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Sunday, 28 July 2013

This is hardly adequate but evolving dedication for someone who ought to be recognized [in the words he used about recognition for his efforts...

Hank Faunce, Promethean Commentary Plus Jazz, WMFO (91.5 FM) was aired and streamed on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST but he decided to reduce his schedule.

This unrehearsed program, 'not a disc jockey program', as he says, and it's quite evident that 'none of this is written down', is available via streaming, no "conspiracy of silence", speech. You are hardly likely to hear him mention the ability of hear via the internet. G/E stand corrected he seemed to be quite happy that he received a call from a someone in California. When there's differences in radio signal strength from about 125 to 50,000 watts, and when community radio stations can have their signal interfered by a stronger, "noncommerical" underwritten ones, webcasting - in particular live streaming is quite welcome though still underutilized. Not to mention few knowing about DMCA and its ramifications.

He had missed only a couple of radio shows in all his years on the radio until he was called to his partners bed side. He returned on Wednesday, May 29 after her passing April 19, 2002, his birthday.

(I have to confirm my listening when I get the courage to present some form of this minimal effort and my 'non-web' primarily of connection from AirwaveWEB (and connect library resourse centers to existing independent media) to In ternet resources to him.) He was at WBGH for nine years and began at WMFO twenty-seven years ago, left for seven years and has been back for fourteen years, three years have been following Martin Voelker's former radio program (now at Alternative RAdio). They constituted one of the truly unique and complementary radio experiences.

Hank Faunce was nearly on a nationally syndicated education program but funding ran out at the time during the Nixon administration.

[Leaving as it was prior to his passing, what follows.] This modest dedication is to Hank Faunce and hopes that he finds peace in the memory of his shared 44 years, continues to share his fond memories on air [or womeone plays some old "tapes], and continues the grieving process in a way that allows him to continue his fruitful activities and passions - his vigor of mind and body - and sharing of his knowledge and wisdom with others.

In addition to the people who he regularly reads from and comments on he is also truly inspirational not only because of the misrepresentation of others in his age group. I hope to continue my life-long learning and concerns in a manner he espouses.

He has read from Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct, Bertrand Russell, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Helen Caldicott, Thomas A. Preston's The Clay Pedestal: A Re-examination of the Doctor-Patient relationship, The Limits of Growth, and a host of other various works.

In addition to reading from Iraq Under Siege and much else he also seems to be reading more commentary from the Internet since he notes sources from ww w.iraqjournal.org and Democracy NOW! (radio and television and webcasting archive), etc.

He remarks that he is an expert on four things, New Orleans jazz, socialism (I would like to ask if he would be willing to write a brief summary of some of the often mistaken terms that he clarifies on air, "radical", "democracy", and those who think they're acting one way when in fact they're being authoritarian, etc., constitutional psychology, the correlation between physique and temperament, he worked with William Sheldon?, and weight lifting (he designed and had built a unit).

(Add MLK reference regarding Boston Common in 1965 when some in the crowd tried to artificially separate people that came together, comments about baseball: 'why not give them clubs and let them go at it', Bertrand Russell on David Susskind's Open End ("...English philosopher Bertrand Russell issued the strongest indictment up to that time of the growing U.S. involvement in Vietnam.") show comment about the role of media, and Hank's comment about keep them busy with weather reports not the state of the world...

I would have liked to have known Irene(?) but in a way, based on his return show and the words he shared I do in a way. I can't think of a more perfect way to have reflected about your feelings.

He also has a keen command of language, psychology, fitness concerns,....clarity of corporate power structure and connections with corporate-sponsored media, add to this...

The show is aptly named Promethean Commentary Plus Jazz, formerly Jazz and Commentary, and it appears the former was chosen to prevent any confusion that it was a commentary on Jazz. It is quite obvious that the show is a blend of commentary on a number of social, political, economic (and so much more in terms of historical context and such) issues and his wealth of knowledge about jazz is an understatement. Hopefully someone will do a history on him.

No-U -Turn Radio , precedes Hank with his show from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. Martin and others had helped to fill the void of Hank's absence.

"Come in gentlemen.", "That's the kind of stuff I think about.", "Four hours of share pleasure". Now a quick few hours of share pleasure, one day a week, Tuesday from 9-1 p.m. (or so) (webcasting via WMFO)

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