerical-fee" but yet "Propagating Proprietary Trademark" radio in the Boston area -not to be confused with NRP (National Radio Project) has U.S. regional and (interpentrable) international domain of concern, or those noted via AirwaveWEB (LOE had aired on WUMB. For those who soley or primarily "listen" to two of self-appraised, we're "wonderful", and "know why you listen" radio station in the Boston area might be glad to hear such critical concerns mentioned on "their airwaves."
Creative Commons License

Free Proprietary Software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

"Maintain HTML copies of each written binary document", that is facilitate the ease of supporting free software: say someone doesn't know that they can "View as free software" rather than "download" "free proprietary software"...
""[Hugh kaufman, a critical] Official Calls Environmental Damage From Hurricane Katrina 'A Crisis Waiting to Happen'"

Where is "Truth and Justice Radio"? Not in the sense of it WZBC, 90.3 FM, etc. on Sunday, 6-10 a.m. but in sense of AirwaveWEB, an integration of its "threat of a good example", consistent presence, but its complemtary existing on "the street and web", or if one likes, recalling "Get Lost Andy" use of the term "InterWEB", by way of "integration" in the sense Noam Chomsky writes of (reference above) by way of a website presence, reference to the annoucements made in term of "events", talks, etc. - especially the ones whereby frequently "not enough time to get to" (even if ActIndy was more current than it has as of late)....

Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted (as in the case below for Chris Serra's work - to the current license, copyright holder) all of G/E, that is, by "the threat of a [www.]goodexample.info" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.



Chris Serra - graduation cap 'leading to' mouse pad - www.illustrators.net/serra/images/serra02.jpg

Permission has not been granted to use Chris Serra's work. It could help increase awareness of Repetitive Strain Injury.
One of outcomes of the autonomous and connected relationships in spirit, actions, and resources, nature of the IMC (as of September 2005 as denoted by the IMC site above there is sites in these geographic areas: Africa, Asia Caribbean, Northern, Central, Eastern, and Western Europe, United Kingdom, Oceania Latin and Central America, Great Lakes, Northeastern, Great Plains, Mississippi Delta, South East..., South Western,United States) ) generally representing a "threat of a good example", striving to foster the "instinct for freedom", operating from the free self-organization and administration of [those who choose] their own affairs from the bottom upward, without any interference or violence from above, [the state]", pursuing "radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth", and inclusive of of all people, problems, issues, not fit material for the "permissible spectrum", "spectrum of debate, of some forms of media, NEtWork adS, "Feee Press"; some common features and software among sites but with unique functions and form that collectively develops in each area.

Paolo Freire,

Before one knows what "Indymedia Server Takedown means (as well, obviously, of the implications) someone might have to know "Indymedia" refers to Independent Media Center, as the implications; know what a "server" is and what it does in the context of "web page hosting"; what is meant by "Takeover", here meaning having a physical sense...

It takes a lot of hard work and 'EFFort

"Read www.chomsky.info" These Noam Chomsky (excerpts are not just "on" the Internet as noted here but ought to be a part of the "intelelctu

"Read [www.]CHOMSKY.INFO" (Be it a Harvard Subway in Cambrdige, MA or anywhere in the United States...)

Some form of this paragraph appears in "Letters from Lexington: Reflections on Propaganda" (http://zpedia.org/Letters_from_Lexington:_Reflections_on_Propaganda)

On the railings outside my local train station at Harringay, in north London, someone has carefully placed a series of small white stickers. The stickers, all at eye level, are designed, I suppose, to be the first thing you see on the way to work and the last thing you see on your way home. They are all neatly typed with two words: READ CHOMSKY. Most mornings I find myself wondering for an instant whether the words are an imperative ('If you do nothing else today...'), or a swaggering boast (along the lines of some of the station's other typical graffiti: 'Shagged Karen', say).

Some people may notice the Katrina related images being similar if you have ever experienced "this is what [the form of] democracy looks like [in the United States]"...

"Renewable Energy: "Class Actions; Support of Independent Media; Distributive Justice, "G8[Billion" Intergration, Advertising Citizenry...

Expanding the Floor of the Cage

Maybe Food Not Bombs, Physicians for Human Rights, Physicians for a National Health Program (www.pnhp.org), Human Rights Watch, spectators", "consumers".

Not to mention the many others: Public Support Keep Public Kitchen Open in New Orleans ; Welcome Home Kitchen

There's the myth related to "S11" that 'nobody thought planes might be used as bombs', and some who reflect surely suspected what might happen as a result of "funding cuts", priorities not focused for the levees: " Why the Levee Broke" by Will Bunch.

The calls and actions for "law and order" in the form of guns pointed at people experiencing a natural disaster (enough of the us/them; "there's more of them and fewer of us", a suggestion for the reason for guns pointed, ought have context as noted in this truthout article, source "business press", not labor: http://www.truthout.org/mayday.shtml

In addition to the hurricane it is clear to anyone (most anyone except the person, On Point Radio caller - Friday, 2 September 2005, G/E not certain if referred above to the correct hour program - who claims if "those people" were given tickets to a game, sport event at the stadium, they would have managed to get themselves there) that some people have prior existing medical conditions as well as injuries suffered as a result of the hurricane, and primarily that of a social organization that places "order and stabilty" in terms of economic control, "Profit over People", or if a nation does not want to have its resources controlled from without then they are "evil", or some would say they represent "the threat of a good example."

. Thus "human caused" is apt as noted by one of the guests above. "From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan a century of US military interventions"

"Navigation" Distained", not really, but as you can see G/E is in need of it. It's not the only one. While valuing www.flashpoints.net and many others - one ought be critical of that which they value - www.flashpoints.net has much "malcontent" but within a "long" page.

While G/E strives as an integrative link resource, "malcontent provision[s]" it is time to admit its neglect for far too long of proper "navigation" and the need for better organization (also as one can see).

"Persuade others to persuade themselves" to support independent media in addition to monetary support; further such existing and evolving media forms; those that are qualitatively different from the "[corporate] Free Press" - NEtWorked adS - and corporate underwritten radio that at times self-characterizes as being "commercial-free" radio. G/E is for mass [independent] media in the airwaves in which saying "public" for some has more to do with "branding" then with resticted airwaves - though now there is "subscription" radio.

The latter are even known to request: "please let our underwriters know how much you appreciate them" in between numerous reinterations of website name, AKA "domain.oh-are-gee" (only recently realizing that most, if not everyone, knows what is meant by .ORG - they don't need it spelled out). There was one "commerical-free ad" that mentions said website four times in a nauseating "promotion" for "A Bookshop of Record." Won't even trying to get it to the same nauseous level but close: 'When beginning to shop at --domain.OH-R-GEE "you can" shop at "Bookshop of Record", and every time you use domain.OH-R-GEE you are contributing to the news, so go to domain.OH-R-GEE and thanks from domain.OH-R-GEE.'

G/E strives to integrate independent media and groups as well as individuals heeding concerns related to "peace & social justice", as well as economic and poltical justice while refraining from self-concision, it does not neglect to be critical of what is touted as one form of radio constituting "public airwaves" (by its very nature aren't airwaves necessarily "public"?).

One critical stance is any forms of ads (while noting there really are "Corporate Free Ads", Airwaveweb is one slight example) that can hardly be called, "commerical-free", "Corporate Free Ads", without being insulting to anyone paying attention, in hearing about a chance to win yourself a "beautiful car", and the ganularity for what is considered "local news" certainly leaves space for campus-community radio - and even completly autonomous of any institution, and supported in a way that EFF denotes as being completely "donor funded", or "supporter founded."

At times it might sound almost out-of-place to hear a what could be a pseudo social justice spots, but do not be fooled they are still in a context, albeit a form of non-traditional advertising - someone not yelling 'come on down to the used car lot', yet difficult to chartacterize without qualifying as "commerial-free" especially during expressions of glee during "now some word[s] from [underwriter insert]" - who just might be someone who a "listener" does not want to complement, grow underwriters potential audience - with their "pledge of support". One reason why G/E strives to support in various ways, not just monetary, independent media and groups as well as invliduals for a "common disinterest."

The threat of a [www.goodexample.info ]", or "What Uncle Sam Doesn't Want You to Know"... G/E can potentially facilitate an active citizenry that knows about and responds to historical and contemporary ideas, events, people, and nobel actions gone awry that are "left out" be the "corporate free press." Ah, if there was even more "corporate-free" press. There is, and it is evolving. Support and integrate what exists can make it even more prominent.

When someone says, "if you have Internet access...". Maybe, it ought to be everyone'.

Thoughts of Rachel, Tom, James and everyone else; may they and all their families and everyone with an independent, critical (clearly other than corporate presentations, NEtWorked Ads ("NEWS), etc.) view of the world RIP (Radiate in Peace).

Community Intent - A way of integration of groups and individuals, those for example, so inclined to contribute or have concerns anyway they can to broad social justice matters and specific ones such as World Social Forum (assuming they make effort to even know of it - not likley to hear from some forms of radio and papers, etc. when is last time heard any mention of "North-South", never mind as it relates in terms of Justice, so as to lessen this: ... ..

The conditions are such that they ought to be able to achieve a lot. The United States is a complicated country. There�s little in the way of political parties, the political system is almost unrelated to popular movements. On the other hand, there�s a tremendous amount of energy and activism, just very disorganized.

One of the main reasons I go to give lots of talks is that it brings together people from that town or city or region who are working along pretty similar lines, or at least parallel lines, and don�t have much to do with each other. If you just take Boston, there are lots and lots of groups. But they barely know about each other. The total level of participation is probably quite substantial. On the other hand, the degree of integration is slight and the degree of involvement varies. That means there�s not much in the way of long-term thinking or planning or strategy.

extract from Victor Tan Chen/a> interview in Z Magazine

(three other words one might not hear on some forms of the media or even if one was to leave their radio on for ten years!: "Professor Noam Chomsky", and as well as it rewlates or related to Saddam: "with our support" (http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/20020308.htm)

"Community Intent" strives to not just "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" (the later with its inherent energy in terms of processing and all those trucks carting it here and there) but to....
"Green Chemistry", Green Design Index from Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) - "CFC-Free", "Lead-Free", "Halogen-Free", "Mercury-Free", and see "Strategies for Cleaner Production"

Country's Mother:, "Rosa [Integration] Parks", RIP "Country" not in any "blind patriotic" way, nationalistic and lacking concern for others, but in a sense expressed by John Lennon in lyrical as well as many interviews (http://www.kcrw.com/about/pressreleases/000925TributeToLennon.html, http://www.transbuddha.com/index.php/buddha/comments/the_voices_of_the_beatles_and_john_lennon/, "I still believe in positive thinking..." http://www.transom.org/tools/editing_mixing/200101.editing.bgolding.html, http://www.johnlennon.it/john_yoko_peace.htm )or "country" not to refer to "the percevied by some. chosen country of the United States" but as John Lennon sings in Imagine and as other do in practical ways: Doctors without Borders, etc. aImagine

Rosa "Integration"Parks, if only the Department of Peace and many other individuals and organizations for social, economic, political, peace and justice, directed more effort to better "integrating" all the "energy and activism" that exists: "tremendous amount of energy and activism, just very disorganized", then one might not have any misgivings about using name, RIP.

"I still believe in love, peace. I still believe in positive thinking. … And I consider that my work won't be finished until I'm dead and buried, and I hope that's a long, long time." John Lennon

On being his being remembered it was evident the relative placement he gave to his "radical", 'just a simple guy', ways, which some might agree he was quite wrong when he stated he was "inarticulate" - maybe antithetical to someone else's ideas about what things people generally ought to be concerned about.

The label "radical" only is a sign of the still narrow, "permissible" spectrum which social justice and "world peace" can be afforded far might appear far outside what respectable people can achieve, even discuss.

John Lennon's response, and the tone of it, "Oh Sure" signified those efforts above any remembrance of his "work."

"Democracy and Education, Noam Chomsky, Mellon Lecture, Loyola University, Chicago October 19, 1994"

"As a political scientist, Lasswell advocated more sophisticated use of this new technique of control of the general pubic that was provided by modern propaganda. That would, he said, enable the intelligent men of the community, the natural rulers, to overcome the threat of the great beast who may undermine order because of, in Lasswell's terms, the ignorance and superstition of the masses. We should not succumb to "democratic dogmatisms about men being the best judges of their own interests." The best judges are the elites, who must be ensured the means to impose their will for the common good. Jefferson's aristocrats, in other words.

Lippman and Lasswell represent the more liberal, progressive fringe of opinion which grants the beast at least a spectator role. At the reactionary end you get those who are mislabelled conservatives in contemporary newspeak. So the Reaganite statist reactionaries thought that the public, the beast, shouldn't even have the spectator role."

... "Dewey was one of the relics of the Enlightenment classical liberal tradition who opposed the rule of the wise, the onslaught of the Jeffersonian aristocrats, whether they found their place on the reactionary or the liberal part of this very narrow ideological spectrum. Dewey understood clearly that "politics is the shadow cast on society by big business," and as long as this is so, "attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance." Meaning, reforms are of limited utility. Democracy requires that the source of the shadow be removed not only because of its domination of the political arena, but because the very institutions of private power undermine democracy and freedom.

"going to church and getting a job"

Deterring US Democracy (See Hill and Wang and Deterring Democracy Noam Chomsky

"Such examples, readily extended, illustrate the success in suppressing democracy in the United States. The ideal, long sought by the business community and the political class, is that the general population should be marginalized, each person isolated, deprived of the kinds of associations that might lead to independent thought and political action. Each must sit alone in front of the tube, absorbing its doctrinal message: trust in the Leader; ape the images of the "good life" presented by the commercials and the sitcoms; be a spectator, a consumer, a passive worker who follows orders, but not a participant in the way the world works. To achieve this goal, it has been necessary to destroy unions and other popular organizations, restrict the political system to factions of the business party, and construct a grand edifice of lies to conceal every relevant issue, whether it be Indochina, Central America, the Middle East, terrorism, the Cold War, domestic policy, ..., whatever -- so that the proper lessons are on the shelf, ready when needed."

Noam Chomsky, among other places refers, to Alex Carey, in "World Orders... - this is short but revealing to someone who doesn't look from http://www.counterpunch.org/estabrook01112003.html "the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy."

From www.chomsky.info -The Clinton Vision, Noam Chomsky, Z Magazine, December, 1993

"Orwell believed that the United States was different, more free and open. That error was not made by John Dewey, more familiar with US intellectual culture. Speaking of "our un-free press," he observed that critique of "specific abuses" is of limited value: "The only really fundamental approach to the problem is to inquire concerning the necessary effect of the present economic system upon the whole system of publicity; upon the judgment of what news is, upon the selection and elimination of matter that is published, upon the treatment of news in both editorial and news columns." We should ask "how far genuine intellectual freedom and social responsibility are possible on any large scale under the existing economic regime." Not very far, he judged. 4 "

In a variety of senses every day ought to be Rosa Parks Human Rights Day, though what follows refers to a particularly special day. "Country's Mother": Rosa "Integration" Parks and all she represents, as noted, ought consist of daily reflective actions: "Lifelong Day" (or Peace Action (or http://www.snowcoalition.org/site/resources) in our lifetimes and as we "add value" to future generations so they too can process; the same goes for Ghandi, MLK (Beyond the "[Corporate] Free Press" or not "Behind the Curve of the "Free Press": "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break the Silence" )Edward O. Wilson, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and others not polular in the NEtWorked adS ("NEWS) sense ($).

More people in Boston and throughout the world ought to know about the significance of February 15 and this day:

""National Day of Absence Against Poverty, Racism, and War"

Thursday, December 1, 2005

"Mass March & Rally, 11 a.m. - Blue Hill Ave & Dudley Street" (some 20 years to "replace" elevated Orange Line) - March to Boston City Hall

"Things that don't get lost" - 'using' lyrics, by "propgating lyrics, and propagating "common disinterest." pearLyrics

"Give me things that don't get lost", maybe to show a point about more "use of lyrics" being "propagated" not only to potentially "promote" a song as well as a particular website but maybe also to allow anyone to freely donate to any number of causes. Affero, etc. Radiate in Peace, Country's Mother, Lifelong Day, "Rosa [Integration] Parks", Rosa "Integrating" Parks, RIP, Link of Integration, "Our Flag is Still there" (no need to mention 'bases, and a whole lot more), is from neil Young's "Living With War". In particular from "Song Lyric Tickers.' This explict mentioning of www.neilyoung.com in an effort to maybe raise an issue more broadly; if one is going to 'use', say, John Lennon's lyrics (leaving out much of what he said, the stuff that is seldom uttered on 'polite' airwaves, and others), then maybe in some way 'use', creatively generate and direct some "proceeds" in realtions to "common disinterest", and Read www.chomsky.info Creative Commons License
*** are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
James Zadroga

Tuesday, August 26th, 2003, EPA Report: White House Lied to New Yorkers About Health Hazards Near Ground Zero

Living on Earth: Ground Zero Dogs

"And, of course, their job there was to sniff."

www.911truth.org A Fallen Hero

www.counterpunch.org: The Toxic Legacy of 9/11 The Lingering Clouds Over Ground Zero By JENNA ORKIN

"Why It Could Happen Again, Updated Ground Zero Report Examines Failure of Government to Protect Citizens"

" Toxic Cover-Up: Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Dioxin. World Trade Center Syndrome" - Thursday, January 17, 2004

" Beyond Ground Zero" - June 6th, 2002 - maybe some of the people, those concerned enough to "march" and whatever else they can do, rather than the all too typical characterization, that which may have more to do with workers who don't get "beyond a mere living wage."

Creative Commons License
"the threat of [integration]" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

An apt excerpt from The New Crisis of Democracy

"New" implies there was an old" crisis: Triumphs of Democracy by Noam Chomsky Excerpted from Language and Responsibility, Pantheon, 1977 (from www.chomsky.info emphasis added)

A Conversation with Noam Chomsky

"On the other hand, there’s a tremendous amount of energy and activism, just very disorganized.

One of the main reasons I go to give lots of talks is that it brings together people from that town or city or region who are working along pretty similar lines, or at least parallel lines, and don’t have much to do with each other. If you just take Boston, there are lots and lots of groups. But they barely know about each other. The total level of participation is probably quite substantial. On the other hand, the degree of integration is slight and the degree of involvement varies. That means there’s not much in the way of long-term thinking or planning or strategy."

G/E strives to facilitate to a greater extent "the degree of integration", connecting, talking, sharing, and support of independent media, and utilization of its various forms in - broadly stated - efforts of social and economic and political justice.

There is also complementary , synergistic-like efforts of individuals and groups, as well as "persuading others to persuade themselves." Central is accommodating an "instinct for freedom."

G/E is one between its virtual sense and "the street" form - by use of traditional and updated "flyers" for use in Community Windows, Airwavewb, etc. it tries to lessen (while understanding the call) any need for pronoucements of "Get off the internet, I'll see you in the streets." (www.riseup.net)

The "integration of 'the street' and the 'web'" strives for four levels of indirect referring - beyond a sign for things of concerns, etc. to one of phone numbers, mail addresses including traditional ones and more descriptive than info@domain.tld, websites, radio stations, etc.

The all too familar and at times not really adding or potentially integrating people and groups is "contact us", "info@domain.TLD", etc, so you can contact "the threat of a [www.goodexample.info]" in its attempts to include a bit of Amartya Sen's thoughts on identity and Edward Said's on place), mail addresses in the form: "actindy at domain.tld" help integration, connecting efforts? Prevent 'sham before it prevents you from achieving a greater degree of integration (Prevent Unsolicited Email...some means might hamper integraton and one is still left with mail to "filter"...)

Prevent "Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine", call atention when you, not just to the source, One to Many Feedback.

Unlike "What a Fair Trial..." might utter, including the purported millions of pages of related documents "A Saddam Chronology" or characterization that will result will most likely produce, will lead some, those critical of NEtWorked adS and some forms of radio to add: "All that's missing in that description is three words: with our support, with U.S. support. Hence a case of 'forgetting', not emphasising,'leaving out':

Saddam... "with [US] support".

"Malconent prov[isions]", information, can be, or ought to as pervasive as - silly as it sounds - those 'Solitary Ubiquitous...' in various ways by use of 'signs with direction', not the sort of one way or no way 'signs of protest', e.g. "No Blood for Oil", but those that direct to something in addition to a statement, as well as generally, dependenting on context, providing phone numbers, website URLs, that in turn can lead to more specific information: essay, article, book reference or the ever expansive "mass [independent] media], groups and individuals with Failure to Quit.

Noting one that is exemplary in addition to Between the Lines, Scott Harris, et al, is a program aired by Truth and Justice (still no website? Schedule still says No-U-Turn Radio..) radio (and of course 'the street' and 'the web', aka Radiate in Peace, has played( TUC Radio - "Independent Radio and [that which is hopefully not non-free, proprietary, or at minimum makes a distinction for supporters to choose] Audio Tapes" (all monetary support is from tapes so...) "Dangers of Climate Change [a] SIX-part series is based on audio recordings of the Hadley Centre/MET Office/Exeter/England"

Peace and justice radio and groups, "antiwar", surely one can extend beyond concision - to fruitful efforts in regards to socio-economic & political justice.

As ought to be clear G/E is connected to non-web realms not only because it seems to not be possible to have two separate "worlds" or another North South and East East divisions.

Reinterating: "Who has internet access?" It should be anyone, everyone, who has access to a public library, i.e. virtualy everyone. Also independent media sources and nonprofit organizations via connective awareness , a Web of Mass Dissent, and some examples that connect with threats of good example. It's not enough for more people to 'know', it is also the collective reaction, not limited to an enlightened silence, "conspiracy of silence". AirwaveWEB"flyer" on and off the InterWEB.

Trajectory of Change: Activist Strategies for Social Transformation by M. Albert , ZNet ; Indice español de ZNet; Esperanto

Common disinterest" perspectives, independent world television, 'mass' independent media, and much else that could possibly result by a lot of hard work (partipants not spectators, a reversal of "spectators," but not "participants," - See Alternative Radio: "The Right Turn in U.S. International & Security Policy," October 22, 1986 ... within, at least till this IMC reference 'goes missing' - really beginning to question it all) and refraining from thinking that life is just random acts of consumption and day dreaming:

"...Contemporary events must be reported and discussed in these terms, and historical memory must be shaped so that these doctrines are not called into question, or even considered controversial." The Culture of Terrorism (BTL possibly to be confused with BTL.)

A "sign" of Noam Chomsky....(Powder House Square" (Somerville, MA USA)- best seen walking, etc., or while on bus #80 or #96 coming from Boston Avenue to College Avenue. One existing photo of the "sign" hardly does justice, it is maybe taken too close; Where are you www.freemanz.com?

Publishers make note of the city office locations, i.e., being in: "New York * London" but G/E is virtually and practically ("the street and web") "in" many locales, virtually of all, and 'connected' to global concerns and goals more akin to the "G8 [Billion]" than the recurring theme of "few over many"; the ultimate one being "Hegemony or Survival." Verso Books

From many locales to global concerns - in spirit and actions of domains of concern: "common disinterest."

Hence not just Boston, including East Boston, South Boston, Cambridge, Lynn, and others locales "connected" with global concerns, information, and action: Action Across Communities, "complementing" the "[Corporate]Free Press", qualified by some as corporate media, with radio and webasting sources produced in Boston area, Colorado (Hey Martin Voelker, ) , Connecticut, New York, and relevant to Chinatown, JP, Allston-Brighton, Roxbury, Dorchester, Revere, Lynn, Cheslea, JP, Somerville, Arlington, Tokyo, the global realm.
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The Plaid Adder, Coalition for Healthy Communities, We Will March [permit or no permit], Historians Against the War,

Draw the News! An effort to increase awareness in the U.S.A. Patriot Act; Underwriters have a "sizable" influence on public radio?

MLK Day ad - (Active) Citizens and Peace and Justice Related Organizations Complementing Efforts....

Suraida Saleh no longer at DN!

DN! Exclusive: 21-Year-Old U.S. Citizen, Suraida Saleh, Is Gunned Down By Israeli Soldiers In Ramullah: A Story [corporate media] Ignored


While citing Cudworth, Chomsky states in Reflections on Language:

The ‘book of nature’, then, is ‘legible only to an intellectual eye’...

For wisdom, listen not to me but to the Word, and know that all is one


Grassroots Media Project by Boston Mobilization.

The Right Wing Stuff: Movement Conservatives in the U.S, National Radio Project's Beyond Headlines


Community Currency Carol Brouillet, Co-Founder of the International Media Project, which produces Making Contact, "a half-hour radio program now heard on over 165 stations, primarily in the U.S...." not on Boston's undewritten radio.

eGrants is now www.Groundspring.org
Kissenger's comment regarding Iran and Iraq: "too bad they both can't loose." As noted in Z Magazine, August 2002.

Project Censored - 25th Anniversary, introduction by Noam Chomsky.

McLuhan.ca, "the site of sites for all things McLuhan."

"This web site was launched by the McLuhan global research network and members of the first advanced Understanding McLuhan and Media summertime seminar (Culture and technology 1005) held in 2001."

Tim Wise, "one of the most prominent... anti-racist voices in the United States", was "aired" (in addition to other means now available to listen when you choose) by Martin Voelker, Alternative Radio - formerly No-U-Turn Radio.

A Disobedient History, Howard Zinn.


Ellen Rosen, Making Sweatshops.

"Our (Wal'Muck) employees may be wage slaves but our 3000 sterile stores open and close on time."

Cradle to Cradle:Remaking The Way We Make Things

Sanford Lewis, Off the Books

Corporate accountability on environment and human rights isn't just a good idea -- it's the law. But it isn't being enforced.

"The Political Asylum/Immigration (PAIR) Project is a pro bono immigration organization that represents low-income asylum-seekers in the United States who have fled from persecution in countries around the world. PAIR's network of over 250 volunteer attorneys currently represent over 300 asylum clients without charge. PAIR's main office is in Boston, Massachusetts."

[Underwritten] Radio Renoucement Corrections:

That which is clearly physically associated with a particular place is noted because it probably has some sort of counterpart, related concern in virtually most places, i.e., parks, bike paths, children and "youth", education, "healh", and 'healthy hommunities;, one is Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities ...

the Friends of Titus Sparrow Park

Other Public Radio is Possible...AirwaveWEB

Cambridge (MA) Adult Literacy Project, tutors needed.

Ella J Baker House

"Helping high-risk youth avoid violence, achieve literacy and access jobs."

"B.E.L.L. is a community-based, non-profit organization founded by Black Harvard Law students in 1992, and is designed to increase the educational opportunities and achievements of children living in low-income communities. The organization currently serves elementary school children, 1-6, in Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

We believe that all children can learn; we believe in the innate genius of all children and in the tremendous potential within the community; and we have therefore devoted our professional lives and all of our organizational resources to nurture the mind of Black and Latino children."

National Office: 60 Clayton Street, Dorchester, MA 02122

phone: 617-282-1567 / fax: 617-282-2698

The anguish of any society can be found in its literature. Marco Diani

Guerrilla News used to be www.gnn.com, influenced?

Tim Berners-Lee, Semantic Web, and Jerome Bruner, Acts of Meaning (many other works), have they ever crossed interdisciplinary paths?

Will Professor Henry Jenkins' (guest on WMBR's Dinnertime Sampler) forthcoming book also include consequences of the DMCA and other issues of corporate power mergers in particular related to media and the Internet? One recent example 'Bow to Shareholders "shutting" down www.thing.net...

" A Fifty-Year Reflection: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at MIT"

At some point G/E will have a virtual representation of each of the panels that are displayed as part of the Fift-Year Reflection", or maybe will even get the nerve to ask Professor Kenenth Manning or Professor Jenkins, for more of a web presence. The text accompanying the photos is interesting to read while walking to Hayden Memorial Library -- Science and Humanities Library, Building 14 (or building number map).

Here's one of the departments noted: Comparative Media Studies

Copyright Enforcement Trumps Privacy as reported by Free Speech Radio News.  

Army of 8 Billion

Until G/E has an Indexed Link Resource facilatates integration, not another long page, somewhat akin to how a prekindergarten's classroom 'separation' of different "play areas" does not preclude prosocial and language development and much more from happening across the "block" and "dramatic play" areas. Any grouped separation of resources references will be a bit arbitrary for the sake of clarity while recognizing that interrelations exist.

AirwaveWEB's radio resource reference and ActIndy's Independent Event Notices will have a similar interconnected grouping, for example, FSRN's coverage of say segments on FTAA "free speech zones" in Miama and similar ones, will be noted not by serial, last in first out, date of broadcasts which are available in the www.fsrn.org archive but again by some grouping for the sake of ease while not hiding the interpenetrable nature of much.

Some that come to mind with extensive links are www.zmag.org, Stop the War Coalition - who ought to include FSRN, any others that would allow the "Army of [N]one" to connect with even more. Now for efforts to support independent media rather than 'just' ads on corporate TV stations.

It is an understatement to say Flashpoints is extensive; it also has integrative reference links on its long page!

"Army of [N]one" -- '1-800-Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity -- 'www.votetoimpeach'in30seconds.org. Discussions about sanity and impeachment or rule of law and much else might not be topics of NEtWorked adS but are in independent forms of media

Four Dead in Ohio or "how many more" (including everyone) in Iraq? (DN! -- Gulf War Veterans Roundtable Discusses Health Issues) not likely to see or hear a referencde to if you soley are "watching" corporate media or Community'CASTE stations, etc.

1800vetpeace.com (not yet but the one associated with this) has yet to checked via WHOIS to see who owns the domain. It is likely not associated with support of veterans, nor likely to mention 'depleted' uranium, etc.. The interests appear to be with their own support by way of 'selling' domain names. The potentially Corporate Free Ad is a missed opportunity to expand independent awareness of the many issues affecting veterans.

The corporate free ad was paid for by Walden Three. Any dichotomy between the "[Corporate] Free Press] and independent views of reality migth be lesssed if therer was more independent awareness and support of various forms of independent media. There is a possibility to facilitate the knowledge of elementary facts about the world.

Persuade others to persuade themselves" to support UJP, No-U-Turn Radio (are tapes, CD, DVD of Noam Chomsky's 24-January-2004 talk available) and many others.

Take Back the Media, (if only '1-800-VetPeace) has the potential to connect with many independent media, social justice, and various community organizations, and individuals. (Recall Usenet? Well back before the days of the potential "Search Index of Record" I asked in one of the (many) music related (...dancing to architecture...)if the Danny Goldberg who was associated with the band (not that 60s band nor the state) Nirvana was the same as the one connected (and much more to say here at some point in regards to the seldom, or nt enough mention how the band was able to control not cover art, "take at the door", etc.but royalitty percentages, etc. Add thoughts of share croppers and reCorD labels) with Led Zeppelin (never got an answer, but he is; also is involved with America

Take Back... has a number of link references there is a potential to connect people who are receptive, but who do not actively seek out internet and AirwaveWEB, from 'the street' to 'the web' integrative resources.
Conflict of Investment migth be challenged by the Common Good Interest Group. They are potentially most everyone who chooses to not "consent without consent", the "G8[Billion Integration]."
An independent search [index], not one culling what it considers "news" and referring to it as a service. It may not complement, but challenge the values of corporate directories and search indexes/engines. There's already beginning to be "top picks" for books and such. Is another "official" filter of reality and concerns that ought to matter and history needed?

Underwriting Peace and Justice via different sponsors (Corporate Free Ads), goals, and values:

[independent] Search

Searching for independent InterWEB index, not a "Search Index of Record"

(founded in 1988) is an independent monthly of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the U.S.

HRW (Human Rights Watch)

"Search Results" with Values Intact

Media Foundation

Community Windows

Copyleft, Creative Commons, Wikipedia and more in thisThe Free and Universal Learning Resource - or "free" from copyright, from "all rights reserved."

TecsChange - Technology for Social Change(bring back the Computer Repair Course)

Global Exchange

Make a Wish foundation

INspiring DEmocractic People ENtails Dissent; (active) citizens in a transactional process with others ENgrossed in Corporate-View-Point (NEtWorked adS) at this Time.
F.A.I.R. Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting:

Senator John Kerry propagating false information concerning "inspectors being thrown out of Iraq."

Senator Liberman on 'Talk of Underwritten Radio, January 16, 2003, restated the same falsehood. Shocked that this 'public radio' show actually noted the Janaury 18th Washington DC protests. It was more typical to hear someone saying they would prefer coalitions of citizens and individuals having a more 'coherent march' and a reference was made to the "waco left." At least a caller didn't go as far as saying that everyone should have to carry a sign with the same "message." Individualism as long as we do it together, M.A.S.H. 4077th.

Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) . Normon Solomon on In Shifting Sands: Thanks for considering to be critical of [the] public['s airwaves] in the United States.
G/E is dedicated to [the late]  Hank Faunce and the late Ray Smith.. The former is noted in remembrance of the Promethean Commentary Plus Jazz, see Airwaveweb, WMFO (91.5 FM).

All "malcontent prov[isions]" within www.goodexample.info, unless otherwise noted, or explicity referenced from other sources, i.e., Free Speech Radio News and other potential "mass" independent media forms, Creative Commons License
are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Looking for a "free from non-free software" in the sense....of counter. (BBCLONE but G/E does not not have own server - not using Debian GNU/Linux as one.)

One way to "prevent," rather than other means to attend to unsolicited electronic mail (for what ought to be called "stop unsolicted [residence] mail" see) is by way of this email address:

j [COMBINE WITHOUT SPACES] a@goodexample.info --

James Zappia, "The Forest Park 'Neighborhood Medford, MA, U.S.A. 02155,

G/E is registered (see whois data) with www.gandi.net. Unlike some who make the claim, Gandi really does not have "hidden charges," and is now 15 years old!  


"....with a view of connecting with old...."former radio_radio, a VMS Notes Conference, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), James Zappia, back in the day with a Usenet (USEr NETwork, though one may add, if so inclined not to be categorized as a "user", even in case of a "user group" that is independent of ( http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-user-groups.html) "the search index of record, namely - http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html Contact | Comment | Integrate: "the threat of a [www.goodexample.info]", The Forest Park 'Neighborhood, Medford, MA 02155, U.S.A.

Everyday "work" - "October 17th, World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty"

JNV (Justice Not Vengeance)... "developed out of ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War)"

WAR PLAN IRAQ : 10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Launch Another War Against Iraq (some might have worded differently: "why did those who are "pretending to a common interest" name a "preventive" invasion "preemptive" that for the most part the Free Press and few of the various forms of independent media have much to say about the distintion? by Milan Rai

Counting on "Friends" of the Fells Regarding Woodland Road "Development", Spot Pond (www.fells.org) Duck Duck [Geese]...


G/E was certain the radio program Open Source would be engaging, not limited by the signal strength of any radio station, providing audio archives (and of course imagery), lacking presumptions of hierarchical authority of host, guests, "callers", respectful, akin maybe to the Clubhouse Model or better stated as "conversation that has the whole world in its Web."


Civilian casualties update


In Rachel Corrie's memory, imagine (Add Amnesty, if Copyleft) if more citizens, construction workers generally - especially anyone associated with Catt'killer...

(Still) Needless to say some "missed" or did not mention this "passing" again this recent March 24, 2011.

Remembering Oscar Romero and Rachel Corrie by Mark Chmiel -- March 24, 2005

"'For Peel' 'Set Peel'-- For Bale" - not really, it's just that "for sale" is so overused except maybe in France!

What makes for an agreed upon "bale"?

"Integrate," give feedback, communicate generally with G/E, James, by way of "preventunsolicitedemail9595eyak@goodexample.info" because you are interested one or more reCorDs below, 2) there will be an agreed upon "bale" such that ought to follow any sort of exchange, trade, sale, agreement, etc., 3) then there's the short essay to choose from in order to allow for an expression of your thoughts on a related essay question.

Why this? It's an effort to attempt in whatever small, even if silly, way to not facilitate an articially, elevated price that can happen when someone purchases something with only the intent to "resell" it. There's even times when they have little knowledge or interest in the band, performer, etc. other than "[Profit] without honor", (One case that G/E recalls is in a late effort to see Kristin Hersh at the ICA in London, The 13 Year Itch shows, just as I arrived someone (I presume one with an "extra ticket", for a friend who could not attend, etc.) was about to "sell" to someone who was about to purchase and if "ticket scalpers" in the UK at all bare any perceptile similarties I step in and said "he probably doesn't even know who [Kristin Hersh] is". After some puzzled looks from the person seller, and surpuse by the one who wanted to buy it the pewrson sold it to me and though I came close about as close as I ever has of falling aslef in public, more descriptively literally falling over from the old "heavy eyes" I enjoyed the show a lot.

Profit without Honor. Prophet without Honor" - Jack Beatty mentioned this phrase during an interview with Taylor Branch, "author of 'At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years 1965-68,' the third in a trilogy of books about Martin Luther King." It was refreshing hear Jack Beatty mention"purveyor of violence", a phrase not often uttered on some forms of the Free Press.

It's coming. Sub Pop Singles etc.

Fan in the Attic, Collective Nirvana, "Last Big Thing: Nirvana", For Peel, "the threat of integration" (in the sense Noam Chomsky refers to it), Not for Long Email Addresses, Prevent Unsolicited Email Addresses, "None to Many Feedback", For Bale, Profit without Honor, Collective Collector, Distrubuted Peanut Creative Commons License
as silly as it might be are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Fan in the Attic but with sentiment as expressed by Juliana Hatfield in I Got No Idols shares some notable encounters from an extended youth. Along with Adult Oriented Noise , as well as not for sale stuff, but - For Peel: (Fontana Box Set, "vinyl") - The Fontana Singles Box Set, Vol 1 (Volume 1) "Hits & Rarities" (hits and rarities) ...Jimmy Page but not another "repackaging" of The Yardbirds) whereby all record sale proceeds were to be directed to support Free Speech Radio News and those noted on AirwaveWEB and others to be named. For now see None to Many Feedback to see why this is on hold.

SMILE PRE-SCHOOL INC, 185 Dudley Street. Roxbury, MA 02119

www.smilepreschool.com On Saturday, 21 January 2006, this was noted:

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

A message was sent to smile@the-above-domain saying,

...you are probably already aware of the above message when one attempts to access Smile's website (but just in case) since I hope you are getting more people referencing Smile's web pages - and hopefully many will do what they can to help.


G/E, "the threat of a [www.goodexample.info]" will be trying to have a collective action, one of solidarity - 'when is the last time you heard that....' - the same goes for the phrase "public intellectuals" as Robert Reich may have pointed out how seldom it is uttered in some realms, during this:

John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life and Times With John Kenneth Galbraith, Richard Parker and Robert Reich, moderated by James Carroll"

G/E plans to contact some prekingergarten classrooms, those in which he has either be invloved or have some connection, as well as integrating with others to also see what they can.

Discovery Schoolhouse, Horizons Initiative -maybe a "new" name - ...."gottta run".... many more....in a more fomal letter to be sent.

Many Locales <+---+> Global (but primarily Boston <+--+> Global ActIndy: Act-Events)...

Any ideas related to Citizens for Healthy Media ought to have included independent campus-community, or strictly community radio - even more autonomous from universities, i.e., Allston Brighton Free Radio, to be included an unqualified references to "the media." The use of "alternative" as a designation ought refer to anyone who can, with self-praise, consistently ignore reality, and of course memory.

Why not site examples of independent media during times of critical stances of general discussion about corporate entities? F.A.I.R. does notable reporting on corporate media but why not dedicate some notice to examples of potential "mass [independent] media."

WORT Community Radio Station, Madison, Wisconsin, is an example whereby the news is prominent, and the schedule includes Making Contact and other satellite programs as well as local news, not granularity of state/region. There is even music. Some stations that are actually known for that, just one example, WZBC has even improved - a sort of "concert and peace action report". Even including an www.soawatch.org reference can be heard on WZBC and What's Up continues "sponsoring" DN! See AirwaveWEB).

Be critical - "challenge things" - such as "corporate media", NEtWorked adS and forms of radio that issue routine self-adultation of themselves while stating they are "commercial-free" complete with corporate sponsors, underwritten, not your typical screaming of "come on down, have I got a fossil fuel burner for you" - more likely "it's a beautiful car" they're "giving", promoting, away. Thus maybe grant that such ads might be considered non-traditional advertisements on radio, "on the web", and of course - as if everyone is, you guessed it - in your fossil transporter (Most of G/E tend to be limited if anything resembling humor so just trying a bit of change. Where else can you be critical? While finding out and being part of Act Indy.

Currently "missed" by various forms of propagating trademark media.

World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty - October 17 [till the year of overcoming] though efforts ought be everyday. Wikipedia "Poverty entry" has a reference but more needs to be said about Fourth World Movement and Street Library and much else about Bruno and Genevieve Tardieu, Mary France and Jeff, and others prior to their returning to France - until a few years ago were involved with Orient Heights Street Library,

Women's Global Charter for Humanity, probably hardly suprisingly unlikely to be mentioned in NEtWork adS, "local news", various forms of the "[corporate] free Press" or some groups specifically involved with "women's issues." You will most likely have to be a seeker, various ways, one of which for G/E was "listening" (active, critically, etc.) to WZBC (AirwaveWEB) on last Sunday morning (Stan Robinson et al.

"MOBILIZING FOR PEACE" - at the Mary Dyer statue near Boston's State House; "women (and presume others) in all time zones will successively take to the streets at noon to stage actions for one hour. This is how they will support for the blueprint for society depicted in the Women's Global Charter for Humanity. The call to action goes out to all women's groups. The watchword is to be simple, positive, in touch with one another, to show that, with our differences and similarities, women are united. In Boston we will follow a tradition that has been observed at times of solemn dedication to peace...."

A slight integrative, reference peppering with changes in form; Though heard via "campus-community radio", a form of independent media, as noted from UJP (why when is usually says: "more" is there no more, other than the same information?) Oct 17, 2005

When No Censorship Radio was "ten years gone" and then some...a historical, recent account of events ought still be relevant even after issues raised have given way to other was to proceed.

The Mary Dyer Statue is here detailed.

Local is more than where you're at

"On Thursday, October 7, 2004, more than 20 Independent Media Center (IMC) websites and other Internet services were taken..."

See www.indymedia.org about "Server Takeover"

On 1 August 2005 G/E was unable to "post" to IndyGlobal's "Open (well, usually) Publishing" Newswire - leading to thoughts about maybe one of the "corporate[-campus] partnership" libraries was preventing or making such practices more difficult.

In regards to far too general message upon trying to access Newswire, "Open Publishing", namely "Security Alert" - "Information you exchange with this site cannot be viewed or changed by others. However, there is a problem with the site's security certificate. The security certificate was issued by a company you have chosen not to trust. View the certificate to determine whether you want to trust the certifying authority. The certificate is valid and the security certificate has a valid name matching the name of the page you are trying to view.", read IndyMedia IK for details about the authoritarian sounding "certificate authority", as well as CACERT, related information about encrypted connections and certificates. This seems like the sort of information that could be a Pooled IMC resource, i.e. the IMC sites can still be autonomous and yet integrated but not have to duplicate documentation efforts as well as not requring someone, rigthly so, Food Not Bombs, Between the Lines, etc. from having to post in numerous sites in order to try to simulate the "small world [non]problem", "bumping" into what it is is you are seeking

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has details.

EFF is a donor-supported...

How many can even claim that as a goal? [ (www.indymedia.org) ]Indymedia Server Takedown

The IMC is certainly even more than "offering independent journalists a soapbox upon which to speak in a public forum", that is, taking into consideration..(gotta..."finish later)

"The threat of a [www.goodexample.info]" was inspired, and continues to be, by much in the contemporary times and by a "certain reading of history." Its physical form began with Northeastern Universtity using Lynx, which over the last couple of years was terminated, "retired."

Usenet and Deja News, ah the days of of happily using, from mid-to-late 1980s till 2004 or so, when it was "retired." Lynx, "a text-only web browser" whereby "[b]rowsing in Lynx consists of highlighting the chosen link using cursor keys."

The URL was http://lynx.dac.neu.edu/j/zappia/mainstream-awareness.html - it even had a couple of integrative links, numerous "postings" in IndyGlobal (www.indymedia.org) and Boston's Independent Media Center. One migth have been concerned with IMC, and in particular not making efficient use of "older" postings, sort of being used in a "last in, most likely to be read" manner, unless a search revealed a page. It appears that in somecases changes in format or simply a page being deleted have lead to some posting no longer being accessible - even the ones before one may have known not to use table tag, etc.

As of March 26, 2010 G/E was using Plone thanks to www.objectis.net, specifically www.goodexample.info is from http://www.massindymedia.objectis.net. Had attempted a process of requesting access with "A free community computer system, offering hosting, email, and shell accounts", namely http://nipl.net/ - thanks to a Richard Stallman reference at www.stallman.org".

"'wholesale' terrorism as opposed to retail." (see also The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, 1979
Inspired by corporate interference and the appearance of the acceptance of "consent without consent, and by many of the people who are part of other forms of the media, see some of the people seldom heard in others at Alternative Radio, Between the Lines, Turth and Justice Radio, TUC Radio, etc. "
G/E had been considering Positive Internet but as of March 2014 has selected them. The "move" from "host" www.aiso.net ("solar hosting") to www.positive-internet.com is in large part because they are even more supportive of GNU/Linux and acknowledging

G/E also considered https://www.webarch.net/n/76, who merged with Ecohost, also simpy more of an explicit support of GNU/Linux and the abilty to learn more by having shell access, but as noted I ended up with Positive Internet, partly because of the fomer's support, presumed for those who were not supportive of Wikileaks.

"Names convey meanings; our choice of names determines the meaning of what we say. An inappropriate name gives people the wrong idea. A rose by any name would smell as sweet—but if you call it a pen, people will be rather disappointed when they try to write with it. And if you call pens "roses", people may not realize what they are good for. If you call our operating system Linux, that conveys a mistaken idea of the system's origin, history, and purpose. If you call it GNU/Linux, that conveys (though not in detail) an accurate idea." ----http://www.gnu.org/gnu/why-gnu-linux.htm