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Mind the [independent media] gap of realty by strengthening connections between individuals and existing and evolving peace and justice viewpoints and related organizations, underheard (on corporate controlled media) voices...add integration Zmag reference.

Part of an extending parallel processes to bring about a form of mainstream independent news, content with peace and justice as their self-interest to the awareness, reflection, and action by various degrees of active citizens.

If you're crtical of Public Service Renoucement radio, having a goal of serving the underwriters and fostering members who are happy to do their part, but dismiss it without sharing your views with them they are less likely to return to their charter.

Public television members, why not simply "supporters" of various degrees, some could support administration, phones, monies, etc. Just a thought from a member of the non-member coalition.

Reminds me of modest support I had for the Women's Lunch Place in Boston, expressed interest in volunteering, etc. but I never got an email response. The same goes for Committee to End Elder Homelessness or Carmichael Society, some that come to mind, but then all of a sudden I got an invitation to an event with what appeared to be a minimum asking donation of $250. Clearly I am on the wrong mailing list.

What about if you support Ray Smith's "Jazz Decades" or other programming? Consider making it known to "public radio" station managers that you would support if underwriten news had less concern for underwriters, or if you're dissapointed with PubicBookSales and their cereal (sugar variety) connection to corporate's idea of cereal, like their idea of fastfood, let it be known.

From Rafael Renteria:


"His (Aristotle) writing (like Wittgenstein's) reflects the activity of thinking itself, uncluttered by rhetoric and stylistic affectation." David Charles, Oriel College, in the Oxford Companion to Philosophy.

If the links appear to be randomly organized, a "Radio Show" considered here as a "Resource" this is the result of determining a deeper/broader level per se, placing in "Resource" rather than "Radio". For instance 'Between the Lines" is a radio show with extensive resourses, links, connections with shows, like DN! and others.


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